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Can't believe all you former BlackBerry users left this behind


That is possibly the coolest if not "nerdiest" thing I've ever seen. Brings me back to the days of using BeOS.

Lame and quite sad really. The band must have been desperate for money to sing that. Should have had the RIM executives sing instead. Now, that would have been funny!!

Lol, check at the end, it gives these guys names and titles. They are RIM execs :)

And considering that they did quite good I think.

1. That those are RIM execs, that is pretty cool. 2. Makes me want to become a developer, unfortunately my programming experience is nothing beyond being able to type. :-P

If you like Android there is a lot to like in BB10. Facebook looks like it was ported. Their new browser, if you've used Dolphin you've seen it. Apparently BB following iOS in copying the leading OS in the mobile space.

It's pretty sad when a bunch of RIM executives make a video like this.

It looks like middle-aged businessmen are trying to relive their youthful days in the 80s at the karaoke bar.