Beautiful Widgets 5.6               Beautiful Widgets 5.6

Two customizable widgets to fit any homescreen look you're going for

Beautiful Widgets is always improving its app with new user-facing features and back-end fixes, and in its latest release, version 5.6, it's bringing two new widget designs. The widgets are flat, simple and customizable, with two different sizes — 4x2 and 4x1 — that give you variety to match the rest of your phone just right. Each one offers a simple display of the time, date and weather information, and you can customize them by adjusting both the transparency and the color palette.

The latest version of Beautiful Widgets is available now in the Play Store from the link at the top of this post. You can try out the free, ad-supported version with the options of in-app purchases, or go straight to the paid version for just $2.69.

Beautiful Widgets 5.6

Beautiful Widgets 5.6


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Beautiful Widgets 5.6 now available with two new and simple clock widget styles


Haha +1 I won't diss it, as it's a great widget pack. But, I know I'm well past using widget packs, at this point.

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Nah, I'm not dissing it. I used it and loved it way back when...but like you said, widget packs have sort of worn out their usefulness.

I'm always will to give it a look when they come out with a new update, but I am just not sure what they've actually updated besides a new flat and boring widget which inherits the same old styles they've always used.

I wish you could use these on the lock screen
EDIT: I mean these specific themes, they don't have them available for the lock screen widget.

What camera app is that icon for? And what does that little CM head in the notification area mean?

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That CM head means that Nexus 5 is running CM =)

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Good app, got it dirt cheap a few years ago in a sale on Google play, using the colour clock widget on my moto G at the moment. Well worth it for the massive amount of widgets available

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Looks nice. I like the flattened styling, but I'm always a sucker for that look.

Probably won't replace DashClock for me, though.

I would love a nice big widget that gives me weather information. I see no reason to have the time on a widget and in the status bar when my device is unlocked. Google Now works fone, for that though, I am yet to find a widget that is truly useful and looks good, aka part of the system.

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I've actually moved on to EZ weather. Much cleaner, simpler design and the widgets are actually HD. I tried using BW recently and the widgets just don't scale properly to HD screens its seems. I'd highly recommend ez weather to anyone looking for a simple weather widget.

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I am using xperia c (c2305) since from 6 months. I want to use beautiful widgets in my device.
I installed it and enter location etc.
But how to add widgets to my home screen?

I checked all the related videos.

In any device showing that go to settings-> security-> screen lock->allow widgets in Home screen.
Unfortunately that is option is not visible anymore in my device.

Sony is not provided the software update to my device to kitkat.

Beautiful widgets are not coming into the widgets column.
Then what is the use of this app/device.

Please help me which one is complaint APP/DEVICE/SETTINGS.
Please help me to make use of beautiful widgets.