Android CentralBoost Mobile is planning to change its data usage policy to start throttling unlimited data users starting in January. According to a post on its official Facebook page, the Sprint MVNO will throttle unlimited data customers after 2.5GB of usage down to speeds of just 256kbps. Like most throttle plans, the user's speeds will increase back to full at the start of the next billing period.

The policy is set to go into effect on January 20th, 2013. It's hard to blame Boost for the decision when it offers such competitive rate plans, but its tough to see another truly unlimited plan go away. If we have to see it though, telling users up-front what the throttle point will be is the best policy.

Source: Boost Mobile (Facebook); Via: PhoneScoop


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Boost Mobile to throttle after 2.5GB of usage starting next year


So essentially they will throttle you down to normal 3g speeds for Sprint!! Awesome. Thats about all I was getting with them anyway and why I left lol

EXACTLY what I was going to say. I consistently get around 110k anyway. Super slow speeds. Almost makes me not want to use the web on my phone. Absolutely horrible.

Two years ago, this wasn't the case. I always got past 1Mb down on 3G. Unfortunately, Sprint began really "whoring out" their network over the last two years. Amazon kindles use it, the government uses it, Virgin mobile and Boost with unlimited data plans use it, prepaid partners use it, etc. Doesn't leave much bandwidth for their post-paid consumers.

Although in a few areas around the Seattle area, I am getting consistent 1-2Mb down: in Covington and Northgate.

Mark my words. Sprint will do the same within one year. You heard it here first. When the story posts, I want my due credit!

if you throttle a already throttle network what are they going to give their customers? i see sprint loosing even more customers.

would like to mention that all virgin mobile users got a message stating a change in virgin mobile terms of service...

virgin always had the 2.5gb limit on their site but never actually followed it...
the terms update states that the limit will now go into affect...

2.5GB is still a lot of data. When I moved over the summer I didn't have internet for almost a month, used my phone the whole time for Netflix, surfing and games. Barely used 1GB. I don't think I could use 2.5GB if I tried :).

Do what? A movie on netflix would use at least 500mb, a music video about 50. So that's 2 movies maybe a couple TV shows and some gaming. I can do most that before I even finish work on the 1st of each month. 2.5Gb is pathetically low, and to cap speeds at a slightly better speed than dialup... it's like them spitting in your face and charging you for it.

Data caps are the new text messaging, they've found a way to charge customers for something 99.9% of the customers have no idea how to calculate (see Ionemoose's comment). And for something that costs the ISP no more or less, in fact the cost to set up the limiters and software to control the caps probably cost them more than they would have "lost" had there not been a cap.

And to confirm, turn your wi-fi off before stating facts.

I personally disagree with the change-up. If im paying for unlimited usage, it should allow me access when I want at speeds varying my location. Unless there is some other form of alternative incentive, please keep us, the customers, updated...

I agree if your not going to be unlimited say you're not. Cause I've already used the limit and that was suppose to last me until 4/24.. really!