Samsung Galaxy S5 help: Blocking mode

Samsung's do-not-disturb option is oddly named but easy to use

Sometimes Galaxy S5 features need quite a bit of explanation. This isn't one of those times. Blocking Mode is a poorly named but extremely useful function that serves as the phone's do-not-disturb mode. You'll find it in Settings>Personalization, or as one of Samsung's numerous quick settings in the notification pull-down.

Once there, you'll need to start with the main toggle switch. Off is off, on is on. Once on, you've got a few options:

  • Block incoming calls.
  • Turn off notifications.
  • Turn off alarm and timer.
  • Set time (ie set what time you want blocking mode to turn on automatically).
  • Allowed contacts (a whitelist of contacts who can get through to you).

You can mix and match the options as you see fit. Want to kill notifications but allow any and all calls? Have at it. Kill calls and notifications but let your alarm clock still wake you? Sure thing.

Really, Blocking Mode has just about everything you need in this sort of feature. We'd like to see an option to set schedules based on the day of the week, but that's not a deal-breaker.

So if you're looking for a do-not-disturb function on your Galaxy S5, this is the place to find it.

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Reader comments

Blocking Mode on the Galaxy S5


I didn't have either the S3 or S4 before getting my S5 so I had no idea that Blocking mode was for blocking notifications. I wrote it off as blocking incoming calls/messages. Thanks for the article.

This opt. Is also in the S4. I find it USELESS! You have to block all our none. It would be Bete if you could block individuals phone numbers. The auto reject list, is also useless. It only sends the calm to your voice mail. I want to totally BLOCK some numbers.

Posted via Android Central App

It's most sure what you mean. It blocks all calls but those you want to let through. Are you looking to create an exclusion list rather than and inclusion list? I would find that more cumbersome as those I don't want to let bother me while sleeping is a much larger list than those I want to wake me up.

Posted via Android Central App

Basically what is does is turn your call receiving off. You can not edit by numbers. It is all or nothing.

Posted via Android Central App

You can edit by numbers under the allowed contact list... Or am I dense and still don't know what you mean?

Posted via Android Central App

I don't know if he's paying attention to your reply but yes you can select who to let through. I use it on nights that I can't afford to lose sleep.

Posted via Android Central App

How about an option of a block list for people in addition to this functionality. Like being able to block calls from a certain number vs a specific time vs only during the time do not disturbed is being utilized.

Posted via Android Central App

You can allow calls. I have it set to allow my kid and my family to call when activated. I'm using the S4.. today.

Posted via Android Central App

This has been here since Jelly Bean 4.1.2 premium suite for the Galaxy S III...

Posted on my Galaxy S III, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 (2013) or Gateway ID49C

is there a way to toggle this with say Llama based on location, etc. or some other app? Preferably Llama as that is what I currently use. I know you can kinda duplicate this with settings in Llama but it would be handy to use this instead as a one stop thing.

Yep but you need to download the plugin called Secure Settings. I use this with Tasker and it's perfect.

Posted via Android Central App

With iOS, you can block individual phone numbers - not just individual ones within your Contacts list, but any incoming call (say, from a robocall or unsolicited sales call) or text. I don't see this 'fine tuning' ability in this option.
Any practical experience?

there's my favorite Blocking Mode--this is one reason why I decided to stick with SAMSUNG--because others do not have it yet I think, but in this S5 it is ALL or NO ONE(I cannot find the ALLOWED LIST when I went to check out the demo in MediaMarkt). ... i guess I'll be keeping my S3 until you sort it out.
Samsung, I have 300+ people in my contact list and I need to block only 5 people. Why don't you switch that ALLOWED LIST to BLOCK LIST?

Was using and loving this feature on my s5 until last night when my phone did a software update now it is gone! Can't find it anywhere. Anyone have any suggestions? Helpful suggestions welcome!