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Update to Jelly Bean for the Android Runtime is still on track and scheduled to land in June

Back in February at BlackBerry Jam Europe we first heard talk of BlackBerry updating their Android Runtime environment from 2.3.3 Gingerbread, to 4.1 Jelly Bean. All has been quiet on that front since then, but today during the BlackBerry Jam keynote at BlackBerry Live, developers were presented with an updated roadmap that confirms the update is still planned, and is running on schedule. Only, it won't be Android 4.1 anymore that the Runtime will be based around, BlackBerry is going straight to 4.2.2. 

Until Google introduces a new version of Android -- quite possibly tomorrow during the Google I/O Keynote -- 4.2.2 is the latest build, and BlackBerry should be commended for that. With the update due to hit in June, there's a strong possibility that BlackBerry 10 devices will have access to 4.2.2 before a number of Android devices. OK, so it's not exactly the same, but impressive nevertheless. 

Android developers looking to move their apps to BlackBerry by way of re-packaging will benefit hugely from this. Apps designed around Gingerbread feel horribly outdated by current standards, and updating the Runtime to 4.2.2 will open the door to many more developers, with many more apps, and ultimately the BlackBerry 10 users should see a much improved experience. For more from BlackBerry Live, be sure to head over to CrackBerry for all the coverage you can handle. 

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BlackBerry 10 Android Runtime on track to support Android 4.2.2


Blackberry needs to get native apps. This wouldn't make me switch. If l'm gonna use Android apps I'd rather use an Android device.

If you want a Cadillac, buy a Cadillac. Don't buy a Chevy and try to turn it into a Cadillac.

That's not a proper comparison. It's more like a hybrid car that runs on gas and electricity. It runs on one better than the other but you still have that option.

Any word on this new runtime supporting Android Native Code (JNI)?

Have not seen mention of that in quite some time. My guess is that it will not.

This is useful for a number of common 3rd party libraries covering graphics, databases, etc.

Can't Blackberry just run Android, and keep their own store like Amazon does with kindle?
Honestly the only thing that Blackberry has brought to the table is their silly keyboard, and messaging services and how "secure" they are. Now they're even announcing Blackberry Messenger for android. Blackberry needs to cut the BS, be more efficient for developers and simply make an Android Phone with their own app store and their own apps.

I think they've made it real easy for devs to build for their platform by making an OS that can work with: Adobe Air, HTML5 Web Works, Android Run Time, and C/C++ "Cascades". That's versatility that you don't necessarily find on other platforms.

BlackBerry has cut the BS. They have improved dev support enormously. The latest phones run some Android apps in an emulator. Some run incredibly well some don't run at all. Best of both worlds.

Android isn't the be all end all. I like BB10 and their new phone, too bad nothing on the market can match the value of the nexus devices otherwise I probably wouldnt be on android. I like what blackberry has done with bb10 and i'm still impressed with what apple puts out. These types of competition is needed.