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An interesting email seems to have been doing the rounds today. Boxee it seems are on the hunt for Android developers to join their organisation. To anyone interviewed either in person or via Skype, a free Boxee box will find its way to you. 

Apparently the iOS team are working on a top secret project -- something about puppies -- but that doesn't really interest us. A bit further down is the listing for an Android App Developer to be based in New York City. The listing reads: 

This position will own the entire Boxee Android product and be involved throughout the entire application development lifecycle. You must be confident, take ownership of your projects, work efficiently without management, be personable, and able to articulate yourself well verbally.

Requirements: 3+ year of professional development experience (Java or C++ preferred), Android development expertise and solid understanding of the intricacies of the platform, and an application developed by you in the Android Market (iOS or other mobile platform development experience a plus)

Sound like your cup of tea? Hit the source link below to head over to the application page. 

Source: Boxee Thanks, Rouel!


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Boxee looking for Android Developers, free Boxee box to interviewees


Translation: "The Boxee Android app is going to be terrible. We're only hiring one person to work on it, and that person will be so underpaid that a free $200 gadget is enough incentive to get them in the door. Plus, since we're requiring someone with experience and a working app, this will probably end up being a part time job for them. Think of it this way: at least the amount of bugs in this new app will make our Boxee firmware look good in comparison!"

Hmm .. this Ad has been around for a week I think.

This must be because, their App is on iPad and not on Android Tablets.

I sure hope they come up with a good app.