Bump 2.0 UI

Bump, the popular contact and content sharing app, recently was updated to version 2.0. The update contains new features such as the ability to send more than one app, picture, or contact card at a time to friends and remembers people you have previously bumped for quicker future sharing. In addition, the update brings a new and improved photo viewer and general speed and design improvements. 

Check out the standard download links past the break or current users can just open the Android Market and go in to Menu > My Apps.

Source: Bump


Reader comments

Bump 2.0 update brings speed, layout, and feature improvements


Wow....thanks for posting this.

About a week ago or so my phone started rebooting everytime I plugged it in. I couldn't figure out which app was causing it. Once I read this article, I opened up Bump to see if I had the new version and BAM......phone crashed. Uninstalled the app and sure enough......phone no longer reboots when plugged in.

BUMP update = FAIL on my DX running Leaked Gingerbread and Rooted.

BTW.....this update was released over a week ago.

I agree. Happened on my evo. Ever since then I have been using gogo beans. Same as bump without the bump so no more knuckle abuse.

Did they fix the GPS permission in this version? There were a LOT of complaints in the last update (perhaps the one that TallyHo mentions) that was constantly checking for GPS location. I never installed that update, because, frankly, they don't need to know where I am.

I can actually count on one hand the number of times I've used Bump for anything in over a year. I imagine I'll use it extensively at Google IO, but then I'll probably just uninstall it.

(btw, thanks AC.com for the Lookout invite! See you guys next week!)