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We know more a few of you wised up and came over from BlackBerry, and, truth be told, we're looking at the BlackBerry Torch (aka the Torch 9800) with a wee bit of envy. After all, who wouldn't want to try Android on a vertical slider? Anyhoo, our pals at CrackBerry have done a bang-up job with their Torch 9800 review, and even put it up alongside the Samsung Captivate, AT&T's top-shelf Android device. So head on over and check it out, and tell 'em Android Central sent ya.


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BlackBerry Torch 9800 reviewed [the competition]


Glad I left and moved to my Nexus One. This device and OS6 does nothing for me. The Engadget review was a balanced review and confirmed my thoughts about it. The new OS looks busy and sluggish on this device with hardware that is last year stuff.

Proud of BB for catching up to the ranks of iphone, android, and the pre! Huzzah! Besides Hardware and lots of little software details, it's so similar to my old pre it's ridiculous. (And multitasking of course. One day I hope "cards" will make it to all smartphones.)

Either way, I hope android phone makers take some tips from Blackberry and get a few of the better features, because that's one awesome-packed phone. Too bad it's only for AT&T, eh?

I don't think they've quite caught up yet and in fact I'd say they have a hard journey ahead of them. Their average customer is handed a Blackberry and not given a choice. Fifty percent of those who are given a choice are planning on bailing to either Android or iPhone and I don't see this phone changing anyone's mind. The hardware is slow, the OS is sluggish and missing a lot of common features that most Android/iPhone users would riot over if they were missing. The physical design of the phone is interesting, but after having a Palm Pre I can't say the vertical slider is my favorite phone form factor.

Caught up? What.The.Hey? I mean processors that have speeds that everyone else had 2 years ago. 512 whole megs of RAM? I have had 2 Berrys and am going to either an Epic or EVO September 1st as I am tired of carrying a "has been"

Hardly caught up at all, this Torch is what BB should have had two or three years ago. Theyre supposed to be the pinnacle smartphone manufacturer and now theyre just behind the times. I would even take an i*hone 3G over the brand new torch any day. DX all the way

I was checking out Engadget yesterday and they said they couldn't get the first one they looked at to even turn on, they are cutting too many corners and quality has suffered. either way, I've left Blackberry for good and won't be going back. Android forever!

Envy? You're kidding me right? I hope you're just saying that because you're affiliated with a Blackberry blog, because there is absolutely nothing for Android users to be envious of. The hardware is comparable to an iPhone 3G, the software is clawing tooth and nail to keep up and losing ground every day and the application store is a joke.

If you really want a vertical slider with slow hardware and last gen software import the Alcatel OT-980.

Don't hate on BB just for the sake of it. If you think blackberry has nothing to offer, you've never really 'worked' from your handset.

RIM shifts more smartphones than anyone else in the world, and it seems they will continue to do so. It doesn't make them consumer friendly or anything, nor in the same league as many droid phones, but IIRC no-one has ever out sold BB in the smartphone sector.

You can look down from on high if you must, but remember how many people are actually buying the things.

Now the Torch isn't going to stop me jumping to a Galaxy S, but then again I'll still have a SIM i can toss in my 9700 when I need to.

My plan was to sell my 9700 when i got my Vibrant but i cant let it go. It stays in my drawer charged and ready to be used. Nothing can compare to the business side of a least nothing yet.

That's a myth borne out of mostly ignorance. For YOU maybe nothing compares, but for me and many others, Android easily keeps up with our business needs. I run Touchdown and don't miss an email or an appointment. Also compared to the users I know who use Blackberry, my Droid X certainly holds its own.

Now on the security side of things, the Enterprise still prefers Blackberry and there's good reason for it (for the time being). And because hard habits are hard to break, RIM is going to stay relevant (in that context) for a while to come, however, I don't think they're going to hold on to that number 1 marketshare spot for too much longer.

Crackberry must have got some different phone than every other site got. They gush over this out of date phone while everyone else says its not even close to the specs of phones that came out last year.

Im one of the ones who just came over because RIM screwed me with the storm2. Long live android. I cant believe what ive been missing for so long.

I kind of like the looks of it, but yet as usual BB software is horrible, sure its great at pushing email and good for corporate security. Other then that BB's suck. There really is no difference in OS 6 vs all their old OS's. Maybe some graphical improvements, but it never changes.

This device is not competition to the iPhone or Android devices like the Droid, Droid X, Droid Incredible, EVO 4G or Galaxy S devices.

The only thing it competes with is other Blackberry devices.

Long time BB user and this is a prime example of why I left. 624MHz? 512MB for apps? That's not even catching up let alone pushing the envelope. If not for Enterprises and how easy BB's are to manage plus their BOGO offers they'd be near extinction. Hopefully Android can make strides in those areas, I'd love for my job to take back their BB and issue me an Android handset.

The torch 9800 is a big disappointment, speck wise it's behind a few years the competition. This was RIM's chance to shine but unfortunately thats not the case with the 9800.

This would be great if it was released two years ago. It would be good a year and a half ago. Now it's just nothing. It blows other blackberries away but that's not saying much. I am a blackberry escapee and damn proud of my choice!

the funny thing is, the captivate was BARELY behind the iphone and that beast isnt running android 2.2 yet.....good job crapple and wonder androids are on top of the world right now.

p.s......that slider looks hideous and im glad i switched from a bb tour to a droid x

Thanks but no thanks. Having come from the Blackberry Tour I do not now or will I likely ever have a desire to own a blackberry device. I love my Evo with froyo best device I have ever owned. I've seen os6 a while back and must say quite frankly I'm not impressed. You had your chance with me RIM and you failed. So I bid you farewell and say hello to my new love Android.

I was a long time Blackberry user and abuser. I did use it for work and I dont miss it AT ALL! Thank god I dont have a corporate job telling me I have to use that broken down POS. Lazzy let me down one to many times, now with him blowing off people like me just so he could keep that POS platform. Well hows that working for him overseas right about now? That global vision is biting him in the arse now. Blackberry is going through a long and painful death and I dont feel sorry for them. (As a droid commercial is playing on my television as I type :) Enterprise can only keep them alive for so long.

Wow, I've got to give it to RIM, this is the first really impressive phone from them in a long time! I was a Blackberry fanatic prior to switching to Android and I think this is the Blackberry with best of both worlds. Having their awesome qwerty keyboard and touchscreen in a nice size. The specs are impressive too and match that of the original Droid. Specs are pretty competitive.

Heck they should have skipped the failure that the Storm was and brought this phone to market instead back in Nov 2008. If this Torch 9800 would have come out then, RIM would be a little further ahead right now in competing with iPhone and Android. They might have a second version of the Torch and be that much further, but hey it's better late than never.

Good looking device. Nice to see a new offering from RIM. Think they went a little low on the specs but it is more of a work related device. Looks like it will get the BB users through a new contract. But still if i were them i would switch to android. But to each his own.

I'll say one thing, it's light years ahead of the prior Blackberries. But like Mickey and I both said on last weeks podcast, if you don't have to use a Blackberry, you would probably be happier with another platform.

Maybe its me but the reviewer on CrackBerry really sounds like he's trying to sell the phone he know he has to. I'm all for some bias on platform based blogs and sites. But there was something about his reviews in the videos that just kinda screams "I HAVE TO LIKE THIS PHONE" lol. It just seems to quick to be in love with it even if he had it for a while lol.

As for the phone I think BlackBerry has taken some really nice steps. It seems like its too packed with information and options all over the place. I'm not saying it shouldn't be packed with features. The more the better. It just doesn't quite seem to do it in a clean way. But I'm sure many users will be fine with that if they are power users. I don't want to knock having plenty of info in your face as thats one thing I like about Android and widgets...but something just seems strange to me.

It will be interesting to see how well this device does. This is gonna be somewhat make or break for RIM to fend off the challengers coming from the consumer side.

finally a blackberry i would buy. lol but sadly enough (for them) my money goes to android.. ive been converted :O

LOFL It's the same old OS 5 with a new skin. The New Blackberry Touch has the same speed processor of that Blackberry Bold 9000 624 MHz. Blackberry is outdate and Android is the new King of Phones. I had 5 blackberries and I am very happy I am an Android user. NEXUS ONE RULES!!!!!!!!!

The best phone of 2007!

The only thing BB did well is email. Frankly, I don't miss it at all. I also don't miss my phone freezing up and having to poop the battery every day. Used BBc for 5 + years. NEVER AGAIN!

I loved my bb's but got tired of same OS different handset. App store was horrible. But bb's are great phones overall. Im deff loving my EVO though

RIM's Quality Control has slid ever since the Bold 9000. And that was with the QWERTY candybar designs it's made forever.Have to worry what the build-quality will be with a slider. As others have mentioned it's underpowered for OS 6,which does have alot of potential.If it doesn't lag out-of-the-box it will once owners start treating it like an iPhone and start loading Apps.RIM needs to stop releasing "new" devices from whatever parts it's got laying around in it's warehouses.The Torch sets RIM another 6-8 months behind.

I have to say that I am a blackberry owner that was waiting for this device since it was just a rumor. I was saving the upgrade on my buisness line for it. I figuerd my blackberry 9700 could hold me over. Well I got sick of waiting and decided to try out the htc aria from att as it was the only decent android phone they had at the time. The fact that a middle of the road android phone blew my flagship blackberry out of the watter was a game changer for me. I returnd the aria for the captivate the day it came out and holy sh*t I can't believe what I've been missing. RIM needs to step up there game or they just won't stay compeditive,that's all there is to it.

I watched some more video and must ask what is BB thinking? They needed to knock one out of the park not only because of Android and iOS but because Microsoft may pull out a monster on the business side of the spectrum which is where they reign. I'd almost say they really needed to make sure the beat WP7 more than anything. Then again....maybe they did. Business users may want that kinda cluttered in your face interface over what many are calling a toy in WP7. The sweet spot would have been to build on where Android has gone. Take the ideas and make them a little more "stuffy" but not as cluttered and dull as they did.

That was kinda painful to watch >.< I was a pretty firm BB diehard, but I can't imagine ever going back these days. I just love Android.