Best Buy offering LG G3 for $99.99 on-contract

Best Buy is offering the LG G3 for $99 on-contract on Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon. The normal on-contract price for the G3 is $199.99. You can purchase now for Sprint and AT&T, while the Verizon G3 is available for pre-order.

Best Buy's deal offers the device in both its Metallic Black and Silk White colors on all three carriers. The LG G3 launched today on AT&T, as well as on Sprint. The LG G3 is scheduled to come to Verizon on July 17.

Be sure to read the Android Central review of the LG G3 and then tell us: will you be getting an LG G3 through Best Buy? Sound off in the comments below.

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Best Buy offering LG G3 for $99.99 on-contract


No. That is a rip off. It is $25 per month baked into your contract every time you get a phone like this. That means after 2 years you will pay $600 for that phone. On top of that, you are going to drop $99 making the phone $700 after a 2 year contract!??!?! What about that is a good price? The phone is $579 off contract. If you do the new payment plans, they remove the $25 a month contract and replace it with a $24 a month 18 month plan or a $29 a month 12. The 12 month plan is an 18 month term, which makes the phone $524. Why would you pay $700 for a $579 phone when you can do one of the newer payment plans and get it cheaper? Contracts are a huge rip off. Making you pay $99 is royally screwing you.

VZW has it for the same price, plus don't you get the android wear watch for free as reported 2 days ago?

Also, for those he registered a few months back eligible lines, do you still get the $50 off making this phone $49 net?

yes you do, i tried to buy it online and got the message saying i get a 50 dollars gift cad, so im going to the best buy store to buy it

Walked into Best Buy in PA and they didn't even know it was available. Limited stock. Got the only Sprint version they had. Happy!!!

Yep, Easy Pay and Framily plan. If anyone is moving to print let me know and I will give you our plan # so you can get discounted lines.

Sweet. Have you tried the IR remote feature? TV and cable box were easy but learning from the Blu Ray remote took a bit longer for me.

Pre ordered my G3 from Verizon last night on line. Gonna be interesting to see if it fills the shoes of my G2 that I absolutely love.

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Better Than samsung? Lol. LG is like Samsung little brother. They want to be like samsung.

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Wow...was going to AT&T to get it, but I think I'll save the $100 and go to BB instead. Sweet. Verizon contract ends today, so good timing!

Contract... Contract... Oh yeah I remember those!

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I'm witcha. My cell bill will be a bit larger for a while with the phone payments but once I pay it off, my monthly drops way down (wife got a new phone too so our bill will be +$60 from the payments). I figure we'll go about six months with installments then just pay off the balances.

The $50 gift card cannot be used towards the g3. The $100 is an instant savings and cannot be combined with any other promotion. But at $99 it's a great price nonetheless.

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AT&T has the deal where you get the G Watch for 50% off when you buy the G3 for $199.99 + Contract, or $24-$30/month on the NEXT program. So the G Watch will only be $115.
Tough choices.
Trying to decide if I want to switch from my Note 3, touchwiz is driving me nutes, even when running Nova Launcher or Aviate.

Funny the only reason I didn't get a Note 3 today is because two people in my office have it and I though, aw hell what the heck, I'll be the odd one out :)

BB $50 gift card offer excludes the LG G3, even though it is offered under OFFERS of the phone page. Otherwise still a good price for a newly launched phone.

Any way to keep unlimited on verizon and get this phone for under 200 ? My wife and I just finished our contracts.

Picked mine up from AT&T today. Next payment plan though. I like the interest free, no prepayment penalty option. At $580 it comes in well under the GS5 and iPhone 5s' $649. Doing my Helium/Carbon restore now. It does get hot because of the gorgeous screen but i have not tweaked many of the settings. Overall, I'm not blown away coming from the Optimus G but I definitely like the phone. The screen is brighter at the same percentages as the LGOG and the knock on feature is really useful. I also changed to ART in the developer options and that sped things up. Probably going to turn off the animations too. The phone and UI are nice enough without them.

The Optimus G is a nice phone. It's just sad that LG, AT&T and Sprint have forsaken us when it comes to updates.
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Hold on to your AT&T Optimus G, it will be a great backup phone. My Sprint version doesn't have a sim slot and doesn't do GSM so it will end up being a mp3 player when I'm done with it.

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Oh it was ALWAYS the plan to keep the LG OG as an excellent back up. In fact, I have the app layout set up exactly the same on both phones.

I have to say, I am REALLY bummed about file management (or the lack of on Kit Kat). I have all these images saved to folders from my OG's SD card that I can't move, edit or delete. I've had to switch to having photos save to internal memory. Fortunately, I have more room internally than I do on my card right now.

I really want this phone, but it seems all the best buy in my area only have the 16gb/2gig ram variant. Must wait till they receive 32gb/3gig ram variant. So many phone calls for confirmation before sealing the deal.

This is a GREAT deal: I actually picked mine up today from Best Buy! They only had the black model, though.

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