Blue Drone is a Bluetooth controlled R/C car that can be controlled by any Android device running Android 2.0 and higher.  It's currently in its initial phase at Kickstarter, where the developer is looking for initial interest in order to justify the production costs.  If you're not familiar with Kickstarter, you can opt-in and support a new project, and if the funding goals are met you'll be charged and receive what you've paid for.  If the goal isn't met, you aren't charged and the project is left to seek funding elsewhere, or just fizzle away.

This one is way too cool to let that happen.  For a buy-in of $59, you'll get a scale model R/C car, and the app to control it from your Android phone or tablet via a Bluetooth connection.  The car is controlled via the touchscreen or uses the accelerometer for steering.  You'll get three hours use from a trio of AAA batteries, and the whole set-up has a 30 foot range.  Check the video above, this looks like loads of fun.  Hit the source link for more information.

Source: Kickstarter; Thanks, Steve!


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Blue Drone -- Android controlled R/C car looking for backers on Kickstarter


I just want the bluetooth reciever or whatever makes this work. I would love to put this in my Slash.

i'm with you there... the range is way too limiting... this toy might be "cool" at first but i think it'll wear off quickly once people get frustrated with the range

Same with me. It was my first thought when I read "bluetooth controlled.
Add in WiFi, front and rear cam and I'll go into discussion with my neighbout about what is cooler - this car or his AR Drone :D

something like this - plug and play - would be much more useful to me -

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Agree with the other comments.

Looks like it would be fun, but when people commented on the range (and not really being able to judge ft as I use metric) I converted and came back with only 9 meters, so I think this is in the hope it gets developed further later basket.

on top of that no international orders, so im out anyway

This looks like it would work better for the airhogs micro rc cars. They only have about a 30' limit anyways. My team associated rc10 t2 gets about 100'-150' range, there is now way this would work for even the smallest of tracks I run on, which is a 50' indoor track at a local rc shop.

If it worked over wifi then it would be worth it.
Local shop has an airplane/ copter that can be controlled from an ipod or iphone with wifi....a lot longer range then 30' but it is 300.00.

Interesting technology demonstrator but that is about it. the 30' range limitation is a result of the choice to use bluetooth as the communication channel. Bluetooth Class 2 radios, by definition are limited by transmit power to approx 10 meters (33 feet). You could use a Bluetooth Class 3 transmitter and get 100 meters of range but I don't know of any cell phones that implement it... and even if they did the higher transmit power would be quite a drain on the battery. So I put this into the category of inappropriately applied new technology that doesn't work as well as the already available old technology. If you really want to play with an RC vehicle stick to the already proven transmitters and receivers that can be found in any decent hobby shop.

I think its great. I am a RC enthusiast and I have RC10's, gas and electric. I believe many people are looking at this as some regular RC, this is a 1:20 scale, its a small little indoor racer for your kitchen or garage, basement maybe your concrete patio... It runs on 3 AA batteries.. Great concept and I hope it gets off the ground and moving.