Sure enough, the Verizon Droid Incredible (you might have seen a story or two about it here), by some strange act of fate, is being shipped early to a few disbelieving customers who pre-ordered on Monday. That said, as great as it is that dude above shot video of his Droid Incredible, we're taking away points 'cause he couldn't go the whole 2 minutes without making an "it's Incredible!" pun. [Android Forums via Engadget]

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threepio says:

what a tool. but still lucky son of a b.

TheSultan says:

here's a hater who can't believe something so cool happened to such a moron. And, are you sure it's not January 5, 1980?? By looks of his haircut and shirt, it might be!

LOL. Pretty cool that it happened but that dude was a PITA.

dondadah88 says:

congrats to him.

bdizzel1982 says:

I agree he didn't have to act like such a tool in his video. I understand the whole wanting to prove hater's wrong concept but could have done it in a manner that was so douche like. Either way congrats to you and the other 4 people in your office who got there phone early.

DaveS024 says:

What a pointless video....fool lol

yeah pointless video, BUT he got very exited with it and i think that counts more than this people who got the phone to make a review of it , and the point here that hes a COSTUMER with a toy and he loves it as we will love our toy

makya53 says:

Congrats! enjoy I hope big red dose more of that..

Thablackguy says:

haha he looks like a lame kevin spacey !! but he's cooler than me right now cause he has the incredible...lame kevin spacey-1 thablackguy-0 lol

rfmike says:

Lucky S.O.B.

I have to wait til the 30th to get my new Incredible.

fillossofer says:

I got mine too!

rion_j says:

this guy is pretty funny! hopefully more folks will be able to get their hands on it sooner as well.

mark.tumang says:

too bad the incredible isnt getting android 2.2 lol

Toro says:

And which phone is?

Nexus One... then gradually the other Google Experience phones like Droid that do not have MotoBlur, Sense, or TouchWiz. Those will get it when their developers get around to upgrading their own software so sadly this INCREDIBLE phone will probably get 2.2 some time in 2011 if they don't decide to skip that release like most have with 2.1 :-(

rooth says:

don't play around fillospher- this is serious business

jxc says:

dude on the video is a douchebag for talking the way he did.

fillossofer says:

no kidding! I know, pics or it didn't happen. I'll see what I can do, but I'm new to this forum and can't post links yet I think.

CharlieL3 says:

You should be able to post the URL, though. Everyone knows how to copy and paste.

Cursid666 says:

Just received mine from FedEX 5 minutes ago. I actually called Verizon up for the pre-order because it wouldn't let me do it online. And when I asked the lady if I would receive it on the 29th she said you should have it by Thursday...I'm still in shock

rockstar323 says:

The reason he has the attitude is because he posted he just received his Incredible and was hit by "pics or it didnt happen". So he posted a picture of the box and the phone and was called a liar by someone that "knew it was a fake" and tried to discredit him because the box said HTC Incredible instead of Droid Incredible.

fillossofer says:

I'm so happy! This thing is friggin sweet! It took all of like seven minutes to set up. Already synced all my contacts, calendar, facebook, twitter, knows where I am - and it is raining outside, so it is raining on my screen. Awesome. More. Play.

BadPeekSell says:

yeah kinda goofy but nonetheless lucky SOB

slayerpsp says:

great for him but i really dont care im getting the evo the day it comes out when ever that may be

if you think he got a stupid reaction with his new phone... film yourself when you get yours and then see the comments... i think hes very quiet for that BIIGGGG INCREDIBLE SURPRISE , i am so jealous. I hope i will get that exited and stupid at the same time when i get mine.... ILL SHOW THE BATTERYYYYYYY my red baron battery yeah!!! crystal cover to see the red.. and watch out cuz red can rise your blood pressure ... Best android phone.. (evo 4.. no 4g coverage everywhere , front camera? whats that for.. want to be a nokia?)
i have too much inside to write .... i hope i can talk in the podcast but my english sucks :D PEACE AND ENJOY THE BEST ANDROID PHONE AND THE BEST PHONE IMO (droid user)

akdakd1814 says:

I am an existing customer and it would not let me pre order online because my new every 2 is not up until November. So I called customer service and while the woman was very nice, friendly, and more or less helpful - she could not enter the pre order either. She set it all up in the system but said I had to wait until the 29th to actually place the order.

I have considered trying to call again and see if I get a different answer. But at any rate if I indeed have to wait until the 29th then I may as well go to my local store and get it the morning of instead of having it shipped...

Cursid666 says:

I called them up and told them I couldn't pre order online. They then told me I couldn't upgrade at the discounted price and asked if I wanted to buy it outright. I told them yes, put in the order and two days later my Incredible phone was at my door...8 days early

akdakd1814 says:

While I admit to being jealous at the 8 day early part... I think to be able to get the discounted price instead of having to buy it outright gives me the strength to wait. (I mean we have already waited this long right????)

That being said - I may call just to make sure the discounted price holds true....

Enjoy the phone!

Chaos5 says:

So has it kind of been confirmed that calling over ordering online gets you the phone earlier?

steven100 says:

Good question. Has anyone that ordered online received their new Incredible? I ordered the first day. I have not received it yet.

I only paid $149.99. I received the $100 discount and a $50 for the every 2 years upgrade. I am still using my Pearl 8130 from 2 1/2 years ago.

TheSultan says:

I believe that WAS the case due to human error. It seems as though the error has been fixed though, so ordering on the phone won't get it early to you.

not only pointless but a total waste of time... The dude in the video seriously needs to be punch in the face.. I'll laugh when that shit gets jack!