Full campaign and survival mode with both first-person and third-person action

The latest in the Call of Duty line, Strike Team, has just hit the Play Store for everyone to get their hands on. With a new story line based on modern combat in the year 2020 between the "world's superpowers," Strike Team will certainly appeal to any CoD fan out there. In terms of gameplay, Strike Team is introducing an interesting idea — you'll be able to quickly switch between first-person and third-person game modes, giving you control over your squad and individual actions.

The game offers both a full-features campaign mode that delivers the same CoD experience you know and love, and a survival mode to test your skills against waves of incoming enemies with increasing difficulty. Survival mode also has an online community leaderboard component, which will keep things frustrating competitive.

The game is live now in the Play Store at $6.99, but that's not too big of a price to pay for a full-featured shooter nowadays. Heads up if you're not on Wifi though, the download weighs in at 1.9GB.


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Call of Duty: Strike Team now available - latest postmodern war shooter is $6.99


Does it support gamepad controls (ie, PS3 controller input)? Any options that might hint at it?
my GS4 is slowly becoming my gaming machine. Emulators are fun, but I'm looking at more graphically intense games now.

Do you send it to your tv? If so how? I want to do more console like gaming.

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An MHL adapter, HDMI cable and a Bluetooth PS3 controller or equivalent (and the Sixaxis app from the Play Store) are all you need. Works great!

Currently not compatible with Nexus4. Will have to try OG Nexus 7 when I get home.

Also gameplay video is set to private, I am sure that is just a hiccup.

So it's working with Samsung devices? I hope this doesn't mean what I think it does...

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WOW!,it's compatible with the GS4 but not the Note 3.

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What!!!The LG is rockin this game.Oooooh hell to the NO!!!

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"The game offers both a full-features campaign mode that delivers the same CoD experience you know and love"
No sir.
I used to love it back in 2007-2009
But not anymore now that it's yearly copy pasted releases with nothing new than different maps.

You can add it there's a moga controller app so you can set up the buttons search moga on the play store

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So the GS4 and the LG are rockin this.Alrightyyyyyy then!!!

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Why can't they have a multiplayer? Maybe WiFi only if they're concerned with bandwidth...

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Too bad, this game graphic far behind compared to Dead Trigger 2 and not support gamepad really annoying. I will play further, hope the gameplay somewhat good so I can ignore the lesser graphic.

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FPS shooters on a mobile device is so annoying, I've had the Battlefield Bad Company 2 mobile version and I've spent a grand total of 4 minutes on it.

GTA3 however isn't bad.

Worst I think. I played early 2 missions, and still not love it, I will push more, hope $6.99 and 1.9GB not just a waste.

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Why is it only compatible with 4.3- I didn't think there was much of a difference between 4.1-4.3

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It's compatible with my s2 lol also wasn't this free on iOS? And we have to pay for it?

Regardless I'm not getting another cod and definitely not on mobile.

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Not a fan of cod anymore will stick to modern combat way better for phones but if they can make this they should made a mw and mw2 remake for phone like gta 3 & vice city I would .definitely pay £5-10 for with online and Google play gaming integration

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I have been playing this since last night on my Note 2. It's a pretty sweet game. The ability to switch back and forth from 3rd person to 1st person is great. Makes for a cool gaming experience on a phone.
I did notice that the back of my Note did get pretty warm. Rather fast too.

Great game though! Now all I have to wait for is The Division too come out with their mobile experience and I will never get and work done.

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