4.2 million of those devices added in Q1 2013 aloneBlueStacks Logo

BlueStacks, which makes software that lets users run Android apps on their desktops, laptops and Windows tablets, has reached the 10 million user mark in just over a year. Possibly even more impressive is that 4.2 million of those users started using the software in just Q1 of this year. CEO of BlueStacks Rosen Sharma also notes that active usage has increased exponentially, which in many ways is a more important metric to determining success of a product. BlueStacks is now being used in over 100 countries, due in part to the fact that it is now pre-installed on many manufacturer's devices.

Sharma went on to give much of the credit for the recent increase in users to the explosion in mobile gaming development, which is one of the most popular area of downloads. Many of the popular mobile titles transfer well to larger screens, and BlueStacks is hoping to capitalize on the increased demand for cross-platform app support.

Source: BlueStacks (PRWeb)

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RaiderWill says:

The Future Is Here....

crxssi says:

BlueStacks isn't the past, present or probably even the future for Linux users.

worknman says:

You mean all 5 of you? :P

mwara244 says:

Why Can't Google Make a ChromeBook that Runs Android or Chrome and Android simultaneously

mwara244 says:


Lol does BlueStacks actually work? I haven't heard a good thing about it on Surface Pro forums. Apparently also has a questionable uninstall process that doesn't uninstall everything?

aleis says:

this is terrible! when it works its ok (i have a win8 pro touch screen). when it doesnt...it locks your entire pc down!
maybe next update.

Yosi Fishler says:

Hi Aleis,

I suggest you try a new product called andyroid (www.andyroid.net) which is an actual android phone running on your PC and not an app player, much more stable then bluestacks.

bballjohn32 says:

Too bad it's still based on Gingerbread

RaiderWill says:

To Bad Your PC's Need Work...

No Issues Here...:-) :-) :-)

fotyc says:

I would like to try out Bluestacks but I use an older Dell laptop that I bought off corporate lease, and Bluestacks says my graphics card is too old. Oh well. It can't be upgraded, either, due to its integration with the motherboard or something. No new computer for me anytime soon, so no Bluestacks.

Tom Kaminski says:

How well does blue stacks work these days?