ZTE Warp

Boost Mobile this morning dropped word that it's dropped the price of the ZTE Warp to $199. It's a solid little phone, with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a 5MP camera and 1GHz processor. Also, if you buy and activate a Warp on the Android  Montly Unlimited or Daily Unlimited plan by midnight Nov. 8, you'll get a one-time $55 credit to you account. Noyce!

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romma says:

This sounds like a steal...

does anyone have any pics or video of actual hands on...all i could find were front facing still shots...a tween youtube girl ranting on the phone and a video of how google maps works on the phone...lol

This is a decent price and phone specs for someone on a budget but still wants a phone that handles new(ish) apps

tronthedon says:

If possible, I say wait until the ICS phones come out, especially when you know the cell phone you're buying will never get an update.

YLilbit says:

What is ICS? What is the difference?

YLilbit says:

Can anyone please explain to me what "ICS" means or is? trinthedon made a statement to wait till before purchasing the Warp Boost Phone.

chapaboy says:

Ice Cream Sandwich.

dchawk81 says:

I bought one of these when they had that cyber Monday promotion, making it $148 including shipping & taxes with no obligations. I used the $2 a day plan to try it for 5 days and get all my apps. Now I use it as a fancy GPS since preloaded maps don't need data and the receiver is faster and more accurate than the Epic's.

It's not a sexy phone mostly because of the screen being too washed out and blue but it makes a great GPS unit and when using my Epic as a hotspot it can still do almost everything else.

TITAN2050 says:

I bought one a couple of weeks ago its nice is well balanced price n performance doesnt hav front camera but for the price still do the job the only problem is the system its to laggy It does it a lot trust n FC u can imagine n very slw bt what u can do