Thank you so much blackberry team. I was waiting this app. Its really great user friendly and smooth.

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BBM for Android now compatible with Gingerbread


For quite a while many of the reviews on the Play Store said the exact same thing... "Thank you so much blackberry team. I was waiting this app. Its really great user friendly and smooth." It was an obvious attempt at review/rating padding (though nobody knows who the culprit was).

So many in fact, that a person would be hard pressed to find a review that didn't say it.

Now that I understand the "joke". Here is a little more info for people that might have been coming here for information on "BBM on Gingerbread" (Maybe the article should have added this?!?!?

Gingerbread BBM does not have
BBM Voice

One sided details:
Can go from Z10 to Gingerbread (but not the other way around)

File sharing
Group chats

It's OK Jerry, I'll write your posts for you from now on. FAIL

Haha +1

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Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Stupid Canuck, do you hear me CHOU??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

This article has been up for 15 minutes now... Surprised Gekko hasn't made a comment on his death wishes towards BlackBerry!

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I just had a thought. Maybe he's mad because he has a Windows Phone and can't get any BBM love.

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Does making your app compatible with a three year old version of an operating system really count as getting things done?

20% of Android (Less than 4.8% of all smartphones) and steadily falling. Meanwhile tablets (which are still not supported) are steadily rising.
This is why BB is a failing as a company, they continue to look to the past instead of the future.

Just take a moment to think about this. More people can now use the app and you think it's a bad thing? I'm pleased because my misses has a Gingerbread phone and now she can chat with me on BBM rather than text. I just don't get people being so negative.

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BB has VERY limited resources. They've chosen to dedicate those resources to a shrinking population rather than one that is growing.
Think about that for a few minutes.

I'm sure there are folks out there on Eclair and Donut that would love to have BBM as well, BB shouldn't be developing for those versions either.

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You seem to have completely forgotten that BB just released BBM 2.0 for IOS and Android a week earlier including BBM Voice and Channels. A far greater undertaking and I would guess had far more resources "dedicated" to it. The added support for Gingerbread was just another addition and a welcome one.

And when will tablets get support? A four year old OS gets support ahead of tablets? Really? BB does know whether it's coming or going... and still hasn't figured out a way to actually make any money.
BBM voice is nice (although I have this phone thing that lets me call anyone whether they have BBM or not), but channels are just stupid.

Thank you so much blackberry team. I was waiting this app. Its really great user friendly and smooth

I don't think bb should die. Bb just needs to get its software sorted out. I think most agree there hardware is good.

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I would modify that slightly to say "young" as it has just gone past its first birthday. Unless of course you are willing to concede that Android was "shite" when it was 1 year old? In which case we are all good here ;-)

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It was. And I speak as a fan...

Android didn't really sort out its usability issues until ICS (basically when they got the webos guy in).

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BB has been building OS's for years. To build such a poor OS is inexcusable. Android is a poor subject for a metaphor, a far better one would be WebOS. Established (yet small) old guard smartphone maker in need of a modern OS. Rabid fan base. But neither has gained any traction and I'd argue WebOS was a better OS on day 1 than BB10 is after a year.

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When was the last time you tried BB10 OS? Tell me one problem with it? The OS is amazing!

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Putting aside the godawful app store...
How do you launch an OS and only allow users to set a single alarm?
Flow is fundamentally non-intuitive. It's supposed to be a core element, but it just doesn't work in a sensible way. Even Windows Phone is more intuitive, and I abhor Windows Phone. The next word prediction on the keyboard is horrendous from a UI standpoint. Why did someone think that overlaying words scattered across the keyboard would be a good idea? That's just awful UI design. The cameras are still mediocre at best. Yes, it's hardware, not OS, but BB is a hardware company.
The OS isn't "amazing", it's "meh" at best. Although if you're coming from an older BB, I can see how it would look amazing. Welcome to the future.

First off - We are talking about the current state of BB10. Not 1year ago when it was released.

App store - Amazing! Has BB10 native apps and access to Android apps
Alarms - Multiple
Flow - Amazing and smooth. Sorry you are not able to understand the effectiveness of this
Word prediction - I use it all the time and can type faster on my BB10 (Z10) then any Android user on their phone. I have had many fun battles.
Camera - Questionable as to what device you are comparing it to. My worker has a GS4 and my camera is wayyyy better for quality. Also the Time Shift is a great feature that no other device has.
Hardware - My dual core processor is quicker and more fluid than my workers GS4. He comments about it all the time. He has only had his phone for 5months and it is bogged down all the time and stutters. My phone is over a year old with no lag

Come to my future. BlackBerry is back!

App Store - Ha! It's small and many of those sideloaded Android apps don't run well. When you have to sideload aps, you have a problem with your app store. Just like jailbreaking an iPhone isn't genuine functionality.

Alarms - BB10 launched without the ability to set multiple alarms. pardon the pun, but isnt that kind of alarming as far as the company having their heads up their backsides?

Flow - Horrible. But hey, if I was coming from an old BB, I'd probably be impressed too.

Word Prediction - If you're having 'battles' at typing, then you need to get a life. Seriously. You do know that BB10's keyboard is basically Sqype right? And by basically, I mean it IS swype, they worked with Swype on the keyboard. And that layout with the predictive words all over the keyboard is just ridiculous. Of course, anyAndroid user who wanted soemthing like that could get it because unlike BB, we have a whole host of keyboards to choose from.

Camera - The GS4 (IMO) is an overrated device. Bloated to hell, was laggy on launch day. There isn't (IMO) a worse "top of the line" phone out there.
That said, assuming you're still using a Z10, there's no way your Z10 is taking better pictures than a GS4. I've seen the Z10 do some horrendously wonky color stuff and the GS4 is a spectacular camera.
Timeshift is overrated. I can hold down the shutter on my camera and rapidfire pictures to pick the one I want. Same deal. I'm sure somewhere out there there's an Android App that does the exact same thing as timeshift. That's because we have an app store that doesn't suck. Choice is a nice thing.

Hardware - Oh goodness. Well, again you're comparing to a crappy phone and anecdotal evidence is not actual evidence. But if you want to talk hardware.. there are what, 3, maybe 4 Blackberries on the market right now? There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of choices for an Android phone. My three year old Palm Pre doesn't lag either. Of course, it also has about as much functionality as a BB and can't run an app worth a damn.

BB is a lot like Apple. The OS is locked down and controlled very tightly. This does smooth out some things. On the other hand, it restricts choice. Choice in hardware, choice in your GUI, choice in keyboards, browsers, services and on and on and on.

BBRY 9.01 on the stock exchange. Billionaires can't get financing to buy the company. BB isn't back, BB is comatose with organs failing with friends and family gathered around the bedside praying for a miracle. A healthy BB would be great for consumers and the tech market, but BB is not healthy. Pretending it's back or good or really doing anything worth half a damn right now is just delusional.

TL;DR but you appear VASTLY ill informed. Good to see the Internet (a profound source of information) still births uninformed people.

I'm quite surprised you are so educated in BB10. (sarcasm)

Do you work at a TMobile booth in your local mall? You sound like all the rest of the goons that do.

Apps - Do not need to sideload apps on BlackBerry 10 anymore. We have access to Android app stores that run on the device without sideloading and the apps install directly on the device. Do some research!

Alarms - Guess you got me on that one! The device didn't come at release with multiple alarms (a year ago). Oh wait, it does now. Ummm so who cares now?.....

Flow - Flow vs "Back" button. Um, I've seen tons of android users trying to get "back" to something and clicking that back button a million times to try and figure out where the heck there other "page/menu" was. Flow and Peek are wayyy better.

Word prediction - Yes it is made by Swype. And NO you cannot have it on your Android device. Show me a link of someone running an android device with BB10 keyboard. And YES it is awesome and amazing and quicker than all other virtual keyboards out there.

Sidenote: In regards to your post about Camera. You say that IYO the GS4 is "overrated" and there isn't a worse "top of the line" phone out there. Isn't it the top selling Android device? So if the BlackBerry Z10 is better than the GS4 then I would say that BlackBerry has a better device then majority of the Android devices that user have. Kinda weird to think about it that way.

Camera - Yes the Z10 DOES take better pictures than the GS4. I have done comparison photos with my workers GS4. Colour on Z10 is perfect. Time Shift is not overrated, and is NOT the same as Rapidfire. Can you pick individual faces and change EACH one in a different time? Does your Rapid Fire go back in time prior to pressing the shutter button? (sounds weird but yes BB10 does). And NO NO Android app can do this! This is built into the hardware!!

Hardware - Hundreds of choices of phones does not make Android better. BB can't run an app worth a damn???? Where did you pull this concept out of??? BB7? BB10 is great with apps. Especially the native ones. What is the common saying for Android devices, "6months in, time to get a new upgrade". My phone is 1 year old and is running stronger than before, is still getting updates, and has NO lag. No other android device can you say that after 1 year.

Choice - OK you got me there again. We can't change the "theme/look" of our phones. Oh wait, we can change our browser option..... Oh wait why would we? We have THE BEST browser out there! As seen here: . And we can also change our background!!! LOL (that was a joke). Keyboard does not need other options.... when it is the best keyboard you can get. Not sure what your so on and so on is.....

Health - The image of BlackBerry is NOT healthy. The devices and OS are super healthy and new flagship Superphones are in the rumour mill...... Only gets better.

Thanks for you time good sir. Have a great day. And try out a BB10 device sometime and really get to know it and the awesomeness it has!

I would modify that slightly to say "young" as it has just gone past its first birthday. Unless of course you are willing to concede that Android was "shite" when it was 1 year old? In which case we are all good here ;-)

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Android was Shite at 1, now not at all. BB is on how many versions? They should have it right. BB10 is nothing spectacular.

When was the last time you tried BB10 OS? The OS is amazing! Tell me one problem with it?

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Well there is more than one moron on here spewing the same crap. I'll bring up the logical questions to test your knowledge on what your guys are actually talking about.

You haven't asked one logical question. You asked for "one problem" with BB10 and I gave you half a dozen without having to even think about it.

@ NoNexus
How can you compare Android being Shite at 1 (year old I'm assuming) and BB to its versions? Shouldn't it be:
Android was Shite at 1
BB10 is great at 1

Version numbers have nothing to do with timeline. BB10 was not great at release, but one year later it is competing with OS's that have been around for 5+ years.

BB10 is still inadequate. BB10 (note the 10!) is the newest version of BB. Android after 1 year was 1 year into a brand new OS for a compan that had never done anything like it before.
BB has been making mobile OS's for over a decade. BB10 is a HUGE disappointment at this stage of the game.

You don't understand BB10 at all.

BB10 is a BRAND NEW OS from the ground up! NOTHING is brought over from BB7.
Completely different coding/OS/ and team.

For you to understand, They could have created a new company called RaspBerry and called the OS RB10. That would be the same thing. Completely BRAND NEW.

Do some research so you don't look like such an idiot and troll.

What YOU don't understand is that BB isn't a startup like Android was. BB was an established company with customers already invested in their products. They can't be compared to Android because they were in a completely different place as businesses and as far as expectations. BB's decade of experience has to be considered in creating the new version of the OS, just as with a new version of Windows.

And consumers agree. They're not buying BB10 devices. Globally BB7 is still outselling BB10, even a year after its release. It was a disappointment when it was released and it's a failure a year later.

BlackBerry 10 is a BRAND NEW startup like Android was!!! That's what YOU don't understand. The whole new BlackBerry 10 is 100% brand new. Nothing taken from BB7OS. Windows is always taking the same code and processing and adjusting/refreshing/updating it.

BlackBerry's might not be selling well but I would say it is because of people like YOU and the media and poor tech sites. The ones that are done bashing BlackBerry for the fun of it and give it a try actually have a BIG surprise. Examples: and . I SUGGEST YOU TO READ BOTH THOSE ARTICLES AND COMMENT BACK TO ME!! Love to hear what you have to say then.....

Yeah, sorry, BBM isn't actually secure.
And if you're IMing (on any platform) about something that needs to be secure, you should be fired.

That may be so. I'm not really in a position to debate, if BBM is secure or not. My argument has always been that one should not even be communicating secure information via instant messenger in the first place.

Why not? That's a huge benefit of BBM. I see BlackBerry bringing BBM to desktop next, and or as an instant messaging service for enterprise. I use Lync at my work now and have used same time as well. Would much prefer bbm especially with sensitive information.

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Ok, you'd probably be in a better position to debate that anyway. But, as a member of the military, even the people that I've seen using Blackberrys for work aren't allowed to communicate secure information via instant messenger. It's either via secure telephone or in person. Maybe, the military can't be compared to your standard corporation, in this regard.

I appreciate your reply, nonetheless!

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Sorry, but BB has handed the keys to their servers to the Indian government and you can bet the Indian government is swapping that access to other governments for other favors.
And just to repeat...
If you're IMing (on any platform) about something that needs to be secure, you should be fired. I say that as someone who works with secure information on a regular basis.

Yeah really if you have info to hide then meet with tat person in person.

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Thank you so much blackberry team. I was waiting this app. Its really great user friendly and smooth.

Ooooh, I'll go dig out my BB Storm and my original Incredible and see if they can message each other.

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I know you were attempting a joke but I think it failed.

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Oh good I've been waiting to use this on my OG droid. I'll dust it off and install this. NOT.

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The Friendly and Smooth gag is actually relevant.
They added Gingerbread for those BBM friendly developing countries.

Blackberry. From executive luxury item, to installation of it's services on old budget Android phones.

I think more than half or almost half of the Android users still run Gingerbread. This is great that they added this to Gingerbread. Not trying to cause a war but BBM is the fastest messaging system. I made my Android and IOS buddies crap their selves once I hit the enter button.

Let's talk about that business perspective.
BB is making $0 from the distribution of BBM to other platforms. They get no advertising dollars and the app is free.
Additionally, making BBM available for free on other platforms is one less reason to buy an actual BB device. We know from the first failed rollout that BB's existing infrastructure was inadequate for handling the increase in users, so BB is losing more money by upgrading that infrastructure.
So how exactly does any of this make business sense? Answer: It doesn't.

Removeth head from anus an ye shall see light lol... seriously though man enough. BlackBerry is going to monetize BBM using BBM Channels and BBM Money very soon... Now if it's too difficult to see what they are doing by adding support for Gingerbread, which again is 20% of Android, then we are done here until you can figure it out... But I'm sure you will reply with something wildly intelligent such as "BBM Channels isn't available for Gingerbread" lol

20% of how many Android devices is a ton of potential BBM users. You obviously would be an awful business man. BlackBerry would only need a small percentage of users to adapt to have millions of new uses.

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Millions of new users paying $0 is of no consequence. Unless they start charging for BBM or somehow this sells more BB phones (no sign of that happening) it's just BB shouting 'look at me I'm still relevant honest!'

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If this had grabbed headlines going cross platform and then been followed up by game changing hardware or OS features then I would buy it as a business move. It hasn't been though, there has been nothing.

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Your welcome but hey, I'm not a full fanboy. I lean towards Android and Windows. I came close to switching to a HTC One last week but now the rumors of a new one, I think I can wait. :)

The One is a pretty sweet device. What rumors I've heard about the new one aren't terribly compelling as upgrades go, I'd probably get the price reduced One once the M8 is released if I was interested in an HTC flagship device.
Personally, the Moto X is a spectacular device.

BBM for gingerbread might've been useful 3 yrs ago. It goes right along with BlackBerry's unofficial logo- a little too late

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So I'm curious to your opinion on the 20% of Android users on Gingerbread. Guess the millions still using it are irrelevant by your standards?

Anyone using a 3-4 year old phone probably isn't installing many apps... They're more likely the type that are happy with what they have and see no reason to update. They're not the type that are going to be reading android central either, so won't have heard of BBM.

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This comment may actually be spot on.

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Thank you so much blackberry team. I was waiting this app. Its really great user friendly and smooth

Ooh shit! A BBM article fellas lets all go over there and bash it like cool kids should do woohoooo. I really wonder what your friends or those that know you folks would do if they could see your posts. They'd probably be like "dude.. its a messaging app what is wrong with you and why are you so bothered???" I really feel embarrased to think most of you are more than likely in your 20's and over and that is extremely embarassing. I thought Android users were big on choice but now i see they dont even want it to work on other android phones just cos it's BBM. Should they pull whatsapp, facebook, twitter etc from Gingerbread devices too? IM sure ya'll will go quiet now but if the eviI BBM does just as the others are its frowned upon. I think you guys really need to rethink your priorities cos your hate for choice is so against the beauty and purpose of Android.

Well said. I was starting to feel embarrassed for some of the people on here.

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"Dude, it's a messaging app, what is wrong with you that you're so excited about a messaging app?"

It's easy to say this is about a messaging app. A thoughtful reading though sees it is actually about the direction of BB as a whole. Dedicating a piece of their limited resources to development for an obsolete platform as opposed to moving forward with growing platforms, addressing shortcomings, adding new features to get up to par with other services and giving away services with no plan to use those services to hook users into other revenue generating services.
Does anything about BB strike you as a company with a plan? Or do they strike you as a company that is spinning its wheels to stay relevant only to sink further into the mire?

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The point is mate.. what exactly is it to you? Dods it affect your rent, mortgage, Love life, finance, food on your teble etc.. like serioisly what exactly pains you sooooo mich that you just have to knock a wait for it.. mobile phone brand? Like i just cant understand it. Please explain. I cant imagine trolling everytime mivrosoft updates skype or one drive or excel or whatever other product they put out there. Or hating on android each time they update gmail, google maps or whatever. A friend of mine just left here... she uses a samsung galaxy. When she got home she called me on bbm voice to let me know shes home safe.. she doesnt even have my number. For me thats blackberry and android working together and doing the riggt thing. Why you guys have such a problem that even having bbm on gingerbread is such an issue is what i dont understand.

Can you explain?

And why is it you have to suck up to a... wait for it... mobile phone brand? A corporation that doesn't give two shits about you? If criticism is invalid, then so is praise.

"Why you guys have such a problem that even having bbm on gingerbread is such an issue is what i dont understand."
There are a lot of things you don't understand. If you don't get it after having it explained to you once already, then there's nothing more I can do for you.

There goes the neighbourhood. Ah well.. trolls also think its ok to make fun of dead people when hiding behind a computer. No sane person understands it but the trolls still defend it. Have fun folks.

I think BB is a poorly run company wasting its time developing for obsolete operating systems. If that makes me a troll then I guess I need to find a bridge.

I do love trolling BB fanbois though. Because you don't have to troll them, you just talk common sense and they get all upset.
"Wah wah, don't say bad stuff about BB, it's not nice."
"The truth is bad stuff? Why is it okay to praise but not to critique?"
"Wah wah, you're a troll!"

I initially thought you were an educated person but this one's the clincher lol... no need for me to respond to you further. Cheers!

Hysterical stuff. I'm curious to know how many posters here were the same that spouted incessantly that their OS suppliers were not updating the software on their phones. BBRY provides an update and the sophmores here do not fail to provide some real laughs. I wish I could come to AC for the technical info. Unfortunately all I come for is the laughs.

It's sad. BB makes good stuff. Everyone is just wrapped up in Android and iOS these days.

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BB MADE good stuff. Verb tense is important. BB is irrelevant for a reason. Their OS is bleh and their hardware is uninspiring. The budget Moto G is a better device than anything Blackberry has put out in a year. it's sad to see what was once a great company fall so far, but that's just the way things are. I wish Palm was back on top making great devices, but pretending they didn't disintegrate doesn't make it so.

Thank you so much AndroidCentral team. I was waiting this article. Its writing really great user friendly and smooth.

Was that really called for?

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