Body Glove ShockSuit for M8

If you work hard or play hard, you need a case that allows your HTC One M8 take an extra bump or two. Whether you are working out in the field with mother nature, in the shop with the dust and equipment everywhere, in a squad vehicle looking out for the public or anywhere where your phone is going to take some extra abuse, the Body Gloce ShockSuit case is going to keep your M8 safer. The case isn't waterproof (though it is MIL-STD-810G rated), but when facing the mud, or sparks from a welder, or the door frame on your service vehicle the ShockSuit case will save your M8 from a world of hate.

Like most other rugged cases, the ShockSuit is a two-piece design. You put your M8 into the front polycarbonate outer shell — be sure to read the supplied instructions to make this easier — which also has a thick plastic screen protector that fared well against my keys. Once the front is on, you slip the assembly into the thick rubber outer housing. Then, your M8 is ready when things get a little tough. The trade off is that it's not the easiest case in the world to put on or take off — but you knew that going in when you bought a rugged case. The screen is still responsive even with the protective cover, but you will lose that incredible sensitivity that the M8 seems to posses in it's touch sensor. But it's not bad. Again, a tradeoff for ruggedness.

I'm not a first responder, or a machinist, or out working on a jobsite. But I can tell you that several tests dropping the M8 from about seven-feet onto the hardwood floor, and a trip or two down the steps showed no damage, other than a few small divots on the screen protector — which is exactly what it's there for. I'm pretty confident that this one will take a moderate beating so your M8 doesn't have to. And yes, testing rugged cases is fun.

The case itself has rubber flaps for the microUSB port and headphone jack and thick rubber covers (that work great) over the volume controls, but the power button/IR emitter is uncovered. Both front facing speakers are uncovered so you still get that Boomsound thrill when you want it, and of course the camera lenses and microphones are uncovered. This is a good mix of protection and usability, but if you need a case that will keep every drop of rain or dust out, the ShockSuit is not going to meet your needs.

If you need a case that gives you a little extra protection, whether your job requires it, your just clumsy, or you like to have a few too many and text your old lover, the ShockSuit is a winner.

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Body Glove ShockSuit Case for the HTC One (M8)


Didn't you see the video? you can't even scratch the screen with keys or knives anyway... why would I need some stupid plastic over it? I get the shock case but the screen protector is pretty useless. I myself am waiting for the Dot view Case to become available. Had the regular case for my M7 which was also very nice.

You realize that this is a rugged case right? Using a set of keys to scratch a screen is not considered rugged work where I'm from. I'm sure its not just some "stupid plastic"... maybe you'll understand when you're alittleolder.

On a side note, people were making fun of the Kyocera Brigadier last night and I thought to myself "any phone with a rugged case looks comparatively ugly."

Lo and behold.

Why get the M8 if you are going to put a case like this on the phone? The biggest appeal of the M8 is the design - this sacrifices too much to protect the device.

Can't think of a reason?

What if, say, a person wants a really nice phone, but their job is one of hard labor and they want their nice phone to be protected? Should they just not get a nice phone?

Yes.. Get the plastic phone which works as well as the M8. If you can't appreciate the M8 and put in ugly cases then don't get the M8. Happy?

Posted via Android Central App

You, sir, are an idiot. I work in construction and bought an M8. I love the phone and the features. I'm not going to buy a plastic phone, because you think people like me shouldn't. Maybe you're happy with a craptastic plastic phone, but I'm not

Posted via Android Central App

That's why I think aluminum /steel body thing is over rated. Once we put on a case (which lot of us do to protect our investment), what's the point.

Posted via Android Central App

No point in buying this phone if you are going to stick it in that case lol.

Posted via Android Central App