We know it's still pretty early for the life of BlackBerry 10 devices, but we're also not really all that worried about RIM stealing away Android's market share anytime soon. Any of you thinking of jumping ship yet?

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This is BlackBerry 10, eh?


Need I say "Dev Alpha"?
The whole point of this is for developers to test their apps on it.
So of course they'll get some apps.
And this isn't even close to what the finished hardware will be.

They have no direction? What the eff is this then? This IS their direction. Whether that is the right direction or not, we can't tell yet, but this is a direction.

I don't plan on jumping ship. As I just came from bb. Missed it for a few. Now I can't see me going back.

Meh! I'm more than happy with Android 4.0 and what the future holds. All of RIMs eggs are in it's BB10 basket so to speak so I really hope it's a winner for them. It looks like they may have finally caught on to what makes Android and iOS work for the consumer.

I'll buy BlackBerry when Android and Apple went out of business. But I like the Blackberry keyboard in the video. As an android user, there is a chance that a knockout keyboard will show up in Google Play store. Personally, if Swift incorporates this feature, that would be great. For Iphone user, there is no chance of seeing something like.

I agree with you. I like the keyboard and I am looking forward to someone developing something similar for Android.

Remember that this BB keyboard was developed to avoid licensing keyboard technology that already exist. Its unique, but I doubt its workable in the real world.

When Swiftkey guesses entire words based on prior sentence content, and has them right there in front of your eyes instead of hidden under your thumbs its a lot faster. You don't have to move your thumbs out of the way, wait for the keyboard to repaint with words hanging off of each letter, scan the keyboard for your choice, and then tap that letter for that choice.

Other than that the phone looks like a nice device, but I suspect it will be the last desperate gasp, like the Palm Pre. Which is sad, because the ecosystem would be healthier with a more choices.

See, you describe exactly what I don't like about Swiftkey, et al, and like about this keyboard, just with a different interpretation.

I can never manage to use the word prediction on the various Android keyboards I've tried because they all involve repeatedly shifting my eyes from the keys to above the keyboard to see if the word I want is up there yet, and then I have to read across a list to see which location my word is in. With this BB keyboard, I don't think of it as the words being hidden under my thumbs, I think of the words being exactly where I'm already motioning with my thumbs and looking with my eyes. I don't have to wonder when the correct word is predicted, nor do I have to scan anywhere on the keyboard to find it, because it will be directly over the next letter.

^ this... I immediately loved the idea of putting the predicted words above the next letter in the guessed word, it's a great idea. This way you don't have to looks elsewhere, the word it thinks you are about to type or have partially typed shows up above the next letter in the sequence. I also don't tend to use the predicted words on the various Android keyboards because it involves me looking away from what I'm typing and also reaching my thumbs a relatively far distance to select the words.

I really hope that someone does something like this for Android because I think that it's an amazing idea.

I recently just came from Blackberry and I can tell you that I am in love with my unlocked/rooted GNex, but there are a few things that Blackberry does very well. I will be watching with a keen eye but it will take a major home run from RIM to make me go back.

"With this BB keyboard, I don't think of it as the words being hidden under my thumbs, I think of the words being exactly where I'm already motioning with my thumbs and looking with my eyes"

That's exactly it - the predicted word is right where your finger would be going to begin that word. Obviously I've never used this keyboard, but it certainly appears that it would be a much more efficient and accurate implementation of word prediction. I use and very much like SwiftKey, but a significant portion of the time, I don't use the word predictions at all because it's quicker to just rapid type and let it correct. Putting the predictions on the keyboard like this seems like a great idea.

I wasn't expecting to be so pleasantly surprised by this keyboard.. but I was. I want it, but I am not willing to jump to a new OS just for that one practical feature. There's still a lot about BB OS's that doesn't appeal to me over Android and unless Google stops upgrading Android all together, I don't think I could go back.

My opinion but what a weird word prediction setup. So I have to look around the keyboard to figure out the next predicted word? And then flick it up to the screen? Maybe it is more intuitive than the first look but I like the Swiftkey predicted-word-always-at-top method.

And every Blackberry user (all business people) I know have kept their Blackberry because they want physical keyboards.

I had the same thought until I looked a little more closely. The words show up above the next possible letter for that word. So, typing l-e-a puts "leave" over the v. If you want to select the full word, you tap v and flick up.

Nothing else stands out about this video, but I *really* like this idea for the keyboard. Instead of always needing to look up above the keyboard, away from the keys I'm typing on, I can simply type as normal and the word I want will appear directly above the next key I am already naturally motioning toward. I think it's intuitive and far easier than any of the other word prediction setups I've seen.

As for everything else, it doesn't look bad but certainly not impressive. I'm curious to see where they go with BB10, but I agree with a previous comment that compared them to Palm. My interest comes from wanting to see what single innovative features (like the keyboard) they come up with, not from any thought that I might be tempted to switch to their platform.

Looks seriously solid. But just like WebOS, I feel the potential will go to waste. At least it'll be put into the market for other players to see it that can make it work.

switched from Blackberry to a Gnex. If this pans out, will probably go back to Blackberry. Just can't get Android to work the way I want it.

What are you having trouble with? I suppose the comments to this article isn't the appropriate place, but I'm sure there are tons of people in the forums (here or elsewhere) who can help you out.

Android certainly isn't perfect, but there are very few needs that can't be met if you get the right up or make the right modification.

I sort of felt the same until I unlocked/rooted and installed a custom ROM (AOKP) and now I'm blown away by the GNex. It does everything that my Blcakberry did and better, except for the lack of BBM and the great messaging integration that Blackberry is known for. And speaking of ultimate integration, the other little thing that I miss, the ability to setup all of my various messaging/social notifications and sound profiles in one place, again a compliment to the way that the BBOS is completely integrated. Ya, I could probably download some app to do that on Android, but using 3rd party solutions is never as good as true OS integration.

That wasn't too bad. I love the word prediction. The final hardware better not look like that though. Either way, I doubt it will make them major players again, but it just might keep them alive. I kind of liked it. Hopefully they will get the devs to throw them a bone too.

Anyway, I'm pretty much an Android person for life, just not so much a fanboy as to say the others don't have their advantages.

I'm with you. I don't see myself leaving Android any time soon, especially so long as I keep using mostly Google products and I don't see that changing either. That said, the others all have their advantages and I'm happy to acknowledge that, because I think the competition makes them each better for the user.

This keyboard is a great example: RIM is struggling and the result is what looks to me like the first word prediction system I'd actually use. Unfortunately, I think RIM is beyond recoverable so this move toward actual creativity won't last for long. Nonetheless, they're contributing at least one new idea to the marketplace for the time being and I'm glad for that.

Another beautiful thing about Android is that our devs will kang any new idea from other OSes and OEMs. We'll have that keyboard.

Probably we won't have that keyboard.

The nice thing about Android is the million eyeballs that it brings to bear on any software.

Look, the keyboard is a kludge, a slow, move your thumbs out of the way so you can find the word suggestions kludge. And at best its predicting words one letter ahead, instead of predicting entire words ahead based on sentence structures.

It looks nice, but I can't see any dev bothering to rip that off when there are so many better technologies out there.

On the other hand I could be totally wrong, because some folks are easily impressed by bright shiny objects.

Seriously? I would kill for a predictive keyboard like that. Combine the solid auto-correction of the Android keyboard with an intuitive predictive word placement and selection method like that and you have a real winner. As I stated earlier, I love the Android keyboard, but selecting the predicted words is a bit cumbersome because I have to look away from what I'm typing and reach too far from the keyboard. This solution rocks and I really hope someone makes this for Android.

Welcome to Rim's last attempt to save its dying market share. Samsung should buy them and make a business line of Android devices with Blackberry services (renamed of course) and then they can counteract Apple's onslaught of the enterprise.

While I think purchasing Motorola was a decent* decision at the time, I kind of wish Google hadn't done that so that they could come in and purchase RIM now instead.

Of the remaining options, I'd rather see HTC purchase RIM than Samsung. I'm not a fan of Samsung phones, though I admit I've only ever tried them in the store or when they're owned by a friend. That said, Samsung is certainly more likely to make the purchase. So long as it's not Nokia or something.

*Let's see where things are in a few years before we call it good

It's a step in the right direction for RIM but there is nothing like the Android Developer community period! With Cyanogenmod, AOKP and other custom ROMs floating around, RIM simply can't compare to that level of customization. It will always be a stone-walled OS only good for business users. That alone will keep me with Android.

I don't see it happening, but imagine if RIM could find the balance between Android's open nature and the walled garden approach. Of course, Google is already slowly shifting to find that balance themselves.

What's shown here is, in fact, a step in the right direction, but it's certainly not enough. The only thing that stands out is the keyboard, and no one is going to switch platforms due to a keyboard. If an excellent keyboard mattered so much, people would never have left the physical keyboards of RIM and Palm in the first place. Now, there's the added issue of leaving an entire ecosystem behind.

We are comparing having the choice to do whatever we want with our phones to be handcuffed by an OS, which is what I see BB10 will end up being. Android is already solid out of the box. It's having the choices to do what we want that makes it that much better. I was a BlackBerry user until this past January. After 4 months with a Galaxy Nexus, I don't see myself going back to RIM no matter how good their new OS is.

To be honest I can see myself jumping ship but it has to start with a free device and a premium service for cheap. Not just to BB but basically to any other (iOS, WM).

Damn, and I though the iphone had too much bezel lol.

I agree with the WEB OS references, in that BB may have going in the right direction with software but will most likely continue to flounder. You will always have the die hard BB loyalists, but ultimately I think Android, iOS, and WP7 will rule the roost going forward and BB will be an afterthought.

I will never consider a BlackBerry so long as you need to go through BlackBerry to get your email. I want to be able to use IMAP and EAS directly, not routed through a third party. I realize this is important to many businesses because of the control it offers, but I loathe it personally.

This is about 2 years too late for me. There are some things I miss about BB (I still like BBM better than texting), but I don't see them bridging the gap of several years of app development that they lost out on because many developers decided it was not worth the effort for iOS or Android ports. Even if they got back to being a superior platform to Android I don't think I would go back because I am not willing to pay for BIS.

Verizon needs more global-ready (GSM + CDMA) HTC Android devices in their release cycle. Without that, Verizon gives me a reason to consider a BlackBerry again.

This is not the final device...it is a prototype for developers to test their apps for the actual upcoming BB10 device later this year. If the final BB10 device is even half-way decent...I'm switching...you cannot beat the experience of a BB device and PlayBook.

I beg to differ. I have both the 9810/Playbook 64gb and GNote/GTab 8.9. Guess which combo get more use? Everything that's in that video above I can do with my GNote except that keyboard, though as I said below Swiftkey 3 aint chopped liver - we've had WiDi since the GII I believe. If you like the BB combo try Samsung AllShare which does what you saw in the video NOW. RIM still hasn't been able to address the complaints folks have with the Playbook such as the Apps people want when they use a Tab.

Well those autotext swipes looks really nice thou it won't be enough to make me jump the ship

If the future is represented in this video then I'll go back to BB. No matter what anyone say RIM puts phone before anything else and phone comes first then apps.

That's the problem, though. In this day and age, apps need to be a core consideration. Not saying they shouldn't focus on creating a great phone with a great out-of-the-box OS, but if it doesn't allow for great apps too then it's dead in the water. This is what WebOS struggled with, it's what Windows Phone is struggling with, and it's what BB10 will struggle with (assuming it even ends up as a solid out-of-the-box OS).

Apps are simply a poor excuse for not having a good mobile browser (unless apps means GAMES, then again who cares unless your "smart" phone is simply for gaming). Sorry, apps are so overrated. I would rather go to my banks website where I can do more and get more information. Same with other things, and integration and smooth operation is also important. Oh, and one last thing it is a "phone" and many "phones" forget that. Is this going to replace Android or iOS, nope, but for millions it will continue to be their phone of choice. That is good, we need competition or else no one will innovate. I hope RIM, Android, iOS, and WP succeed, so that we continue to get better devices.

A website can't tap into your phone's notification system. A website can't do background processes for you. A website can't fully interact with all of your phones core features and APIs.

When you want to share a photo from your gallery on your phone, apps can tap into that, website's can't.

The BEST mobile browser in the world can't replace what apps do. The resources aren't available for web developers.

What you mean is that they do ZERO phone design innovation and put out the same lame phones forever and yeah...they work. So did my Nokia brick phone. It sucked too.

Phone first lol. Remember when Apple had the iPhone and BB had the Storm. Yeah...phone first.

Apple is phone first.

BTW, I'm not an Apple fan just to be clear. There hardware and software is solid though from a stability standpoint though.

The Storm with its issues was still a better phone/messaging device than the iPhone,the key being a physical send/end/back/keys. On all BB phones the phone is instantly accessed any time you need it unlike Android or iOS.

Phones first?
Say what?

Do you see any problems with any one else's implementation of basic Phone functionality?

We all take phone functionality for granted, because it just works. The only time it gets any attention is when it massively fails like early iPhone 3G radios bringing AT&T to its knees followed by Antennagate.

Even in the reviews, any mention of phone functionality is an afterthought, because it all works.

Its a total non-issue, and kind of sad when all you can point out is that BB makes phone calls, and sadder still that you find that a reason for going back there.

Please. We all know its about content. The only thing that kept Android from being another Geek Gadget was its massive app support. Now your mothers probably have Android phones. This won't cut it. Sure its absolutely a right step but.........GOOOOOOOODDD LORD how long did it take them to make a decent touch screen phone??? BB=Noobs who sat on their wallets raking in the business dough from their enterprise server and didn't innovate. Now they should be bought, thrown in the trash have have their Enterprise server tech ported over for Android and iOS.

So the only thing Blackberry every did a REALLY good job with was physical keyboards, and now they are eliminting them all together. I understand wanting a big touchscreen, but I'd assume they'd keep a sliding keyboard or something.

That being said, the prediction setup on that softkeyboard looks slick. I like it.

I think this transition makes sense. They've gone from doing a really good job with physical keyboards to doing a really good job with a touch keyboard. They clearly understand text input. I hope for their sake they have a nice, vague, BS software patent on that keyboard though, because I look forward to the idea being implemented on Android!

Who said they were eliminating keyboards ? They are not but they are also embracing the slab form factor which is extremely popular. If you have ever used the new Bold you would know that it is the pinnacle of keyboards on a PHONE.

For everyone trashing the phone, that is not final hardware. It is meant to show the OS, not the hardware. Devs just got a dev phone today, but it has been made very clear that it is not final hardware.

I for one am looking forward to what BB has come up with. Looking forward to Crackberry's review of the OS and the keynote address from the CEO this morning. Just hope devs get on board...

Lol, yall are ripping this. Seriously, it doesn't look that bad. Maybe if it was 2009, it would be considered innovative, know it's like when Sony tried to revamp the Walkman after the ipod came out. Too little too late...

And that's the issue here...too little too late. Yes, it looks nice and it may even be a contender...but they should have had this 3 years ago! I moved to Android after being with Blackberry for almost 7 years and I haven't looked back.

My first smartphone was the old BB7520 and I had every major release up to the 9810. I added a GNote to get Skype and MLB games and a few other things that BB can't do. Now the SIMs have been switched and if they eventually put BBM on the Playbook natively I might leave all together. My GNote does everything you saw in that video without the monster bezel and Swiftkey 3 while no flicking is involved, feels likes it's attached to my brain it works so well. RIM needs to learn from Palm and Nokia/Windows Phone. People have made big investments in their phones/tabs now and it really takes something compelling to get the majority of people to move. Windows phone is having trouble getting traction and they have shown a nice UI and have features like Skype in their back pocket...

I think ill try it. I mean I don't see myself jumping ship because I love android but it looks like they are finally moving back into the right direction. I know all us android blog frequenters would say so but I hope it isn't too late for BB. Competition is good and just look at how many people are interested in that keyboard, that's a unique idea that they contributed there.

Interesting to hear so many people complaining about the bezel. I think the thing to remember about it is that the OS actually makes use of it with gestures, just like the PlayBook. I think it'll be awhile before we have real edge-to-edge displays, and RIM is being smart by actually doing something with it rather than just leaving it as dead space. 

I honestly think Microsoft should gobble them up and integrate BES with their server OS, Office 365, phones, etc. It'd do the Windows Phone 7 platform a lot of good.

I hope this does well but at the same time I hope it fails and goes open source I want that keyboard

I generally stand by the philosophy of remaining logical and neutral on these types of observations. Bearing that in mind, the only response I feel capable of to this video is; is that it? Really? That's what your bringing to the table to compete? Blackberry has SO many people rooting for it because they want it to be successful, I being one of those people. Come on RIM! PLEASE tell me that you have something else up your sleeve. #Remaininghopefullforarimaceinthehole

Looks good, I think they are heading in the right direction. Love that keyboard. The Mobile phone business needs Blackberry, competition leads to innovation. I hope Blackberry comes back stronger then ever. My first smartphone was Blackberry, any intelligent smart phone owner would give Blackberry a 2nd look if their new product proves to be worth while. I am looking forward to seeing the new Blackberry.

Competition is not only the basis of protection to the consumer, but is the incentive to progress.

Herbert Hoover

While BB may not be a contender quite yet with the introduction of the BB One O, it does bring a bit of competition which is never a bad thing.

Looks like Android are trying to get rid of the Three Dot Menu button that pops up on ICS and RIM are using it in BBX.

The OS looks slick. I'm looking forward to porting some Qt programs and switching from a SGS if they deliver.

I couldn't switch to iOS with my personal info given wholesale data theft they don't care about. Windows Phone hasn't had any traction with users years on and could be abandoned.

I look forward to any contributions and driving the mobile competition forward. Why would I as a developer and user be scared?

Poor Blackberry. This device looks like something that came out with the first generation touch devices. And their other new phones look like something that came out 5 years ago.

This should be the nail in the coffin for them. Poor blackberry.

While the video looks ok, anyone can show a few screens of someone doing things that involve the nicest parts of an operating system with simple music behind it, Rip off apple commercials much? lol. WP7 looks amazing with this simple ad as does any smartphone pretty much.

I myself had a blackberry for a year and absolutely hated it, the only thing blackberry lovers I knew ever talked about was email and their precious physical keyboard (which I couldn't stand) Theirs really nothing new to see here it's just a version 1 knockoff of an android or iphone with a couple twists, they never even showed the homescreen lol.
It may be competition, but I don't think it'll be useful competition, RIM has shown over and over they aren't good at innovating, I just don't have any hope for this product.

With a dwindling user base,abandoning the only feature that some users seemed to love and a version 1.0 knockoff of your competitors just throw in the towel already.

While it may keep existing BB users from jumping ship to Android/iOS/WP7 it certainly won't get any of those to go to it. ICS has pretty much put the nail in the coffin of a lot of Android skeptics. It is probably the most usable, intuitive, flexible and customizable mobile OS out there. WP7 and iOS while both being nice mobile OS'es don't have the hardware or options that Android has. RIM on the other hand... sorry. You're late to the party and if MS is having a hard time making any ground with WP7 on Nokia hardware by even giving the Lumia series away for free in most cases BB10 doesn't stand a chance.

Looks like an iPhone 4(s).

Not a bad thing, since the iPhone 4(s) is good looking phone, just nothing inspirational behind the (reference) design.

Typing looks pretty cool, and intuitive, other than that... well, it's a BB, lol. Meh.

The body looks like a bigger iPhone 4....Strike 1. Parts of the OS remind me of Windows Phone.....Strike 2. Will it be out anytime soon? If not, then Strike 3.

When a BlackBerry post on an Android site has 90 plus comments, you know the fan boys and girls are trolling all day long.

Relax people, it's just a phone. It doesn't add inches to your dick.

ROFL... slowest typing ever on this commercial. The guy types like it's the end of the world and he's all beat up and tired.... I was watching and kinda saying to myself "holy crap, for what he's trying to type, it's not much... what's he waiting for?"

But one thing it has over the iphone --> a notification light?! boom. (I'm used to it with my old Nexus One and now my GNEX...)

I love how long it took them to type that short sentence. Those suggestions seem to slow you down more than help.

So I started out in the smartphone game with a blackberry perl with big red... i moved from that to the blackberry storm within months of release. I was constantly hoping for new games and apps to play with, but alas, never got them. I was the butt of everyones jokes because all of my friends had iPhones and soon, Android.

Blackberry to this day is struggling in the app market, but no one can deny their hardware is amazing. If they could get Google play (which is no longer Android specific imo), I would think about it... THINK ABOUT IT, because I love my HTC One X to much right now!!

Can't wait for this. Don't care what all the Android fanboys say about it I know you guys love Android but anyone with an open mind will enjoy it if BB10 is successful

One of the reasons why I left BB because that little green robot offered me more in a smartphone. The OS functionality was mind blowing then & still is even today. In short, not jumping ship.Don't get me wrong, BB10 it looks promising, will give BB users plenty to smile & feel good about but again it's not for me. RIM...still late to the game but nice effort anyway.