It really needs no introduction.

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jldandrea says:

fools, it back fired... now i'm just going to stare at the girl and never click the video to start!

Lol haha I was thinking the same thing lol.

Incitatus says:

Love the thumbnail, but have to agree with jldandrea. :)

icemanhcj says:

How about a contest to put a Lloyd pin on her

CeluGeek says:

I just watched the first half of the video and then paused when the "better thumbnail" image came up... That way I didn't have that PLAY button in the middle of the picture. ;)

Viper41086 says:

If you are looking at the middle of the picture you are looking at the wrong thing anyways. ;)

joebob2000 says:

LOLLOLLOL. You learned from the Olympics, put the hottest girl on the promo material and watch your viewership "rise".

DrDoppio says:

...rise, especially the one-eyed reptile part of the viewership ;)

Ichwardort says:

LOL nice eyecatcher. Unfortunately there's no international shipping!!

Trailhead says:

The link to buy the shirt is broken.

mpmtkd says:

This video is about a t shirt? I thought it was about the girl.... lol

CeluGeek says:

I have to say, your video promo worked. I just ordered my Lloyd T-shirt.

caseyatbt says:

You had me at "damn"

What's my cut? ;)

icebike says:

Hey it worked for Ashley.
Lets try it for shirts.

Touchpaddle says:

I think I speak for the majority of Android Central (and Mobile Nations) members.....
Put Ashley Esqueda on the T-Shirt and you'll have no problem selling 10,000 T-Shirts
in a week. At $20 each T-Shirt, that's nearly $40,000 profit!

HAAS599 says:

Am I the only one that thinks this video is stupid?

The shirt is kinda cool but this whole video is just dumb and not in a way that's funny to me.

tohio says:

Apparently you are.

priority9 says:

Will the T-shirt and pin be available to those of us North of the border?

stogie5150 says:

What, no sizes for all we fatasses? That sucks. LOL
Get some 2x/3x dammit!

hodan says:

Here here!!!!!! Fat people like android too!

beez1717 says:

I would hope that they also have this in women's styles as well...

Rfp5980 says:

Looks like some of these guys need a girlfriend

tohio says:

Hey, isn't anyone going to be disgusted and threaten to leave AC forever? This thread is no fun. I know the thumbnail disgusted me, all 30 times I came back to look at it.

Touchpaddle says:


.....enough said! :D

jpprice says:

So...where is the t-shirt in this video?

rweeks says:

There's a play button?

Cap_172R says:

lol...nice strategy.

j.wolfe77 says:

That sucks!!! I need XXL. This world is not made for the bigger man. I was going to buy it too.