BIG Launcher updated with slew of new customization options

BIG Launcher has just updated their replacement Android launcher built for the visually impaired. As the name suggests, BIG Launcher provides a bare-bones, high-contrast interface with gigantic icons. Size can be changed, and individual icons can be read out loud through text-to-voice wizardry. Here's the 2.0 changelog for BIG Launcher.

  • sms editor
  • sms forwarding
  • unlimited screens
  • background image on screens
  • buttons can have any icon
  • buttons can link to contact detail
  • big battery and signal icons
  • search in applications list
  • new upgrade dialog with changelog
  • ability to set external dialer application
  • ability to delete call log enteries (optional)
  • battery, signal content description on home header for talkback
  • localized buttons in preferences dialogs
  • safe borders
  • favorite contacts moved to second position in phone menu
  • sent sos sms saved to database

You can check out our review of BIG Launcher, or download version 2.0 at the link below. Anyone having a hard time convincing grandma to try out an Android device? Think something like this would help?

Download: BIG Launcher ($1.49)

There are 8 comments

mud314 says:

Simon, I have a friend that is visually impaired, can still see but with difficulty, do you know if by chance this app will enlarge the text on apps like Facebook? Thanks for the 411 on this app. I've already sent this info to two friends that have vision problems.

HAAS599 says:

Big Launcher is an app I don't need but love it and am soo glad it exists.

I doubt it will alter apps though. You may have to look into a facebook client app that allows you to enlarge the text.

_X_ says:

Did you watch the video? Jump to 1:21 they claim to change font size and their biggest is pretty big.

Jonneh says:

Did you read his comment? Jump to the first letter of his first word and read through, he's asking specifically about altering the font size in 3rd party apps such as Facebook. :-)

_X_ says:

I take it you didn't watch the video either :)

_X_ says:

Did these guys really make a marketing video using TTS?

The app looks kind of net it would be nice if they default screen had a notification count like (unread email, SMS, etc..)

marisdaman says:

Kinda ugly to me.

Touchpaddle says:

You want BIG?

Try running this on a 10-inch tablet!

It was so big that I can put my tablet at the other end of the table! :) (but way too far to reach)