Candy Crush Saga

If Candy Crush is bleeding you dry, fear not - these tips can help you out 

Admit it: You're playing Candy Crush Saga. Or you know somebody who does. The Bejeweled clone has become a big of hit on iOS as well as Android, amassing more than 50 million total downloads on Google Play, with an average rating of 4.4 on some 1.2 million reviews.

Like the app or not, you can't deny those numbers.

And so Candy Crush has quickly become the latest and greatest timesuck, not to mention a money pit thanks to some devilishly good in-app purchases to get you through those tricky levels. Fortunately, our pals at are damned wizards when it comes to Candy Crush Saga, offering up a number of tips and tricks that can keep the frustration at a minimum.

They include:

  1. Look for the patterns
  2. Start at the bottom
  3. Pay attention to the stripes
  4. Work for the combos
  5. Get the jelly off the edge as soon as you can
  6. What are the other threats?
  7. +5 candy gives you more time
  8. Make a plan
  9. Be a chocolate connoisseur​
  10. Fast forward in time for extra lives

Hit up the full post at for those great Candy Crush hints, and add your own in the comments.

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I just downloaded this game on my new Nexus 4 yesterday. It was my first time playing it, bad choice... it is waayyyyyy addictive. Thanks for the pointers!

Ardrid says:

I played this for a bit but ultimately uninstalled it. I refuse to play a game that effectively makes you pay to progress not only through difficult levels but to access later portions of the game.

xFrozen says:

You don't have to pay. Sure some levels are very difficult, but they are definitely possible to complete without paying. You just have to be lucky and make sure you start off with a good combination of candies.

You technically don't have to pay to unlock new chapters. The average player tends to have several friends that also play. If your friends don't really play much, you can make fake accounts. It's not the best idea but it works.

steve41015 says:

I have made it to level 140 without a purchase

crxssi says:

Doesn't count unless it is without any purchases AND without help from Facebooky.

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thanaxas says:

I'm at level 277 right now without playing

Don't forget if you are into the facebook thing, you have shared progress if you link your facebook to the game... and they shower shit on you for the first time you are playing the FB edition that makes it easier on some stages

Level 275 though, does make you get real close to that pay to progress frustration

I'm at level 308 and have never made a purchase

xFrozen says:

There's a simple way to get infinite lives on the Android app as long as you sync with Facebook. When you have run out of lives:

1. Go to Settings > Applications > Candy Crush Saga > Clear Data.
2. Open CCS and press "Connect"
3. Tada! 5 more lives, and your progress is still there!

Explanation: The CCS app syncs your progress and some purchases with Facebook. It does NOT sync the LIVES. Therefore, when you clear the app data (or reinstall the app), it forgets how many lives you had left in the app, so it gives you a new set.

This works on iOS as well, but you have to reinstall the app as there is no way to just clear the data as far as I know.

Jailbroken iOS perks: There is a Cydia app that lets you get in-app purchases for free (search it up). After you install it, go on CCS and buy the items from the Yeti Shop (located on the top right). These items are:
- Charm of Life (Instead of 5 lives, your max is now 8)
- Charm of Stripes (Allows you to transform a candy into a stripe once per level)
- Charm of Frozen Time (Freezes time in time levels)


Also, setting your system time into the future works against you when you set the time back. You'll have to wait several hours, days, or months to get a life, depending on how far in time you went. See for yourself if you'd like.

benhmadison says:

Awesome! I will start doing it that way. You can also get 5 new lives by going into your device settings and changing the date up one day. Once you are done you have to uninstall the app to change your date back or else it will reverse the time and make you wait weeks for new lives lol. Your way is MUCH easier:)

cambernard says:

On the IPad i have tried setting the system time to the future, then going into candy crush seeing the 5 lives and immediately setting the system time back to normal and I don't have to wait several hours after.

And if you sieloaded on your Kindle Fire doesnt sync lives either ;-) Most expensive 'free' game ever!

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Jaran James says:

All I no is that level 65 is going to cause me to break my tablet in 2 3.5 weeks now and still stuck on it arghhhh

hodan says:

+1. Level 65 can suck it! However, I haven't dropped a dime yet! My Candy Crush willpower is strong!

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Baldguy71 says:

147 is killing me for a month now!!!

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ScandaLeX says:

I was stuck on 147 for almost 2 months then one day all the candies started falling just right.

thanaxas says:

Level 275 i assure you will feed on your fears

DrewJaeger says:

275 was bad but 311 is killing me right now. Didn't ever pay for anything except pestering friends on Facebook that already pester me for stuff.

I was on 311 for 2 weeks

crxssi says:

+2. Level 65 is killing me. I give up for several days between trials now. I am almost over it completely.

gid13 says:

The only helpful thing I have to add is this: late in a level, when you're running out of moves, shift gears. If you have, say, two moves left, two squares of jelly left to clear, and one is at the top and the other is at the bottom, and you have moves available to pick either, do the one at the top first. If you do the one at the bottom, it may screw up your move up above.

bimsebasse says:

The title mentions cheats but the article doesn't have any? Or has "cheat" become a watered out term synonymous with "tip"?

Anyway, the fourth tip is the most important Candy Crush tip: Work for the combos. In the beginning you just look for those three matches, when you get better the game play is all about mixing a 5 in a row super candy with a 4 in a row striped candy, especially on the Clear All Jelly levels.

IAP = me not p(l)aying.
Most of these games start out being lots of fun to suck you in, then you're more or less forced to throw money at them. (Reminds me of many marriages I've seen)
Let me pay upfront and I'm good.

crxssi says:

Candy Crush requires $0 to play and to advance. It also doesn't require that damn Facebook crap either. It is harder, of course, but they did make it possible.

I am with you, however, that I refuse to get sucked into in-app purchases, PERIOD (especially incremental ones). I would have plopped down a few dollars for Candy Crush in a heartbeat, if I could "buy" the app. But they chose not to make that possible.

ScandaLeX says:

I've yet to spend a dime and I'm at level 167. Sure some levels are harder than others and even take longer. I've got a lot of friends who've been stuck on certain levels for weeks. Has happened to me as well.

As far as getting more lives I've yet to change the time on my phone or go into settings and clear app data. Fastest way to get more lives is to only accept 5 at a time--stop clicking "check all" UNLESS you're sending lives. Clicking check all will ONLY give you 5 lives--you loose the rest so when collecting, like I said, just grab 5 and not more than once at a time from the same person. 2 from the same person counts as 1.

This game boils down to luck--no more no less.

natefish says:

I made fun of my wife's obsession with this game for weeks. Now I can't stop.

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Splitz says:

I'm currently @ 181 and haven't paid a dime either. 65 I didn't have a problem with. Now, 147 it took 3 weeks. Progress goes in ups and downs. You'll complete 4 in a row, then get stuck for a few days.

Leslie Ivie says:

Speaking of level 181, which is where I am currently, have you passed it yet? Do u have any tips or tricks to get passed 181 cuz I've been stuck for a long time.....any help with this level would be greatly appreciated!! :)

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moe70 says:

You can use an app on android to get 5 more lives everytime you run out. its a nice little hack. the android must be rooted though(jailbroken)

Ciscoguy35 says:

Another way to get more lives is to go to your phones settings and either change the date or time to the next day and tada more lives only downside is when you change your time back you would have to wait X amount of hours if you want to wait without cheating for more lives

If you have an android you don't have to wait anymore if you set the date a day ahead.. Just make sure you do it like this: make sure you have candy crush to the map screen. Hit the home button, then pull down the notification bar at the top. Go to time/date .. Change the date. Then hit your multitasking button..u will see all the running apps, tap on candy crush. It will say 5 lives.. BEFORE YOU PLAY!! Hit the multitasking button again and change date back to the correct one. Then go back to game.. This litterally takes a total of 5 seconds to do. The next time u run outta lives as long as you havnt shut off ur phone.. The multitasking screen will already have the settings in it so u dnt have to go to home screen to get to the settings.. I do this all the time when i play.. Just dont forget to Change the date back before u start to play each time .. Otherwise u will have to wait like 20000 hrs to play again unless u uninstall and reinstall. (At least i dnt know of any other way of fixing that)..

Sumi Lee says:

i stuk on level 33,help me got extra move

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Sandy Gordon says:

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hi I have a Samsung g note 2 I have candy crush and Im trying to get 99 lives and 99 tickets to how do I get it

Cathy Byrd says:

I have an android phone and I have good reception with my internet. I am on level 274 and I've never had a problem until recently, But now, for some reason my candy crush will not connect with my facebook. I have no problem connecting my other apps with my internet. Please help

I have been playing a Week on level 32 I made a couple purchases but a friend told me the other day that there was an easier way to get lives go to your settings on your phone go in your date and time change the date up a day go back in your game accept your lives then change the date on your phone and then go play your games now you no longer have to wait on your lives to be replenished

Why can't I give life or ask for life on my android?
The Send comand is stuck and i can not use it.

Suzie Aries says:

am new gamer candy crush saga, fun and very challenge thanks,.

Maransugu says:

I dont get candy crush latest one on my galaxy note 1. How im i get the latest one....plz help..

RICO485 says:

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Salman Sallu says:

I'm already in 485 level on candy crush moded apk. But I couldn't find after this level. Will you have new version of hack apk then please give me the link. Which is unlimited moves and lives. Please reply me

Imran Imran says:

Hi, I restore my Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus today. I already completed 44th stage of Candy crash before restore. Now I downloaded the games. But how can I play from 45th stage? I use my facebook id for the game. Please help me.