One of the front runners in podcast apps, BeyondPod, received a notable update in the Play Store today. The bulk of the changelog is focused on improvements in UI and usability, which is always welcome. The general player and playlist UI has received a bit of polish, with better use of gradients and shadowing to properly highlight unplayed shows. Additionally, the player notification -- provided you're on Android 4.0 and above -- has received a facelift, offering better playback controls. Under the hood improvements in streaming, downloading and bug fixes are also included.

While BeyondPod is powerful, it sometimes runs into a predicament, walking the line between offering a lot of functionality and being overwhelming with too many options. This update works to help with that problem, making some of the UI elements more intuitive.

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BeyondPod updated with Jelly Bean fixes and UI improvements


I know SEO is a big deal and all, but don't you think you guys could occasionally link to the app you have hyperlinked instead of a tag on your own site? Outbound links help SEO too.

Now that's the kind of awesome stuff that totally justifies the soft keys and I'll no doubt lord over GS3 users in the coming months. :D

The app is linked via the Play button.

Love BeyondPod - use it every day all the time. I actually wasn't a huge fan of their most recent UI changes - more closely followed the Google design guidelines, but we lost a few features in the process (such as slide up the play list "widget" on the main player screen). Sometimes I get sick of stretching up to hit tabs and menus up at the top of my phone. Interested to see what was done.

* I see via the changelog they may have gone back to this and also being able to always rearrange playlist items without the need to switch "modes". Wow these are the two things I missed the most. GG BP!

Sometimes it's the little things that make life better.

I'm really enjoying the new setting, 'Replay on Resume' in the Player Settings. If you pause or leave the Player, when you return you can automatically have it rewind either 5/15/30 seconds. Refreshed your memory about what you were last listening to.

I like all the options in Beyond pod but had trouble with too many ways to accidentally clear the playlist. I think I finally have all the right settings. In briefly playing with the update it definitely feels more polished and behaves more as expected.

I have been using BeyondPod for over a year, excellent product. It has many features and took a while to get a handle on most of them, but worth it! Great App!

My favorite new feature is that it now recognizes the BeyondPod folder being on the external SD card on the S3. No more podcasts eating up internal storage!