Opera and Skyfire

Opera and Skyfire at one time were popular browser alternatives in a time in which stock browsers were sorely lacking. Improvements to Sarafi on iOS, Chrome on Android and, yes, even IE on Windows Phone have meant third-party options have to rely more on additional features rather than straight function. Today, two of those upstarts -- Opera and Skyfire -- announced they're getting in bed together.

Specifically, Opera is purchasing Skyfire for $50 million up front, with future considerations that could total the deal at $155 million.

“Opera and Skyfire are a natural fit,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “Both companies have evolved far beyond their browser roots. Skyfire adds capabilities to our portfolio around video, app optimization, smartphones and tablets, and strength in North America. With video expected to consume over two-thirds of global mobile bandwidth by 2015, and as time spent on Android and iOS apps explodes, we are excited to extend Opera’s solutions for operators.”

The companies in their press release announced their intention to release a new "set of joint products to be released over the coming year by combining their talents and know-how." Opera's "Web Pass" day pass service was mentioned in particular.

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Browser eats browser: Opera acquires Skyfire


Back on Symbian Opera WS the only browser I could use. I wonder if combined they can be relevant again. Stock browser on android is pretty hard to beat.

Use to use skyfire until they stopped updating it. It was nice back in the day. Maybe this new joint venture will be worth while.

I've never really understood how Opera makes money. But now you're telling me that they have enough of it to acquire another company? /boggle

I have used Opera for around 5 years on mobile since it allowed my old Sony Ericsson's to browse forums where my Sony wouldn't. I'll always use opera since I use it as desktop Internet browsing as well. Feel its underrated as a browser.

All I can say is yes. The two companies will compliment each other quite well on both the users and developers end; a good buy.

I have always liked Opera. Skyfire on the other hand always seemed to kill the battery on my Blackberry. Tried it on Android and was not very impressed.

Don't like Opera for Android because of battery drain, but it's the only browser supporting user.js.

I like Opera Mini to help compress data, and it really does it significantly well. I wonder if this would affect a future Mini update.