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Want to feel even more awkward and self-conscious making calls on your Galaxy Note in public? Why not pick up the upcoming "berry pink" version of Samsung's 5.3-inch monster. It's reportedly launching internationally during the ninth week of the year -- that's last week of February (or "crazy week" as we like to call it around here).

The leaked promotional shot, obtained by GSMArena, reminds us of the pink Galaxy S II. Like that device, the pink Galaxy Note comes with a pink back cover, a pink bezel, and presumably a pink S Pen to boot. And we're talking bright pink. Discrete this thing most certainly is not.

In any case, it's worth remembering that this pink version is based on the GT-N7000 -- the international Galaxy Note, which has different internals to the North American LTE version. Somehow we don't see this color arriving stateside any time soon, but if you're up for importing it, then the girliest phone ever should set you back around $790.

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'Berry pink' Galaxy Note reportedly coming by early March


This reads like it was written by a kindergartener afraid of getting cooties from girls.

Jesus, grow the hell up.

I'm sure this will come as a shock, but women buy smart phones, too, and a lot of us happen to like pink. If I could get a pink SGSII to replace my SGSI I'd buy it in a heartbeat, and never once feel "awkward and self-conscious" using it.

So just because it's pink a woman should buy it? Several women I know (my wife being at the top of the list) HATE pink.

It just seems like weird squandering, especially for high-end phones that other parts of the world are still waiting for.

How does making a pink one impact the other parts of the world?

It pretty much indicates to me that they have come close to satisfying the DESPERATE demand. (The gotta have it now crowd).

We've come a long way from Henry Ford's proclamation that "you could have a Model T in any color you wanted so long as it was black."

Myria, I'm totally with you on this. I would proudly rock the pink Note -- in fact i was looking at possibly purchasing the pink unlocked SGSII online last night.

In case other AndroidCentral readers have not seen it, there's a wonderful blog post about a teen defending his younger brother against bullying from their very own father -- all over the type of video game and color of the videogame controller the younger brother wanted.

This site is one of my daily (even hourly) reads. I hope the writers on this site can help stop perpetuating this kind of nonsense.

I don't even like the white phones. However, if more choices increase the number of people that will be happy, more power to them.

The charm was useless.

The color is not. It cuts in half the number of people who might steal her phone.

[running and ducking].....

"Want to feel even more awkward and self-conscious making calls on your Galaxy Note in public?"

Awww, got some insecurity issues there Alex?

I would totally rock this! I'm not a self-conscious person usually, but I do have my qualms about getting a phone this big. I don't want people staring every time I take it out to text. Not to mention if it was such an awesome vibrant color. Think about being in a meeting, and reaching for your old school BB to shoot a text off. Nobody will notice. Try to discreetly whip this sucker out and fire off an email... just saying

The Galaxy Note has a problem. Too big to be a phone and too small to take any serious notes. I have a 7 inch Evo View and even that is on the smallish size for taking notes. Taking notes on the Note would be like trying to write on a post-it.