Samsung Galaxy S3

With Samsung having already announced the release date as being December 3rd, it looks like they simply just couldn't wait to get it out the Samsung Galaxy S3 update to owners. Folks on Bell, Rogers, TELUS and Virgin have all reported the notification for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on their devices. The update comes in at a somewhat hefty 318MB but it's certainly worth the time it'll take to get it downloaded and installed. Have you got the update yet? If so, stop by the Android Central Galaxy S3 forums and let us know how things are working out for you.

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Canadian Samsung Galaxy S3 owners, your Jelly Bean OTA is ready


Congrats on getting 4.1

Once again, screw verizon for this inexcusable delay
In updates as usual. Just pathetic.

Everyone and their grandma will get SGS3 JB before Verizon customers. At this rate, jelly bean will get ported to iphone first.

AT&T was one of the 1st to upgrade over the internet to g3 to 4.1.2 and it shouldn't be long until we have all the upgrades from G4on our G3's, the ones that are compatible anyway AT&T rock!

i just noticed on website that the SGH-I747 (ATT)is listed as having 4.1 jellybean platform, but Verizon and US cellular both say 4.0.4 icecream sandwich.WTH

Get to your setting and to software upgrade and you should have 4.1.2 in a few minutes, AT&T rolled it out months ago, now it's starting to roll out 4.2.1 and plus G4 upgrades to the G3 ,the ones that are compatible anyway, AT&T is on top of there stuff and always have been!

Agreed, AT&T sucks so badly. And to think everyone in the S3 AT&T sub forums are siding with AT&T saying we're getting 4.2 and 4.1 isn't that big of a deal. Slow updates aren't acceptable, but expected for lower end devices. High end flagship devices should be the first to get new updates. This is so pathetic!!!! GRRRRRRRR!!!!

Got 2 updates on my Nexus 7. My S3 is nowhere close to getting 4.1. Verizon is a joke. This is my last non-nexus phone.

OTA keeps giving me the error: access to the software update service is provided to users in order in which they request it, Try later samsung update

and as usual Kies isnt working! I get to the update firmware and then Kies just shuts down!


I was having this issue too.

Since I wanted it ASAP, I installed Kies on my Mac and then was prompted to update my phone when I plugged it in. Worked seamlessly for me via Kies.

I'm having the exact same problem, with a Rogers phone. Going to try reinstalling Kies and crossing my fingers. Have you found a solution?

seems like OTA is being released in batches so as to not overload the download servers. Mac seems to be having an issue with Kies updating software/firmware so the only viable option right now is the PC version of Kies

Another posting that makes me say this:


HTC Evo 4G LTE came out way before the S3.

That is all, I now return you to happiness related to your S3.

I have to use the computer because the OTA was too busy to load my request and then I got an error saying the battery is too low! dam it!

I'm having the same problem, OTA doesn't work keeps saying try again later and Kies is saying battery is low, however mine is at 100%? Also it won't let me connect Kies via WiFi.

I loved my Galaxy S2, when I upgraded from it I picked the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Now the moment there is an update I get it. My brother has the S3. I think its an amazing phone but he is so upset he is waiting for 4.1 when my (much older) Galaxy Nexus is already on 4.2.1.

I will have a very difficult time buying anything but Nexus devices in the future. I just wish they were all made by Samsung.

P.S. 4.1 is very October 2012, but enjoy it anyway :)

Well Sprint can have their GS3 and Jelly Bean all to themselves! What good is that updated software on their phones whith shitty service and NO 4G anyway? I just switched to AT&T from Sprint and the fact that they have reliable service and 4G, Jelly Bean on my GS3, Jelly Bean the last thing on my mind! However it would be nice if one of the two biggest carriers in the US got their shit together and gave us updates in a timely manner.

You have to guess that Verizon s/w engineering is just not up to the task. They are always the last to implement any changes to Android.

So its been a few days now since I got the Jelly Bean update with Rogers and all I can say is WOW!! I love it, the widgets and apps work so smoothly and the whole phone seems more responsive and buttery :)

I've had the lte version of this device since July and i loved it. It was fast on ics and now on jelly bean it amazing. Best phone on the market hands down. But i've had jelly bean for a few days and ive noticed that my battery has decreased in standby and usage. I used to get 15hr of standby and 4 hr of use, but now not even 7hr and 3 hours of usage. Is this dude to google now running in the background? I have it always pulling traffic and weather. Should i disable these feature?