Best Buy Insignia Flex

Will buyers bite at a Best Buy tablet? At between $239 and $259, it could be a sweet purchase for a mid-range device, if the latest reports from Reuters are to be believed. The news agency sites "a source familiar with the matter" in a report published today.

According to details revealed on the Insignia Products Facebook page earlier this week, the retailer’s Insignia Flex Android tablet will be on the shelves on November 11. Specs include a 9.7-inch, dual-core 1GHz slate running Android 4.0 with ten hours of battery life.

The Insignia branding is Best Buy’s house brand, aimed at competing in the discount electronics range.

Source: Reuters, Insignia Products


Reader comments

Best Buy's Insignia Flex reportedly priced under $259


exactly, i would say about 95% of the android tablets out there are junk. effectively giving android a bad name.

I can't think of a single reason why someone would choose this over a Nexus 7. Yes it has a larger screen, but I'm sure it will be a low quality one.

Well, considering the general public doesn't care about processors, or Google Experience devices.. they do care about bigger screens and SD cards though.. I dunno, call me crazy.

Isn't Insignia just re-branded outdated Samsung parts? I got an Insignia TV for my bedroom, performs just as well as my Samsung in the living room.. A tablet on the other hand.. I am not sure about.

"Actually after further research they use Samsung, Sony, and LG parts. So really you are getting a 'Frankenstein' device."
Consider yourself lucky if you actually get outdated name brand parts in your Insignia. They also use non-branded parts directly from China.

Guy earlier is right, another craplet. To me, all this cheap crappy Android tablets give Android a cheap name. Like everyone is saying, why this over a 32GB Nexus 7? The Nexus 7 and possibly a bigger one, should be the only ones on the market.

The pricing is bad, but just because it's not stamped with a major manufacturer's name on it, don't assume it's crap.

Insignia "brand" stuff is middle of the pack at worst in my experience.

How will it be able to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Nexus 7, the new iPad, and now the iPad mini? The market is too competitive now. It is too late.

I have owned alot of Insignia stuff and while its not top end, (Usually) for its price they do great. I do feel that even with a bigger screen, it should be no more expensive than $200. otherwise I would still rather have a Nexus 7

As an authorized television servicer I recommend staying away from Insignia products. Best Buy's brand is simply an assembly of cheap (price and quality) parts, with minimal features and I suspect their tablets will be the same. When they can't even supply parts for repairs under warranty, you know they're crap. If you do make the mistake of purchasing an Insignia, at least get the extended warranty, as it has a replacement clause. Just my .02 cents worth.