Granny Smith

So imagine you're a sweet little granny, who wears roller skates and can use a cane like some sort of geriatric ninja. Add in a chubby little thief, who seems to have one goal in life -- to steal your apples. No, this isn't some bizarre M. Night Shyamalan film, it's a great new game from Mediocre. The same folks who brought us Sprinkle now have a new title, and I predict it will be an instant hit.

It's simple to play -- tap the right side to jump, and the left side to swing your cane and grab things overhead. You'll twist and turn through 36 levels where you get dirty with pigs, break through windows, and generally show some amazing parkour skills to get your apples before the thief does. It sounds simple to play because it is, and it sounds fun as hell because it is. 

If you're rocking a Tegra 3 device, it's even better. Granny Smith is fully Tegra optimized, with extra "breakables", scenery, and particle physics. That's not to say it doesn't play well on other devices, but you get that little bit of extra oompf from the Tegra. Be honest, that little bit of extra oompf is why we bought Tegra devices to start with.

Anyhoo, the game is live in Google Play and only costs a buck. Stop thinking about it and go buy it. When your battery is dead, you can come back and thank me. Video trailer is after the break.

More info at the TegraZone


Reader comments

Buying the Granny Smith game is the best buck you'll spend this week


Strange, went to purchase and it failed after confirming payment source saying "Oops we could not determine if this item is compatible with your device. Please try again later." I was having it installed on my Nexus 7 from Chrome on my desktop. Anyone else have this issue?

If question with regards to JB. I was able to install it on my HTC Sensation running CMX Alpha. No issues with the purchase either, as billed it to my T-mo account.

Did the exact same thing with me. I refreshed the page and clicked on it again and told me I had already bought it. Picked up my Nex7 and sure enough it was downloading.

bought, cool, android games are getting better (forget the price, freemium games arent even fun).
'new orbit' is a great new game too.