It's Friday, and we're trying to power our way through to the weekend. Chances are you are, too. Let's help with that. This morning we're giving away three Lloyd mugs. To enter, just leave a comment on this post. We'll close things down at 5 p.m. Eastern time, and notify the winners the weekend.

Free. Lloyd. Mug. (Coffee/Bailey's not included.) Good luck, everyone!

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dustinfrank says:

little Lloyd love please!

TheEndless75 says:

I drink coffee out of my bare hands.

My bare hands!

Guys, I need a mug.

krecik1024 says:

Who needs a coffee, when you have mug like this? Tea in it would be a great option.

What a great way to start a morning - coffee & Android Central!

smotrs says:

Whoohoo, free mug. I'd take one.

mtbmdk says:

Fill this with dark beer and it would look like coffee.
p.s is that a McaBook behind the mug? Really, an apple device?

wilder_jw says:

Damn, that's an ugly mug. (But I still want it.)

coffee coffee coffee COFFEE!!

freshiefresh says:

Oh, yes! Please!

PappaFloyd says:

That mug is like GOLD man, GOLD! Plus it's really really cool to!!

heydrew says:


Grahaman27 says:

Mugs Rock.

reelon says:

Great for my morning coffee

hawklet00 says:

i would use the hell out of this mug.

klokateer123 says:

My coffee will go even better with that mug.

Droid Stew says:

Sweet AC mug. Hook it up!

Does the creativity of my comment have any bearing on my chances to win this fine mug? ;)

PappaFloyd says:

Also, this mug would inspire me to grow a neck beard second only to Jerry!

bikerbob1789 says:


dextorboot says:

So long as they're not used I'm in.

robbies7897 says:

Nothing beats a morning cup of joe with Lloyd!

sbarron says:

I need a new mug for my office.

spork27 says:

That would look great beside my Google Chrome coffee mug.

BigOldBarn says:

Would be fun to have.

ScottColbert says:

Lloyd and coffee, two great tastes that go great together...or something like that.

benmcf says:

Need a new mug to drink my morning coffee, thanks!

newboyx says:

Mmm... Coffee...Irish coffee...

SeaMonster says:

Wow, my two addictions brought together...

reebis says:

I love coffee. My coffee would love this mug.

bbnexus says:

Coffee + AC? In one! I could drink coffee in my android coffee mug while using my android phone and tablet to take over the tri-state area. Love the idea. Yes please

cmgodwin says:

Thanks :-)

insomniak says:

would love to drink out of this

mdholgate says:

Is the mug Scratch-&-Sniff??

hiero says:

sure why not

lopies says:

I want one of those bad boys!

BenjaSands says:


Jameson42 says:

No comment.

fatboy97 says:

I just ordered my first Lloyd t-shirt... maybe I can get a free mug!

cgardnervt says:

Do I love coffee? Yes!

Do I love Android? Yes!

Do I love free coffee cups? Yes!

Lets go luck!

smokin221 says:

I would love a Lloyd mug thanks for letting me win. :-)

DrLouie says:

I would love to have Lloyd on my desk.

ClanWallace says:

Perfect addition to my collection!

Caveman419 says:

I can say that I will proudly display this mug with every beverage that I drink (coffee, tea, water, etc...). And it will go nicely with my Android themes cube!!

wvpv says:

::fist bump::

Haitian says:

I always start my morning reading Android Central and a cup or 4 of coffee. This mug would make my morning complete.

prenoobster says:

it bothers me when my pee doesn't smell like columbian dark roast.. give me the mug to full my addiction.. also i like turtles

The huge yellow coffee mug I'm currently using at work came from one of our partners, but it just isn't fitting for an android user. A Lloyd coffee cup would show all the Apple users at my work that I use the best: ANDROID!!!

johnney5 says:


TenshiNo says:

Oooh... Loyd would totally rock my desk all morning :)

trevisc says:

Lloyd loves his Java!
Nice mug!

achan68 says:

one time!

11Lisac11 says:

Pick me!!! Pick me!!!

mkendall32 says:

This mug looks great! I want one!

jalba3 says:

Would love to have this at my cubicle to show support of the Android Central community!

dafoot2 says:

Free mug...Yes please.

Derek_B says:

I've got my 5 year old son saying "Lloyd" even when he sees the regular android bugdroid. Enter me, please.

Despayre says:

"Enter me"??! Ok, you're apparently willing to go a lot further than I am for this mug! :)

Despayre says:

Free. Lloyd. Mug?! Must. Have! Why. Am. I. Talking. Like. Kirk?!?

dragon57 says:

Mmmmmm, coffee.....

bhameyedoc says:

Yay coffee!

Sweet... I never seem to win these contests... Would love to change that :-)

Azholio says:

My foo foo French Press coffee will just taste better!

mark425 says:

I love my coffee as much as I love android

gshyde says:

Gimme gimme gimme :)

Shay D. Life says:

Want one. Should have one. That is all.

Alpha Axl says:

Would love some hot chocolate in there. Android + Chocolate = !!!

santinelli says:

This would be PERFECT for me moving in with my Girlfriend, who is a Iphone lover (I with my Nexus Phone and Tablet!) I don't see HER walking around with a Apple coffee mug!!!! :-)

SoreAintya says:

I want!

AndrewLopez says:

MUGS!!! I always need more mugs. :)

I love Coffee and Android! Tomorrow's National Coffee Day and his is a great way to celebrate! Kudos!

I love Coffee and Android! Tomorrow's National Coffee Day and his is a great way to celebrate! Kudos!

oddtay says:

My mug broke. Please :-)

pstellato73 says:

oh can always use a new mug. coffee will taste so much better.

Mas21 says:

Count me in!

racingbmwm3 says:

I was just thinking it was time for a new mug.

shaytoon21 says:

sippin on gin and juice with lloyd

I have just started to build up the desk with Android materials and started to purchase/wear Android shirts when heading off to work. A mug for the morning coffee would be a nice edition.

I don't want to be like the cat lady, but a couple products would bring some nice appeal.

jonzr says:

That would be mug #1

_iL33t_ says:

Lloyd coffee mug! that's awesome :)

Tweezle says:

I wouldn't mind being mugged by Lloyd. Especially if coffee is involved.

c0r3y says:

Love mugs. This would be no exception.

rmwilk says:

I need to add this to my collection.

xpeacemaker says:

i'd love to boast my android love @ the office.

LaFlamme says:

Must. Have. Mug.

vadd says:


Insp_Gadget says:

This would be great to have! Great conversation piece giving me an opportunity to evangelize Android and Android Central.

RoccOn16v says:

The only thing I love more than android, is coffee! This cup might just kill me!

Coffee! I am cornholio!

MasterRy88 says:

It would go perfect in my cube next to my android mini's!

BrianTufo says:

I work with quite a few iSheep so this would be the perfect mug to use at work!!! :)

Cezarslice says:

Is mayonnaise an instrument?

Coolfreak says:

I would love a mug!

xtian2483 says:

I collect coffee mugs. This would be perfect to add to it. :) Plus I could totally go for a little Lloyd lovin...

gcnts says:

Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee...........COFFEE!!!!!

sanimagus says:

i want me some lloyd mugs

Stretchie says:

I could totally see myself drinking coffee from this mug

user7618 says:

Sign me up!

randall2580 says:

I am a coffee importer and have some extra primo good coffee to put into Lloyd there!

Wildside says:

Cool mug.

masterxchief says:

I'm in!

beanman80 says:

I would love this mug. It would be the only thing I drink out of. Thanks AC.

cuberob says:

I like coffee

poena says:

new coffee mug for those mornings!

cvgz says:

I'd love this mug! Perfect for those coffee fueled late nights studying Computer Science!

Bethlyn184 says:

Lloyd is one handsome devil!! Love to win the mug.

taudilee says:

this is definitely going to make me look differently in office cubic

stcloud99 says:

Hell yes! And can you get Jerry to scribble a neckbeard on Lloyd before you send it to me

Jacques says:

I would be the epitome of coolness if I rock out with a Lloyd mug. Or, at least tell all the iPhone fanboys/fangirls that sit around me what my allegiance is. :)

magnuma1 says:

Cool, a Android coffee mug, It can sit right next to my Android guys.

cheeta186 says:

So much better than winning an iPhone!!!

saraloz1 says:

Una taza con Lloyd? Eso es para mi!!! Gracias!!

icu says:

For great justice. For coffee day. I will accept this mug and put it next to my NSA mug proudly.

yodatom10 says:

Sure why not it would go well with my new android inspired room. Picture to come latter

northend999 says:

I would be the envy of all my co-workers if I won this. Please make that happen for me.

stlfan1974 says:

I love free mugs

Frank2 says:

I will try Pepsi, cause i don't like coffee.

Go ahead, make my coffee sexy, I dare you....

stab244 says:

I'm down for one.

Smokeaire says:

This will look a lot better on my desk than the rotting Apple I refuse to consume.

mmmmm coffee!!!

LightningGA says:

Sweet mug, hope it comes my way.

p08757 says:

I would love to have my morning coffee with LLoyd! Hook me up!

Always up for a new mug!! Thanks for another contest/giveaway!!

ayg says:

Sign me up!

sfbates says:

Every morning I have my coffee and listen to my android podcasts. This would be amazing!!!!!!

dk21 says:

Android and coffee together? Awesome! Count me in!

ravik212 says:

Android powered coffee! Don't get better than that

wsfowler says:

Just in time for hot chocolate season!

ravik212 says:

Android powered coffee! Don't get better than that

I need mah drug mug :)

richard_rsp says:

Ooh, I'd like a Lloyd mug! I am using a "Disney Cars" mug at work right now and people sometimes give me strange looks...

wjanowski says:

Mug me, please!

enigmaisdead says:

Sign me up!

tsathasi says:

Cool!!! I want one.

Coolest mug ever!!!!!

geo-droid says:

I'm enjoying some coffee right now, it would be better in this mug!

jagbearkc says:

I would LOVE one of these mugs.

I would love that Coffee Mug, Just so all the Apple Fanboy's I work with can see it every morning as I drink my coffee in front of them.

BigAtrain says:


Chiplg says:

I need a new tea mug

jeide68 says:

My desk IS awfully Lloyd-less......

Number 6 says:

If I had a mug like that at the office, I wouldn't have to drink coffee straight out of the pot anymore.

skiskilo says:

This would go well with my Android and Chrome mugs, I want one!

MousePad says:

Hey Lloyd! Come to papa! Good luck everyone! :)

Sambo41 says:

A Lloyd mug would go great with my two Android Central T-shirts!

Sparktweek says:

MMMMM!!!! Nothing better than a hot cup of Lloyd in the morning! Thanks AC!

red.foxx15 says:


omgnoname says:

Yes please!

This would work out perfectly. I was, literally, thinking about getting a new mug when I was pouring my first cup of coffee at work this morning!

MrJazz says:


groovetini says:

mugs for coffee!

jpbass7 says:

Awesome mug! Yes, please.

I would love this mug. That little b@$t@rd has a smug look on his face. I dig that.

SuperIVIan11 says:

That's a cool mug!!!

ba4g says:

Vegas baby ! need a cup of Joe with Lloyd!

mikeyonline says:


I would really like to win it.It would be like a treasure to me.Thanks in advance,

mcolesjr says:

Sweet mug!

greyhd says:

Sign me up

dawoonj says:

Need mug!

balagiwithak says:

I would love to sip and laugh at my *Phone using co-workers

Murph5150 says:

Lloyd, you've gotten me through my day without coffee. Now, we have the chance to partner up via Lloyd and freshly brewed coffee. No longer would I be powered by Java, but by Lloyd.

jeephacker says:

Cool mug

jsmith5238 says:

Epic mug.

yankees2323 says:

That would be a cool coffee mug to win. Thanks AC! And good luck everybody!

eadavis says:

Yes, please!

BigDinCA says:

I'm not gay or anything, but Lloyd is hot!

btqf1973 says:

Woohoo!! Pick me! :)

ATeeluck says:

Very nice mug, I'll take one, thanks. :)

mug me.

halsadsah says:

I want that cup.

Mmm coffee mug.

mrbanks says:

SWEET!!!!!!!!! pick me

kennethfc10 says:


gomez72000 says:

I love coffee and Android.

Do want

Obsession says:

This would be awesome to have with my other cups haha.

b1time says:

I type this as I sip coffee from my plain boring mug

pateln01 says:

I'd love a Lloyd mug. Go Android Central!


stoke_no_s says:

ooh... did someone say "free"?

twodisks says:

Ah yes, nothing like sitting in a meeting with people trying to figure out their iPhone 5's while I just enjoy a nice cup of coffee with Lloyd...

miller7796 says:

I work with a lot of nerds, this would be awesome to have!

jman7678 says:


Pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

hopefulfarm says:

I"m in for some cute Lloyd!!

Would love a new mug for my cup of Joe in the mornings

mleer says:

Thanks for the give-a-way! Got my fingers crossed.

doo_s4 says:


rclevenger says:

Would love one of these for the office. It would drive the Apple fanboys nuts.

I want a FREE mug!!!

ennoddo says:

heck yeah!

landjo77 says:

This would look great on my desk at work. Thanks!!

Rugbyn3rd says:

Would love a new mug to show my ios friends!

The only other Lloyd I have ever loved as much was the imaginary (?) bartender in "The Shining". Ok, how's that for a creative post?

HeatherDawn says:

Ooooh! I so need this!

sciroccohsd says:

I need a new mug for work!

scothran says:


Robert6512 says:

Would love a free mug!

johnnynexus says:

Better to drink a coffee than eating an Apple in the morning!

joe23521 says:

I could use this mug. Thanks!

mangy says:

What is an appropriate beverage for Lloyd?????????????

eljedo says:

this would go exceptionally well with my mug collection. AC FTW!!1!

seoulbrova says:

i'll drink jamesons instead of baileys.

badbradd2 says:

Me want mug. Thanks.

asians says:

free muggies!

Vote Lloyd for President

griff7774 says:

The best part of waking is Lloyd on the cup!

anon721672 says:

I want it so bad.

videorx says:

That is a very cool mug. Thank you.

redfraggle32 says:

My Lloyd secret society pin ran away from home. :( This would make an excellent replacement!

carlosrey23 says:

Oh man....I so need one of those...There are so many iPhone, or mehPhone, lovers in my office it's not even funny. I will sharpie on the side..."Yeah, I've had that since 2010...".

Now I could just carry this, enjoy my coffee and let every iP lover know I'm not interested!!!!

Enjoy the weekend!!!!

evq.003 says:

What a great conversation starter this would be!!!

azrickster says:

I LOVE coffee and nothing would be better than drinking it from a Lloyd mug in front of all my iPhone totin coworkers!

mpvgsu says:

I just want to hold one cup.

Joe H. says:

pick me :)

IceDree says:

Wow, I don't do coffee, but that mug + my lloyd's shirt = Awesome :

Thank you guys for giving us yet another opportunity to win something

zippox180#AC says:

I will use this right next to that guy with the apple mug..... :-)

Mr.Gadget says:

Sweet! It would find a happy home on my desk at work!

terablue says:

Lloyd on a coffee cup? Count me in!

lsmunoz says:

My morning Joe could use a bit of Lloyd.

junipertodd says:

I would love to welcome Lloyd to my home and office.

I hate coffee, but I would rock it in my office with the other knick knacks for sure!

AmIJeremy says:

Awesome! One can never have too many coffee mugs.

Shadnic says:

Who doesn't love free stuff!

Lloyd is so cool, I would enjoy showing him off.

gksmithlcw says:

Count me in!

draco1986 says:

I have an Apple fanboy friend I would love to give this to!

dm3ready says:

Yep...it'll be new fav

MG386 says:

This would be great to sip coffee from while downloading and flashing! woot!

InTheRough says:

I never wash my mug. Time for a new one!

synical_99 says:

This would be awesome to have since i dont have one for work and been using Styrofoam cups all this time.

malockin says:

why not?


And it'll probably fix the abomination they call coffee here in the office.

6spdracr says:

Awesome mug. It would go great with my morning coffee!

K0ZU says:

It would be an honer to sip my morning coffee in the company of the STUD MUFFIN Lloyd. It would even more satisfying to do it in the presence of all the apple fan boys I work with.


randyw says:

This would make my coffee taste so much better in the morning!

Oh I would like one!

dragonsofcp says:

I'm ready for my mug shot :-)

nalpakj says:

I've got iphone fanboys to my left and to my right at work...Need Lloyd to help combat them!

zhecht says:

Mug me!

(Okay, maybe I could've worded that better)

KarbonKopy says:

A Lloyd mug to slurp down me hot java in the morning? Hell yeah.

a22matic says:

This would shove Android down all my coworkers throats, and I would love it since 70% of them have iPhones with the same Otterbox cases on them!

cellobrian says:

I would love one!

BobJones19 says:

I like mugs

Egorzilla says:

Me want!! but I never win these things.

InGale says:

I want one! :)

ridilen says:

Love to have one.

liquidplasma says:

Just what I need for the office!

heymecalvy says:

android pride + artificial energy, what could be better!

I have to many Ipeople that sit around me at work and this would surely make them angry if they had to look at it everyday. Pick me!!!

clambert#AC says:

I suck at being random!

This is definitely better than my Initech mug while at work!

JkdJedi says:

Even the Jedi drink coffee.

PremeOne says:

Drinking coffee/whiskey out of a flask just isn't cutting it anymore, I'm pretty sure this would be a little more inconspicuous.

legaltender says:

Awesome way to start my morning.... I already start with coffee and phone in hand, Now I can add an awesome mug to my morning routine..... Hope I win.

NoreenD says:

THIS is a great way to start the day with my favorite people at Android Central and with Lloyd standing watch over a delicious cup of coffee!

trobbl says:

This will be the centerpiece on my mug rack.

baldypal says:

Awesome! I need this to go with my new Kuerig!

Rickeibey says:

I'm new here pick me and make me feel even more welcome!

squintyboy says:

looks awesome mug

djjk2004 says:

Sweet mug! I'd use it!

BaMaDuDe87 says:

In it to win it.....as always with the awsome prizes here at AC

P.S. an AC mug on a MacBook Pro huh?

abhi2nahi4 says:

Lloyd looks dashing on that mug!

Shotine says:

pick oooo pick me

mobilewill says:

Would be perfect for my morning tea at the office among all the iPhone users.

myrcgarage says:

Love my Galaxy Nexus! I don't mind having a cup of coffee in this mug either!

fvineyard says:

Coffee please!

yepitsmememe says:

I can see myself taking this mug to my local Starbucks - very cool....

frubin says:

Would love to enjoy my Joe with Lloyd every morning while catching up on some AC.

Oh my G-d ; I bet coffee tastes EXTRA SPECIAL in that mug

nopolis says:

Yes please!

bdubb78 says:

i want to drink from lloyd

bcbenton says:

Coffee will taste even better when drunk from this cup.

scaots says:


Have coffee. Need mug.

Pigman says:

Me wanty!

hmmm says:

This would make a perfect coffee mug in an office full of iSheep.

clcutts says:

I can guarantee some baileys/burbon in my mug.

ady2k2000 says:

I want one... it would look great on my desk at work. :-)

cthater says:

Want want want so bad.

bevcraw says:

A Lloyd mug would be great for me since I just recently switched to Android.

dskwerl says:

I certainly wouldn't mind having one of these to keep on my desk at work. You can never have too many mugs. Especially Android mugs.

Dunderhead says:

mmmmug mug mug!

cjbrigol says:

Funny how crazy people go for a mug. Wait... I won?!? AHHHH NO WAY WHOOO

tagrzadz says:

I can't think of a better way to drink my coffee in the morning!

ryank007 says:

Yummy, Lloyd coffee and tea, please!!

Jayblodg says:

This could be used to fuel my coffee addiction... Thanks AC! You guys rock!


obi5683 says:

We all need some more Lloyd in our lives and coffee too!

jparker71 says:


ojocell says:

This mug would make my morning coffee even better.

greekgod says:

I'd love one of those to use at work to show off to all the iphone fanboys around here!!

franek88 says:

wow i broke my coffee mug today would love to get this one


sndplace says:

How Many Ounces is it? Right now I drink about 2 Mugs full in the morning while surfing the web and AC of course and My mug is about 16 Ounces so i would need something the same size or bigger lol. Thanks

afgphlaver says:

Would be nice for my desk...:)

Jaysus says:

Lloyd rules!

sipock97 says:

Mine! Mine!...great looking cup.

bad05gtt says:


rpmm70 says:

I have been looking for a new mug for work.