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We've been around the block a few times on the whole benchmarking thing that is for sure. But an enterprising German blogger, known as Caschy, has managed to run a couple of different benchmarking tests on the forthcoming Orange Santa Clara and its Intel Medfield internals. The results are interesting, but not necessarily surprising. 

First up we have the Rightware "Browsermark" test, which tests the JavaScript and HTML rendering capabilities of the browser. The results do though as seen here put the Santa Clara in front of Apple's iPhone 4S

The other test was the "Vellamo" test from Qualcomm that brings together 11 benchmarks of features that a mobile browser depends on. This time the Santa Clara claimed the scalp of the revered Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The bottom line is still that benchmark tests still shouldn't be taken too seriously when judging a device's performance. But, ignoring all that, what we do have is more indications that Intel's architecture is potentially bringing something special to the table.

We shouldn't be too surprised though, remember CES? Intel made these very same claims themselves on the Las Vegas stage. At this point -- or any point for that matter -- we're not really that interested in a benchmark score. Can we just get the devices already? 

Source: Caschy's Blog (translated) via Netbook News


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Benchmarks still not that relevant, but Intel seems to be doing well in them


AC staff - just because the early android benchmarks were poorly written and easily hacked, doesn't mean they won't be important going forward. You may want to revisit this policy now that some better quality software is coming to the market.

Indeed. I also don't know why they keep saying that benchmarks are not important but continue posting articles about them. Hypocritical much? Everyone knows that benchmarks are the all way to determine how powerful X is, so saying they don't matter was never correct.

I believe anandtech did a quick set of benchmarks on a medfield prototype and pretty much came to the same conclusion... that medfield is a bit faster then current phone top-of-the-line phone SOCs but will be probably be outdone by the likes of quadcore tegra 3 as well as dual core a15 based chips like krait, omap 5 and exynos 5.

Regardless, it's pretty impressive that a single core intel chip can go up against a quad core tegra 3 and only loose by a small margin.

The next year is gonna be fun to watch...