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Save $120 over the default plan in your first 6 months

Boost Mobile is well-known for offering mobile phone service on the cheap, and starting today you can get it even cheaper if you buy a new LTE device. From now until March 31st, if you head to Boost Mobile and purchase one of their new LTE devices and activate it, you'll be set up to pay just $35 per month for unlimited talk, text and data (first 2.5GB at full speed) for the first six months of your service.

After the six months are up you'll only move up to $50 for the same service, which is still a great deal in its own right. Boost's unlimited plan usually comes in at $55 per month, with incentives for staying with the carrier that can bring down the price even more from there over time. But front-loading the discount like this is a great deal if you've been considering Boost.

Boost operates on the Sprint network, and has a handful of LTE devices to choose from, including the Boost MAX, Samsung Galaxy S III, LG Optimus F, Boost Warp 4G, HTC One SV, Boost Force and iPhone 5s (if that's your sort of thing). You can check out the details of the deal at the source link below.

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Boost Mobile offering $35 unlimited plan for 6 months when you buy an LTE device


Exactly. If were on any other network, it would be a steal. On Sprint's craptastic network, you're getting ripped off.

I don't think they have LTE here in Las Vegas as yet. Would love it if they did because I have Clear wireless for home and would love to see it go from WiMax to LTE.

I wouldn't know. I left that hellhole 16+ months ago!!! Bye Vegas!!! Bye a thousand times!!!

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Please change your profile pic.. It makes me think of richardyarell. I'm sorry. Bye.

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Vegas has great LTE. I also have better signal as well. I live near the black hole of Anthem and have had to use an airave but not since they flipped the lte switch. I have better 4g now than I did with 3g.

Its all over the city man, turn your phone on.

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Too bad it's not on a good network. And too bad it's not a permanent deal. I'll pass. Someone will take advantage of this. Just won't be me.

I fucking hate this use of the word unlimited. I don't care about the technicalities. It is not unlimited to me. If you're giving me unlimited data, it should be full speed all the time.

When you get charged more or have your service cut off because you've used too much data, then you can complain about it not being unlimited. Unlimited and unthrottled are two different things.

It's deceptive, whether they are charging you extra or not. Unlimited has a connotation of, wait for it, no limits. Throttling is a limit, if only if only in quality rather than quantity. Unlimited plans never used to carry such limits, but lately, they have quietly changed the meaning of the terminology in order to squeeze customers for more money.

I get over 23Mbps download on Sprint 4G LTE network in Southeastern MI. And I am paying $62.0 @ month for everything unlimited. Data, talk, text, I can`t complain.

Well if you read the post, the price goes up to $50 after 6 months. That's still $5 less than their current plan which is $55. But Boost Mobile offers other incentives to lower that rate over time as well.

Now I understand why in my ghetto everybody is using Boost Mobile. They're on my damned Sprint LTE airwaves.

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After six months, boost cuts the bill by 5 dollars anyway. Instead of pushing you back to the $55 rate, they shrink your bill as they would with anyone else. The difference is you get a promotional rate instead of paying $55 a month

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ALL data caps need to be raised to a reasonable/usable amount!

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"Unlimited"? It says high-speed of 2.5gb's, this sounds phoney! I was thinking about moving my mother off of the Vzn account and into this, she tokd me she wants Boost anyway. . .

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Anyone know what phone that is in the picture?

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I own a galaxy s3 barely get a LTE signal on Cleveland. With the right phone the 3g isn't bad though

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Boost will show a good signal..... BUTT.....You miss calls and that signal may be voice only....

Sending from a sorry ass Boost Mobile phone

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I have a SG3 paying 45$ for 5gigs of data and I swear I use that data so fast it aint even funny in the Bronx New York on the now LTE network something aint right