Boost-VirgSprint may be killing off its Wimax line in favor of LTE, but that doesn't mean the nation's first widespread 4G network is actually going to die. During this mornings Q1 earnings call, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse announced that Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile -- two prepaid names it manages -- both will have Wimax devices later this year.

That's particularly interesting for Android fans on the prepaid carriers because it almost certainly means Wimax Android devices.

Hesse promised additional information later this year.


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Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile getting Wimax devices


I wonder if Sprint phones will be able to use those towers. I am all for LTE but lets be real. It won't be until 2013 for most of us to use. 3g speeds are sucky unless you live by a tower. I live less than 2 miles from 2 towers I can see one from my front door still have to use an airave :/. If sprint does let existing 4g wimax users to use those towers it would make me feel less burned.

Actually they plan to hit 130M population with LTE by end of this year, which is about the 30-35 largest markets. By end of 2013, the entire Sprint network should be on LTE and also start using 800Mhz, which will give better rural coverage and building penetration.

I live 1/4 mile from a tower and was getting 50kbs the other day. Called and complained and an engineer confirmed my signal and phone were fine. They just have no back haul network capacity. How is LTE going to fix that?

Makes sense as Clear's WiMAX is essentially an urban network and Virgin is an urban focused carrier. Will help reduce 3G traffic too at least in WiMAX areas.

Thank goodness for Android Central. I am a Boost Mobile/Virgin Mobile dealer and I didn't know anything about this until I read it here :(

What happens to all these new Boost and Virgin Wimax devices when Sprint phases out Wimax for LTE o_O?
Wasn't this already a potential issue with existing Wimax devices on Sprint?
How does selling more Wimax devices on Boost and Virgin make this any better?
That's just makes for even more Wimax devices out there becoming useless when it's phased out for LTE.....

Well by that time LTE will be old and LTEII will be out, Boost will just sell LTE. but hey we all are suppose to die in December so we may never know.

Clear isn't going anywhere. WiMax will still be around. Sprint is going to continue to contract with Clear for WiMax through at least 2015. By then, Sprint, Virgin, and Boost will all be selling LTE devices.