'Imagine a world where you could type on a phone without it sucking'

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That pretty much describes what it's like to use SwiftKey. Join Cali and Phil as they spend a few minutes with Joe from SwiftKey, and they discuss SwiftKey's inception and where it's headed. From SwiftKey cloud, which keeps your personal prediction dictionary backed up and synced between devices, to SwiftKey Healthcare, where the engine has been tweaked to better understand those medical terms — and their context — that would confuse an engine built for the layman.

Being able to replace a vital system app like the keyboard is one of the things that makes Android great, and we love to see the innovation in this space — and talk to the innovators.


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A better Android keyboard from SwiftKey #CESlive


Recently SwiftKey has become a lot worse for me, I'm not sure if it's a setting i've changed or what, but the problem is that a lot of the time it's typing really random place names that I've never heard of. It's as though the location dictionary in SwiftKey has been improved, but the problem is that a significant amount of my words are now coming out as place names.

Mine has become worse too. Sometimes when it tries to figure out what I'm saying, it uses a fictional word that it immediately indicates is spelled wrong. Well, I didn't spell it that way, SwiftKey, so back off.

I can't tell if it's my screen's sensor struggling or if it's SwiftKey.

Try Swype. It gets very little love here at AC (no idea why) but it's a great alternative to swiftkey, and imo much better. The shortcuts and gestures are indispensable for me, and I haven't looked back since I switched from Swiftkey.

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I would love it if Swiftkey would offer BETTER support for note devices, like having an option for the keyboard to automatically revert back to Samsung's pen input keyboard when the stylus is removed, or simply coding their own pen input option for any device with a stylus. Given the popularity of Note devices now (They are no longer a niche product) I believe its a valid request. It would be so awesome if they would do this...

NOTE: Before anyone points it out, I'm fully aware that the Samsung keyboard has Swiftkey's prediction engine built in. Except, that it BLOWS compared to swifkey's actual keyboard. Swiftkey's keyboard is more accurate and more user friendly AND better looking that Samsung's stock keyboard. Its just missing a key feature that would make it perfect... at least for me.

+1. SwiftKey should buy or license the MyScript Stylus keyboard which works even with standard capacitive styli. In the short term, I'd like to see the ability to long press on the spacebar to switch keyboards (a la Android keyboard and MyScript Stylus) .

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As a med student I would love to get my hands (thumbs?) on SwiftKey healthcare. Would make texting peers easier.

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This! It sucks spelling out medical words cause they're not in the dictionary. I looked for a way to get my hands on the health care version, but no dice.

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Cali was useless & NO she didn't play the Devils advocate instead diluted the great talk it would have been.Phil,can you pls not have her next time.Thanks

I've been using SwiftKey for a number of years, however I'm thinking about changing up. Email, or pretty much any "app" works fine, but if you are typing in a browser and it is a heavy webpage, the thing seems to freak out. By that I mean, adding a word twice, or adding a letter twice, randomly jumping to other areas in the text field, etc.

Anyone else see this before?


Any time I use it, it takes about 1 - 1.5 seconds before the keyboard pops up when a text field gets highlighted. I tried all of my other keyboards, and they all popped up instantly. It's kind of annoying having to wait every time I want to type something. They need to fix up the current version before adding new features or themes.

Consider using TouchPal keyboard. I had been using swiftkey exclusively, but recent updates have just about rendered it useless. Found TouchPal out if frustration and haven't looked back. Play with the features like the cut, copy and paste.

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+1 for TouchPal. I love the wave feature, so much more efficient, smooth, and lag free.

Also, being able to swipe instead of long press for numbers, etc. is great. Long press is then available for less used characters (accents). I love the TouchPal keyboard.

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I've been using SwiftKey since it's first beta and I've never looked back. Whenever I have to use any other keyboard on someone else's device, it's like going back to the dark ages. It great to see it constantly improving and innovating.

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Ye 's its awesome. Would like to see it get some app of the week love.

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I can't quite figure out why they're so enamoured with swiftkey here. I mean it's good but you'd think it's the be-all-and-end-all from the way they rave about it.

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Originally I replaced Swype with swiftkey, then when Swype beta came out I replaced swiftkey with Swype and have been using it ever since. I still try swiftkey every so often but I always go back to Swype because it still seems much more accurate than swiftkey.

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Swype Beta --> SwiftKey --> Official Swype --> SwiftKey Flow --> TouchPalX. I haven't looked back since I started using TouchPalX :D


TouchPalX is great! ALL of the features of SwiftKey + if you swipe up from top row it gives numbers + you're not restricted to only having 3 languages + great Chinese support + it's prediction seems BETTER than SwiftKey, at least in my useage = a happy me!

Swiftkey's gotten worse for me. Used to like it but prediction's not as precise as before.

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I've abandoned Swiftkey. Predictions are excellent, but there's more to typing than just that.

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SwiftKey isn't that good on the Nexus 5.. Alot of times when I tap on a predicted word it gives me a completely different word instead.. Then I have to delete it and retype the correct word I wanted to use in the first place. It's annoying.

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I have been using swiftkey on my last phone and my current phone. It's the best of the best.

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I got SwiftKey for free from the Amazon marketplace under "free app of the day"
it's awesome. I use it on my galaxy note 2, with neon theme, it has one handed operation which is adjustable. Plus the engine for English and Hindi is amazing

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I have used SwiftKey since its release, I love it so much. I do notice the lag in the browser, but I'm a patient person.

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Inaccurate news post. SwiftKey seems to be worse to me than ever before. I've just been using Google's keyboard on my S4.

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