Entourage Bugdroid

We can imagine that more than one face has turned green sitting in the fictional Ari Gold's office (and probably in the real Ari Emanuel's office, too). But notice who's hanging out with a shark atop Mr. Gold's humidor? It's everybody's favorite Bugdroid!

This isn't the first time we've seen Android pop up on HBO's "Entourage." We've seen Johnny Drama and Ari both rocking a Nexus One at some point -- and those are just the posts we got around to doing. And here's another. Not sure that's a position we'd want to be in, but the Bugdroid's a pretty resilient fellow.

Anyhoo, if you're en "Entourage" fan, look for it in Episode 90: "Out With a Bang." Check it out on the HBO Go app if you want. And seriously, HBO, it's the last season of "Entourage." Would it kill you to get Sloan off that BlackBerry?

Thanks, G!


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Bugdroid swims with the sharks in Ari Gold's office



Makes one wonder how much Apple pays networks for product placement on shows like NCIS and NCIS LA. No federal agency is deploying the insecure iPhone over Blackberries. Unrealistic. In Hollywood, sure, because Hollywood is trendy and plastic.

I think it was Hawaii 5-0 where they auctually said "Let's Bing it!" and pulled out a WinMoPho 7 device. Like Binging something is a common phrase,

Loyd is android central 's logo. Not the same thing as bugdrod, though the real difference is for legal reasons.

Yeah!!!!! Lloyd in the best show!!!!!!!!! Too Bad that it's the last season. Can't believe that people still use BB.

What's funny is that episode in particular was a walking talking Apple product placement add. Someone must have gotten fed up and decided to slip a little Android love in under the radar.