It's Friday, and we're trying to power our way through to the weekend. Chances are you are, too. Let's help with that. This morning we're giving away three Lloyd mugs. To enter, just leave a comment on this post. We'll close things down at 5 p.m. Eastern time, and notify the winners the weekend.

Free. Lloyd. Mug. (Coffee/Bailey's not included.) Good luck, everyone!

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moelsen says:

I love novelty crap in my cubicle. I would make this my go-to coffee mug! Woo!

morganjayp says:

That would be an awesome addition to my collection!

Murrow says:

I'd like a cool, free mug.

fareal says:


Jcrabapple says:

I would love to drink some delicious toasted almond coffee out of this gorgeous mug. I do believe it will change my life for the better.

franchiz says:

I need something to use for my Coffee/Bailey's at work....

Phazor says:

That would be awesome!! Lol. I need more Android stuff, this would be perfect!

jfass says:

I need a new coffee mug and I could show off what I am really about!

jekewa says:

Looks cool, but I've got an ages old mug from the early days of Java...seems more descriptive for a coffee cup.

msauers says:


AnthonyTyler says:

Coffee good.
Android good.
Android coffee mug better.


mykey2k says:

I like coffee.

NHLou says:

a comment

HAAS599 says:

This could be my designated "Green Tea Only" mug. You have the power, AC.

hrw2 says:

My ARM one just broke two days ago so this would be nice replacement.

bbroecker says:

Bailey's, no coffee, thank you very much!

jcorv58 says:

Nothing goes together better than coffee and Android

I need this to show my AC pride!

nipcarlover says:

Would love a Lloyd mug!

Bzow says:

It would be great to have this. Great timing too, because just yesterday my old mug broke...

dtraini30 says:

Coffee? NOM.

presqueisle says:

I don't like drinking coffee out of the pot. I need a mug.

amh2642 says:

Pick me...maybe?

ness_lewis says:

AWESOME coffee cup! ^_^ two of my most favorite things together, how lucky can one be??

crackerstyle says:

I would love a Lloyd mug to display proudly.

c5pfe says:

Nice coffee mug

tgaskill says:

I'd be the envy of all the Android users where I work. :D

woot, yes please!

Outrager says:

That's a cool mug. I'd love it for my Milk Tea.

winter128 says:

Another piece of Android stuff for my Cubicle would be AWESOME!!!!!!!

bacumings says:

In that picture Lloyd is looking right at me! It's like some kind of sign that he wants to come sit on my desk every morning!

It'll do well alongside my 1L Beaker mug, my Tardis mug and my Keep Calm And Don't Blink mug.

I need more hands.

ispanish says:

Good thing to have on my desk!!!

Cheetah23 says:

To be able to drink my morning cups of coffee at work from an Android-powered mug would be fantastic. Count me in please.

Connert says:

I have a thing for coffee mugs, this would be an awesome addition and a great cup to start off my day.

Johnny.B says:

Yes Please. I'm looking for a stylish new mug to go with my stylish new office...I might just have to buy one if I don't win.

buck101 says:

I do need some Android memorabilia!

noshftshck16 says:

Don't have a lot of normal mugs, I should change that.

ryaninc says:

That mug looks awesome, I want it.

adavisme says:

I have been thinking I need a new coffee mug...

deltascrew says:

Awesome sign me up

Comineeyeaha says:

I love coffee!

ostran40 says:

Morning Coffee with Lloyd

ar_garza says:

I like the Care Bears.

SpookDroid says:

Pick me!!! :D I like my coffee with a spoonful of Android, Lloyd flavored please...

DeeToTheVee says:

Who can say no to a free mug?

awesummi says:

yay !

kstoutdog says:

Love android central... send it to me!

dcvanderbush says:

Hit me up with one of those hot-drink containers!

NeuroMan42 says:

Coffee Coffee... when I hear the name Lloyd I think of Dumb and Dumber. ;)

spankycuervo says:

Lloyd is such a stud. I want to be him.

SSJDarkwing says:

Hmmm what better way to start the morning then with my Android Devices and Lloyd holding a cup of coffee for me. I would love one Please! :-), Thanks

lxa3894 says:


mr.wizard says:

My GF loves Lloyd, and I'd be giving her this mug if I win.. because I'm nice like that.

kevin_wsy says:

Nice Lloyd mug ~ Hope I get one~ Thanks AC ~

das0527 says:

Man, I want this. I have the perfect spot for it, with all my Dead Zebra androids clustered around.

Has anyone else noticed that Lloyd is naked?

zer0vette says:

i would loveeeeeeeeeeeeee one of these!

mattyb1085 says:

Awesome mug.

jackmei2 says:

oh hells yea!

wolfendoc says:

Oddly enough, I like to spill coffee on Macbooks. Doing it with a Lloyd mug would be poetic! That would also be #i-ronic.

closeshave2 says:

Must have more coffee! ...and a new mug would be nice!

freeze says:

Can never have too many coffee mugs. I'll take one.

ghettosurfn says:

Another great Android way to start the day.

Jeepguyva says:

Coffee with Lloyd??? Count me in!

smithe68 says:

This would be perfect to put on my desk so all of my iPhone loving coworkers could see where it's really at!

Mizex says:

Hell yeah! Lloyd on my desk at work would look badass!

sbatwater says:

I'll definitely drink all my coffee out of this!

smccloud says:

I need a mug for tea at work, wife won't let me bring one of our stone ware ones :(

rrasho24 says:

Was at Starbucks today, saw a nice Chicago mug and thought to myself..... I need a new mug.... and later this morning I find this! Fate would suggest I be a recipient of said Llyod mug.... Its settled then, I'll be waiting for the email that is follow the close of this post today...... thank! :) :) :)

trlovejoy says:

I love cool coffee mugs. May I have one of these please? Thanks.

dprice95 says:

hmmm. coffee.

john_v says:

Would love one. It would annoy my icoworkers even more than they already are annoyed at how awesome my SGS3 is.

BTW Phil, if you pick me, I'll buy an extra mug from shopandroidcentral so I have a matching set.

Just sayin'

tramsay09 says:

I could really use a new coffe mug, my older one broke in the dishwasher

ocean_berry says:

Would look great next to my S3 in my cube!

Matwill88 says:

First off let me say the Android Central news has been the best and accurate android news. I've had you downloaded since 2.0 and thank you for the news on my atrix2 ics update! Can't wait but I'd love to walk around work and home sipping my monster out that mug.

scotwolf says:

I want one!

mflava#AC says:

Now this what I'm looking for to have in the office to show my Android loyalty to all the iPhone folks in the building. I sure would love one.

i would love this! go great next to my andy figurine

jperotka says:

Cool mug!

Amazins71 says:

I can use the cup at work to spread the word about Android Central.

tatersalad says:

Oh man. I would love one of these!

cikeo says:

I just discovered this site. Would love to have one of those. good luck all

Vito2000 says:


krYsti0 says:

I want one. I need one! :-)

cygnusx8 says:

Is that a MacBook in the background?

psyjohn says:

That would be great for my office coffee fix.

jsheehan223 says:

I can hear my son now. Daddy - That's Lloyd. Yes he's 3.5 and knows who Lloyd is. If we're at the mall and he sees Andy he goes LLOYD!! (Like the OG does on notifications).

johnhattan says:


TyBec says:

This website is awesome! I love Android Central... A lot...

major payne says:

Would love he mug to rub it in my co-workers(5) iPhone faces! We only have 2 android users in this dept of 7 and since i can't wear t-shirts to work i can't sport those!

yeliab says:

I'd love to give Lloyd a home!

ryanoaking says:

My last mug smashed when I crashed my car using Apple Maps to find my way home from a restaurant. I replaced my iPhone 5 with an SIII but still need a new coffee mug.

marioc says:

I would love one these!

radgatt says:

That mug would look nice on my desk at work!

bsbllfn38 says:

Yay! Lloyd Swag!

jeffdroid says:

A Lloyd mug would make this the perfect Friday.

bscabl says:

i must have this mug, i must then fill it with coffee

urbaneremite says:

Huge coffee drinker and would relish the chance to flaunt my love of all things Android in the face of my predominantly Apple office mates.

hthakkar says:

Will go well with my Samsung Droid devices.

andrew53517 says:

That would be awesome to have to drink out of! I hope I win!!

SaMo0204 says:

I would really like drinking my morning coffe in this mug.
So, can I win please?

BarneyDroid says:

I could use a new coffee cup! I busted my last one on the coffee maker when it didn't make my coffee fast enough!

dmulefan says:

I would be the only person in my province to have one

coolbreeze says:

Me please.

mripirate says:

I'll take 1!!

Kaveros says:

I want!

chiroho says:

This mug would definitely help me power through the work day.

nickel3956 says:

Go Lloyd!

c0d3m0nk33 says:

Free stuff? yes please!!

Vyrlokar says:

I love Android merchandise! I will give Lloyd a good home.

DPiraTech says:

Seeing Lloyd every morning with my coffee would really help me get going!

jhonjjj says:

I shall be having my next cup a coffee in this beauty.

8900_801 says:

That mug needs to be holding my coffee every morning! Thanks for sharing android central!

Caleb Morris says:

Would love to have a Lloyd mug! It would be awesome to rub it in my roommate's face since he's an Apple Disciple!

bawboh86 says:

Holy crap, I forgot my coffee this morning, and have no cup at work. This would have been PERFECT to help me out after getting to work.

Here's hoping

tonismar says:

Please, give to me ;)

dstamey#AC says:

I have an Android family on the back of my car, I have multiple Android T-shirts, many many Android figures, but no coffee mug. This would help me get one step closer to everything Android.

healeymatt says:

Fantastic! This will show all those apple snobs at work!

twiztid1 says:

This would be the perfect compliment to my Keurig at work!!!

mahorad says:

Love to have that Andy Cup...
Come'on baby

Examiner19 says:

a comment on this post

rhino3081 says:

Awesome! Nothing like some swag from my favorite android site. :)

buckwild says:

I'd luv to have one of these!!

smcolbert says:

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.

STL77 says:

I never win anything

gilligan793 says:

talk about starting your morning off right!

triangle8 says:

I love coffee. Having in a Lloyd mug would be that much better.

sikk66 says:

I need that mug in my life!

ventzi says:

If I win one this will be the best way to start the weekend.
Thanks AC

garychan says:


Punkdroid says:

That mug rawks! I want one!

sikpupi#AC says:

Jake Hughes was looking for a dry-cleaner in Monee, Illinois. His iOS Map application instead took him to a chiropracter's office in Chilicothe, Ohio where he discovered Elvis Presley drinking from an Android Central mug. The King was heard to say "It's a big-a-big-a-big-a hunk of Lloyd", upon which he reached for his guitar and started singing a new song, "Jailbreak Rock". "I never would have found him if not for my iPhone 5" said Jake.

Cap_172R says:

sweet... would be a cool mug to have!

pceasar says:

A little marvin gaye and Chardonnay - Nexus 7

ExtremeNerd says:

My first day, I got into an argument with my VP about the security of Android vs iPhone. Luckily, I still have my job. Please help me get the last word by showing off the cup each and every morning.

jslman says:

I can never get enough Android gear!

ExtremeNerd says:

*Delete Double Post*

Iptorrentin says:

Please send one of those mugs my way. I need some Android love. I Bricked my bran new GS3 a few days ago... Thanks!

dec3ption says:

Comment for coffee!!

smojr says:

I remember that time Lloyd and I were hangin out by the coffee maker, talking about the clubs we're going to hit. This would be a great memento to remember that epic weekend.


davpel says:

Robbed out of an SGS3 in the "Where's Lloyd" contest this summer. The mug will help make up for that horrific injustice!

x10d3 says:

My 40 was in Wednesday evening.... Need more coffee....

vineds says:

go! go! go Lloyd coffee!

Nothing would make my morning complete then having this mug.

Three cheers for Lloyd!

JacobK says:

Please, may I have one?

mjkep says:

I should buy a boat!

spitzdroid says:

I'd love a new coffee cup to add to the collection. Pick me please!

Lemmy666 says:


Lemmy666 says:


h20squirter says:

I love coffee. I love android. Gimme please.

ballison78 says:

Lloyd is indeed good to the last drop. I'll take it please.

Can I have a cup please?

Offbyone says:

Im ready to drink from this mug!

moedin says:

this would compliment my desk at work because i spend a lot of my time here anyways .... WANT! haha!

El Niche says:

I want Android for my Java

wgpeter says:

Meaning, value and worth. That's what I shall feel if I walk away a winner with this bad boy. Well, at least gratitude! Thanks for the chance, AC!

bryanw504 says:

Sure i'll take a free mug and a free nexus 7 to

NSR says:

It's will be good with Arabian coffee :p
I love it & I love Android

I would actually drink coffee from this mug.

buzzard says:

I'd love to have a cup of coffee with Lloyd!

toxicious says:

I <3 Lloyd
Can I haz mug? :>

Joet says:

Lloyd would sure class up my desk....

Wearing an Android shirt to work on casual Friday. Need a mug though.

not12listen says:

this would be a wonderful addition to the office where i work - nearly everyone has an iPhone, and i simply cannot stand it... :)

wmurch3 says:

My coffee really wants to be inside that mug!

tonylinde says:

I'd love a Lloyd mug.

iamblob says:

I would love a Loyd mug too!

rsolomonjr1 says:

green android. green tea. i like coffee but I'd rather not be coughy.

jackwagon06 says:

Wow, I am the only one in my company rocking android among all these apple fanboys, my mug would stir it up!

installerman says:

I need something to show my loyalty to Android.

Adam G says:


Nobody Else says:


Mtn_Scott says:

I want Lloyd's mug on my mug.

fletchtb says:

I would fill that mug daily with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters' French Roast!

Good luck to all who enter and to everyone else, have a nice weekend!

markkelley says:

Hook me up... It's a great way to annoy the lame Apple people.

mstrblueskys says:

Tea time!

coraphise says:

Lloyd, yes please! :)

joebogey says:

Although not fitting to the hipster fashon model, we all know the android mug operates better and has better options of input.

sbrissen says:

This would go nicely next to my "Computer Genius" mug in my cubicle and stir up the apple fans :-)

jprins68 says:

A Llyod mug will drive home my love of Android in my Apple loving workplace.

NickSaul says:

Oh man, I want that mug!

mgftp says:

The greatest mathematician could not multiply my love for android by my love for coffee.... mug me please.

for3nsicguy says:

The Lloyd Mug would be great to show off in my forensic lab. Sign me up!!!

ZigmunD says:

I'm in!

Seryozha says:

awww no baileys?

mbentley311 says:

Free stuff is always awesome, but free Android related stuff is always amazingly awesome!

commonplace says:

Pick me, pick me, yeah!


android_app says:

Would be nice to replace my Company Branded mugs with one of these. Even though I love my company.

Idelgado782 says:

I love android central!!!! I go to the site at least 3-4 times a day to check for the latest news. I would love a mug to drink my coffee in while I'm getting my read on!

jhotmann says:

Cool, count me in!

Heavymentill says:

I need it so i can keep my pee.

jeff275 says:

Me!! Mee!! Meeeeee!!!

jycas says:

Hope to win one at least!

rob_beta says:

I want a Loyd

nbpacio says:

Me Likey! =)

Carbide Software loves androids and coffee. This is the perfect combination!

joverman56 says:

Pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hollow.Droid says:

Oooo nice! :D


theonlymikeg says:

I never win these things so free stuff would be nice.

croweater73 says:

Awesomest mug. Ever! :)

gmonkey88 says:

My office would be so jealous if I had this. Please pick me!

By the way, Cellcom in Wisconsin now sells the HTC Desire LTE (Droid incredible 4G LTE) and the Motorola RAZR MAXX.

ClimberTy says:

I need a new container to put my "It's almost the weekend" coffee in... anything to speed up the clock till closing time! It'll look awesome right next to my Android plushy!

tacogy3 says:

This would go great on my desk at work

fanrat10 says:

I'd love to get "Mugged" by the Android Central team...

danperde says:

Yes, please. Coffee is my blood.

love lloyd. love mugs. match made in heaven.

Erckul says:

count me in

oolatin79 says:

Hook a brotha up with a mug not a smug

rorencia says:

cool mug to drink hot coffee from

highbulp says:

Weeee coffee!!

brotherjoe says:

WOW!!! A Lloyd mug.... I have many coffee cups in my collection, but a Lloyd mug. YES... I would be honored to own one of these. Keep up the great work on AndroidCentral....

calrayray says:


Bradleee says:

That would be a nice addition to my morning routine.

austxdan says:

A tasty mug o'coffee right about now would sure look and taste better in my new Lloyd mug! Wouldn't all my agile mates be jealous.

Brillow says:

Uuuuuh, I want it. Even though I don't drink coffee.

Maven454 says:

I've been needing a new mug.

robv_100 says:

Android mug.... gotta love it, it will drive my family crazy!

senectus says:

I have two girls, you bring the cup!

srheug#AC says:

I work in an office full of Apple Fan Boys and would love to display this mug proudly on my desk to every single one of them.

Just broke my mug :-((( . So a new one would be great :-))

Valter.VX says:

Energy mug! :)

NorcalAOD says:

New Mug TIME!!!!

JustJoey says:

I've yet to acquire any Lloyd merchandise. This would make a good start.

bpfsox23 says:

wouldn't mind having this mug at all

tdesai4 says:


CeluGeek says:

I can't remember who suggested to make coffee mugs back when the T-shirts and pins became available, but thanks AC for listening!

t35rk says:

That looks like an all around, nice mug.

SkinsFan1987 says:

A Lloyd mug would make me the coolest guy in my office!

Of course, there aren't a lot of guys in this office, but still...

Would love to show my love and support of Android Central and rock a sweet mug :)

YELLOW is my fave colour. ANDROID is my preferred flavour. AC is my sole source. :)

runer112 says:

Coffee? Not happening. When I win this (Fingers crossed) I am gonna fill it with tea, and when it doesn't have any tea I am going to use it as a place holder for my GS3.

Losingit says:

In the best Homer Simpson voice I can muster - "Hmmmmm, coffee"

crimsonsky says:

LLoyd watching me while I drink my coffee? Sure, why not!

saulc07 says:

I love the design! :)

Smackers3 says:

That Lloyd mug will go perfectly with the Lloyd wallpaper on my GN while sitting in it's dock on my desk!!! GO LLOYD...

ClinchDroid says:

This would be great for work. I need to show it off to my co-workers who are isheep.

I drink coffee every morning at work with my android phone right next to it. Well you might say, what if you spill it on your phone... if I had this mug, I wouldn't have to worry about this, Lloyd wouldn't mess my phone up would he?

Mooem says:

You know you're an Android fan when all you do is browse Android blogs on your coffee break.

56K says:

Sweet I need a new work mug....

juanflight says:

That's a sweet looking mug.... Me please ;-)

thatguy906 says:

Coffee, check. Bailey's check. Lloyd mug... :(

Croxy says:

Nice cup, just to fit right on to my android family collection :)

deviantartjr says:

I want this stuff accompany my coffee time :-)

inthegalaxy says:

It would go good with the Lloyd tee.


Hosehead says:


Jon_shiflett says:

This cup is better than the one I stole from the coffee shop. I want it please.

piizzadude says:

my new favorite mug!

Android Central rocks!!!

niddup says:

I'm in need of a new mug, this would be great.

willmsbrg says:

Oh, I'm always up for something new to drink coffee with.. Thanks for the contest!!

jpmi23 says:

Oh man! This would be AWESOME on my desk! Next to my Andy-like NFC tags! It would make my office partner jealous too! LOL! #musthave

kbm25 says:

I promise to never drink flavored coffee out of the mug.

gothicmedic says:


delesh says:


VDub2174 says:

My work desk would not be complete without this mug!!

I'll even post a pic of his new home if I win :)

a2Squard says:

Love coffee. Love Lloyd. Thanks guys!

Bcherin says:

Would love one of these mugs, it would be well used!

teckels says:

I see you Lloyd!

etnpnys says:

Ooooh I hope it's used!!

Dyno625 says:

awesome mug, I need one!

Mmmm. Good coffee in the morning while reading Android Central.

deviantartjr says:

I want win this mug, to accompany my coffee time

erieGISgeek says:

Mmmmmm, coffee with Lloyd. Nice!!!

kernmal says:

Android and coffee. Two of my favorite things.

mapexonly says:

I want this mug

pilothaz says:

I want a mug, but it will have to be for home... No more personal cubicles in the new office floor plan. :)

mapexonly says:

it would be a great birthday gift

dweeze87 says:

I would love a an Android Central styled mug!

drhere says:

I am starting to be the go to guy for Android issues at work. This would show my AC pride. Besides, drinking coffee without a cup is a pain.

bsinc1962 says:

I love it, that is so sweet. Even if I don't win one I want to buy one.

beetlecrzy says:

Maybe androids could run on dunkin.

gpdaddy95 says:

I keep posting to comments to win and just can't catch a break. SHow me a little mug love, baby!

DibDab says:

Yes please.

betsuni says:

Count me in, I would love to free Lloyd. I mean love a free Lloyd.

wbogacz says:

I love me my coffee, and Lloyd's stance and attitude keep me aware I have to keep my consumption in hand.

hoosiercub says:

I need a good reason to start drinking coffee :)

luke31 says:

I feel like I'm crawling towards this weekend. Definitely need a cup o' Lloyd.

fantasma4 says:

I drink coffee every morning, I need this mug.

directmatrix says:

This would complement my DYZ plastic BugDroid figurines at my cubicle nicely!

Love Lloyd

Sturta says:

I drink coffee, and usually use a mug. Perfect fit!

DawnGP143 says:

I think you should give it to me since it's my birthday!!!!!

wstoreyii says:

I definitey want one. Where can I buy it if I don't. Win?

This would be great to have my coffee in at my house, especially because I am surrounded by Applettes: the wife and both daughters! Outnumbered 3 to 1!

CaptainYoshi says:

A nice AC mug might make drinking my crappy office coffee a little less painful. :-D

Would look great on my desk at work.

Ranked says:

Mug looks like the perfect replacement for my desk!

kjhalstead says:

Literally everyone in my office has an Iphone except me, I would love to show my Android dedication while sipping my coffee and laughing at them complain about their phones.

Yeagerbomb3 says:

I would love to see this sitting on my desk at work! :)

scubastevegk says:

Bailey's at work? Yes, please...

stpark6985 says:

This would be perfect for my work bench!

virus786 says:

Omg im so in for the win :)

rstack87 says:

Can always use a good coffee mug.

justinplett says:

Yes Please!

UnfocusedHTC says:

I have a new IT job and need new mug to go with it. This would be perfect.