Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Hey, guess what. If you've been trolling around the Android Central Forums for the past day or so -- hey, it's Halloween weekend, but it's still the place to be -- you no doubt know by now that there's been a Samsung SCH-i515 -- you know that as the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus -- lurking in some source code on Sammy's site. You'll also realize that it's really not that big a deal, since it's a pretty plain render of the Galaxy Nexus with a 4G symbol in the status bar -- and not even the "4G LTE" symbol we've come to expect on Verizon phones. But, hey, it's just an image, so we're not all that worked up over it. But what the hell. It's Sunday night. Enjoy.

Source: Samsung; Galaxy Nexus Forums


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Breaksclusive: Samsung Galaxy Nexus render with a 4G symbol found lurking on Samsung's site


But if you went to the link you would see one of our readers posted this last night around 8pm. So Droid life was a day late here.

looks nice but man oh man those icons SUCKS. it needs help. You have a minimalistic style launcher (thats what it looks like) with icons that don't even match. The same sms icon, and the contacts icons are bad. Its supposed to be Super HD Amoled there's nothing super about them.

I'm pretty sure the HD Amoled part of the screen has nothing to do with the design of the icons.

It is pic on the internet, not even an actual pic of a real device what do you expect? You wouldn't be able to see how good the screen looks through this kind of pic. smh

i don't even understand what this post is saying. It the news that it is a 4g phone? or that it's verizon? because both those aren't news...

Hope it is still available on or very close to the 10th. Will take it the 17th or so. Glad to get rid of my Charge and back to stock with updates. Will be nice not to need to buy a phone or root just to get the most current is updates.

am i the only one who thinks ice cream looks ugly? i mean stock gingerbread looks soo much better to me. ill be curious to see what htc sense and touchwiz does to improve the UI.

Is it just me or does TouchWiz 4.0 look a lot like ICS? with the customization of the home screen that is, I think if anything TouchWiz will be a very light skin on ICS then it was on 2.x.
However I agree, skins need to go away.

Ummm, since when does TouchWiz improve Android? If anything it makes it worse. You my friend are either blind or just have very low standards.

I think the main reason why ICS looks better than GB is because all of the system apps will follow a consistant design language. GB is a little random at times and it detracts from the overall feel of the OS.

I cant believe that people have had to dig this up on the Samsung site or that it hasnt been sent in yet as I've been druling over this picture for over a week at my job at Verizon

It's the same as the top minus the Speaker, sensors and camera. Phones need some symmetry, it'd look weird if it was a smaller bottom bezel with the same top bezel.

Why do you say that? I think you don't realize how small it is. That whole black area at the bottom of the screen with the buttons... is actually the screen.

Looks too.... well. BORING! Not dissing the phone. But looks like ill spend the whole day customizing it after picking it up.

I bet it's just a place holder. No-one's 4g symbol looks like that do they? I know Veriozn's doesn't or T-Mobile, or Sprint.