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Home automation is the stuff nerdy dreams are made of, and Belkin is today introducing a new device to bring a little part of that to life. The WeMo Light Switch, being displayed at CES in Las Vegas, is a replacement for your standard household light switches with WiFi connectivity. The cool part -- it'll be controllable from your Android device. 

Android Central @ CES The WeMo connectivity means you can turn lights on or off from anywhere, schedule an on/off time, and doesn't require your Android device to be connected to the same WiFi network in order to work. So, you leave the office late, it's dark, and as you pull up on the driveway you can turn on the lights so you don't trip over the dog. OK, not the best example perhaps, but you get the idea. 

Android connectivity has been a much asked for feature of WeMo's existing, iOS compatible only, range of home automation devices. With the arrival of the WeMo Light Switch and the app into the Google Play Store, connectivity with their other devices will be opened up to Android users. An open beta will begin in February for users of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and "other leading devices." The Light Switch will become available this Summer, and the Android app is expected to exit beta by the device's launch. 

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Belkin introduces WeMo light switch, control your household lighting from your Android device


>"as you pull up on the driveway you can turn on the lights so you don't trip over the dog. OK, not the best example perhaps, but you get the idea"

Motion controlled lights are a better application there. Also in hallways and utility rooms, garage, etc. Love 'em.

What I want is something that will replace X10 but without the restrictions and expense of Insteon. I don't think WeMo will cut it.

That's funny, last week I just got my first X10 shipment. Just Smart home pro and a few lamp modules. I couldn't be happier, it works as advertised and was pretty easy to set up. Sure, the interface on the software isn't the best looking but pretty doesn't always mean better.

This Belkin doesn't seem like it is any better (or cheaper) than what X10 offers.

X10 has lots of problems. The primary issues I have are that it is unreliable and slow. But it is cheap, has tons of options, and has been around forever (and I have been using it for over 22 years or something insane).

I can already do that and more with X10. Besides, all of my belkin products have exceedingly short life spans.

Anybody know of a WiFi network attached switch that can be controled by a thermostat app for Android using the device's thermometer?

I would love to become a beta tester for the Belkin Memo App. I can see a future business opportunity here in Santa Barbara, CA because of the wealth of the community and the average age of the people here. These people are always early adopters of new technology.
Best Regards,
Richard Frank

WTH? They make no mention of a monthly fee, and the idea of one is ridiculous for a product like this. Why even mention it?

Cool tech, I want some.

You know, we have things called "months", that accurately describe the time of year all throughout this spherical earth, without referring to a season in a particular continent. The world is bigger than the USA, and if you want to have an international audience please stop referring to availability as "this summer". Imagine how confusing it would be if all countries started doing this in international media.

And you miss the point still the poster was trying to make.

"Summer" in North America has a time frame from the summer solstice (usually June 20 or 21 in the Northern Hemisphere) to the autumn equinox. One could very easily state mid June to mid September for a global audience when the press release states "summer". That sort of description provides information usable worldwide, which is the point you missed in your response.

Sorry but you have missed the point that since the Press Release said Summer there is no way for the writer of this article to state a valid range of months.

I hope it happen asap because i hate that all is developed firstly for iOS and after Android.
Especially for this kind of applications.. surely are better the android fans to work and use and configure and manage that the apple fan :P