Best Buy Hero ROM update

When we last left the saga of the HTC Hero ROM update, we were expecting it to come sometime this week. And the above leaked screen shot says that the update -- which we're hoping beyond hope is in fact Android 2.1 -- will "be in stores by this Friday, May 7." The note also says that the update will be available on HTC's website, will wipe the phone and could cause seizures in small pets. You've been warned. [XDA Developers] Thanks, Sporky!


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Best Buy is now expecting HTC Hero ROM update by May 7


fingers hurt from being crossed for this long cant hold much longer... but the EVO is on the way so do i really care. Maybe it will bring the eBay value up?

I was at best buy yesterday and they said they have it but no one knew how to load it. They had the papers in their book with all the warnings and instructions. It might be worth a try to go to another store and try

If you buy the EVO right at launch, you are a fool. EVERY sprint phone is release too early and EVERY one of them is worthless until it receives an update six months later.

It happened to me with the first HTC touch. Then the touch diamond, then the touch pro, then the palm pre, and now with my Samsung moment.

Once we get this 2.1 update our phones will be way better than the EVO will be at launch, but then six months after the EVO is launch then it will finally be better. Sprint always does this and the EVO will not be an exception.


AND THE FACT THAT IT NEEDS A COMPLETE WIPE TO INSTALL??? . . . I smell a disaster on the horizon

I also have a bad feeling about the update.. i think ill wait a lil while after they start doing this at best buy just incase they mess up doing the update maybe its best to wait till they actually know what they are doing before I bring my phone in..

I feel like a wicked step child. I'm on Cellular South.. and all this talk about updating the Sprint Hero.. without any talk of the cellular south Hero is making me sad. :( And to top it off.. I just switched from AT&T (the android killer) to CS because they paid for my switch and I got 2 Hero's for $100. And now I see on the CS website that they are going to be rolling out some better Android phones soon. Very soon.. and I think one will be a CS version of the Incredible maybe or the Droid. ... I feel like crying.

I'll believe it once I see it...

You know what's actually funny?
Let's say we do receive the update on Friday...

Two weeks later, our phones will be outdated with 2.2 on the way...

What gives. We'll see.

Come on u r kidding right was 1.6 that much better than 1.5 so I don't think 2.2 isn't going to b much better than 2.1 maybe some small differences that's all. EVO is running 2.1 and when 2.2 rolls out the hero will be able to get it as well either through an update r by rooting it no big deal. NOT THAT SERIOUS

"Wipe" is just as it sounds... It will delete everything on your phone (not on the SD card) and restore it to "factory" default so that a ROM can be loaded. You can back up apps using a backup program (My Backup, etc...)

Phone: HTC Hero (Sprint)- Rooted
ROM: DamageControl v2.08
Firmware: Android 2.1-update1

Edit: This is for the comment below regarding "Wipe" and backing up data.

Waiting for the Android 2.1 update for the Hero is kinda like seeing those furniture store going out of business signs all the time, and the store never seems to actually GO out of business!