Beautiful Widgets, the application that is known for bringing a Sense like style to any device, received a nice update today. The update changed the weather service to AccuWeather, which we hope can be just a little more accurate. The menus of the application also have been updated making the application way easier to navigate. In the past, the menus were not the easiest thing to look through, they now allow users to easily set and change the many features of the application. In addition, one of the other great new features is the unlock animations, which brings some brief animations of the current condition to your homescreen after unlocking the device. If you have not checked the update out, be sure to do so. Market links after the jump.



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Beautiful Widgets gets updated, brings AccuWeather and more


The article says:"In addition, one of the other great new features is the unlock animations, which brings some brief animations of the current condition to your homescreen after unlocking the device."

Yes it is. Though the animations tend to run a little long. Last night, it was cloudy, and large clouds continued to roll by the screen for a while. I shut it off for now. They sure are neat though.

The unlock feature is a little laggy fore now and the lone cloud that rolled across the screen looked a little anemic compared to sense but it a good start hope to see more updates in the future.

Keep posting Weather Apps Jared, I'll always know the temp/conditions near my house. I'm a town over!

I actually found the unlock animations incredibly annoying. They continued to fly across the screen in car mode and made everything a double tap since the first tap turned off the animation. When I turned off the animations though they kept cropping up. Eventually I uninstalled and will reinstall later.

agreed.....the unlock weather animation gets confused by the car dock mode. I had clouds cruising across random screens while in the car dock.

oh definitely......I switch back and forth between this app and also fancy widgets. I like the look of fancy widgets better....a little cleaner, but beautiful widgets does alot more and includes lots of other widgets besides the normal and small weather/clock widgets.

Fancy Widgets is gone from the Market. They got a nice fat Cease and Desist from HTC. It's essentially a clone of the Sense flip clock/weather widget. Search for the .apk if really want it. I use it all the time because I like the look of it.

If you find the QR code, you can still get it, but it's no longer in the market. It's a nice app for when you want to impersonate Sense, but I honestly prefer BW due to the customization.

You know my favorite part? The constant force closes! Between this, and an unrecoverable copy of Touiteur, LevelUpStudios is really destroying my Incredible.

I really do love these apps, but the last few updates have become really unstable. Unfortunately, the response time I used to get when contacting them on Twitter is virtually non-existent anymore, so it's not even like the issues can be resolved.

I had this issue before the update but no longer. I'm assuming you went in and changed the update frequency in settings.

Nothing changed, "out of the box". I'm going to give it an uninstall/reinstall and see if that works.

I updated to version 3 last night - The weather lags several hours and requires frequent manual updates. I also have frequent force closes on my Droid. I uninstalled (again) and went back to WeatherBug elite. WB is much, much better. Beautiful Widgets is a buggy mess and is not worth it.

Just installed this. Generally, I like it, but I downloaded some of the custom clock skins and when I try to apply them, nothing changes. Anybody else having better luck? Or am I doing something wrong?

Nevermind - turns out I had to remove the widget, then put it back on my homescreen and select the clock skin at that point when it goes thru the setup process. Changing the skin after the widget is already on the screen doesn't seem to work.

You have to apply it 3 times. When you select the skin, you hit apply, then Save and Apply at the bottom of the screen, then when you return to the main settings page, scroll all the way to the bottom and hit save and apply again. It should change when you get back to your home screen.

Where did you change the skin? If you press the weather icon to go to the weather screen, then menu, there are options to change the clock and weather skins on the fly, as well as the rest of the configuration. I was doing the same thing as you, removing the widget each time, until someone showed me this option.

Strangeness - I could swear I was doing exactly that, but it wasn't sticking. It seems to be working as you describe now.

UPDATE: Still not updating the weather, been several hours and still sitting on 88....thankfully I still had the old 2.999 version, since Google is working now, just went back to that version and now it is updating fine...Will wait till this is fixed again to update

not too impressed with update so far it no longer recognizes that i am in the middle of Omaha Nebraska it is giving me some tiny little town like 40 miles from where i am. tried uninstall and reinstall same results. weather seems to be updating ok though. Guess i shouldn't have updated because i was very happy with it before.

I have my update set for 15 min.....went to the store, checked the temp before I left, was 88 the time i got home (2 hours later) it did not change....checked Accuweather and it stated it was 94...
Last night I tried it again and it updated the temp once, then stopped again...
Reloaded the 2.999 version using Google again and it seems to keep the temp fine.

With all the issue with the clock and all, i am staying with 2.999 until these things are fixed...

jdigg - What do you have the update interval set at in your settings? The default is every 2 hours but you can change it to as little as every 15 minutes.

Tried the update yesterday, worked great for a few hours, but now the clock won't automatically update. I constantly have to restart the widget to get the current time.
Sent a message to the developer but have not yet received a response.

Since the update when the app updates the temp. for my location(I have it set to show the temp. in the notification bar), I get four temp readings in the notification bar rather than one!