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Reader comments

Bionic early upgrade, Thunderbolt just a Verizon EVO and what does rooted even mean? [from the forums]


How in the heck is that bionic thread in any way news worthy? It is just some whiney kid asking a question which everyone knows is stupid. You falsely advertised that thread and you know it Chris. I guess on a slow news day you just need to make up your own news, eh? Great journalism.

It was a busy thread.. with a lot of responses and open discussion. I never claimed it was "hey, check this thread on how to get an early upgrade". I simply posted the thread title and linked it and clearly some folks took interest in discussing whatever was going on in the thread anyway as it was..and still is a very active thread. Sorry if ya feel I mislead you but to me that reads like you mislead yourself as well. And really, if it was news like VZW handing out early upgrades for the Bionic surely you'd see that deserving a post on its not stuck in a "From the forums post"

Pretty sad indeed... I thought there would be Verizon news about something special they would be doing with the Bionic (my next VZW phone, BTW). Lame lame lame!

All he did was point to some threads in the forum. If you're that upset about it, don't read or comment.

I have to agree that the Bionic thread wasted my time, and left me annoyed that it was presented in such a manner as to suggest that there was worthwhile information in there.

Please don't do that.

Given the iPhone's imminent launch and the fact all Android phones are being held back do you honestly need a thread in the forums to tell you Verizon is NOT going to offer an early upgrade for Android. If anything I could see them doing it for the iPhone, but even that is so unlikely.

calm down, all these forum posts are just to stir up thoughts and conjoin ideas. isnt that what a forum is all about?