Android Gingerbread

Remember that really blurry picture that reportedly shows Gingerbread? It hasn't gotten any clearer, but now it's moving. Phandroid has the video it apparently was ripped from, and it shows a pretty cool old-school TV-like blinking of the screen when you press the power button. Check it out after the break. [Phandroid]

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Blurry Gingerbread pic now a blurry video, shows blinking power-off


That's awesome. I had to watch it to figure out what you meant by "blinking of the screen." Now I understand, and that's a cool effect.

I should also note that I love the Live wallpapers, and the one in the video was nifty.

You can download one from the market called nexus lwp revamped that recreates the effect, with more color options and what not

Was that also being shown on the best device still to date, The Nexus One? I will never give up my Nexus One, happy owner of the G2, but will always keep my Nexus on my desk sitting in it's charging dock, streaming music to my boss stereo. Use it every day. I have not found another phone that feels as good in the hand as the Nexus One. I guess you have to have owned one to understand. The G2 isn't a bad device either. Have mine over clocked to around 1400. The G2 is fast out of the box but holy shit, this thing is just really sick fast. YIKES.

One of my gripes about Android has been holding the power button... pressing Power Off... Then pressing ok.

Now that I think about it there must be some other way to quicken the shut down process.

in b4 "Why do you have to shut your phone down so often anyway!!!!" -- I travel a lot.

what's awesome is whether or not this is really gingerbread, you know the devs will have this in an apk before long. :)

Though I will never support Apple and the iPhone 4, my friend has one and I saw him taking pictures and videos today. Though my DInc's 8MP beastly camera is great, the Jesus Phone's camera is pretty epic. About equivilent to the Nexus One's, actually.
Don't diss it till you try it. But don't support it, either.

I wonder how many of these little things HTC will port over to their Sense devices? This looks cool but somehow I don't think they will put this into their updates unless there is something else connected to it like speeding up the shut down or if it's just a bit of eye candy...

I think it might also have something to do with people not wanting to be identified and fired.

in late 2010, how the hell do you even get a video to record in such ass quality? ive seen knock off chinese products have better quality in 2001.