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If that pink Galaxy S II was just too pedestrian for you, then good news! You'll soon be able to exchange your hard-earned cash for the exclusive Bobbi Brown version of the phone, which comes in a slightly different color, with a matching make-up kit. So it's pretty clear that Samsung's targeting women with this latest version of its most popular handset.

The only catch is that this version is available in Korea only for the moment. But we're sure you'll be able to find someone willing to import one for you, if you're mad enough to want this kind of thing. A special microsite will be going live later today at the source link, if you're interested in learning more.

Source: HowToLiveSmart; via: UnwiredView


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Bobbi Brown Galaxy S II comes with matching make-up kit


It will get really confusing when the Bobby Brown edition comes out in an exclusive crack color...

Real men don't know anything about cosmetics. Nothing moronic about that. Actually, it's pretty moronic to assume that they should.

it's pretty moronic that somebody posts about stuff before researching anything about it. Saw the article, googled it, found the answer. took 5 seconds. Pretty simple. But then again, simple things are lost on most people these days.


Real men? Really? Way to say the most bigoted thing anyone could think of...OR you could have just looked at the picture and realized that there was make-up and it probably had something to do with it...

It's funny to think how much radio airplay that song got with such raunchy lyrics. I don't think our parents got the idea of what that song was about, like a lot of hair band euphemism lyrics.

Wait...they cant be serious name it after the singer..and you not even mentioning it Alex is kind of a fail!
I mean you could have went with Mr. telephone man!
its something wrong with my droid!
when i dial my babies number! i get a click every time!

Realy you need to explain the whole Bobbi Brown thing. Cause first thing I think of is wife beater crack head Bobby Brown. I never heard of the Bobbi Brown makeup till I looked it up over this article and I bet there is alot of other ppl that are like me. I think Samsung dropped the ball on marketing this phone.

I don't think Koreans will think twice about which Bobbi Brown they are talking about with this phone. And I doubt Samsung will be bringing it to the states, so your statement is pretty irrelevant.