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A quick heads up that, yes, the BBM for Android application has leaked out. But, no, you can't use it just yet. The deal is that your BlackBerry ID has to first be whitelisted with BlackBerry's servers. And seeing as how you're probably not an official beta tester — hey, we're not, either — ain't nobody whitelisting you.

So, we continue to wait.

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BBM for Android leaks out, but you can't use it yet


It depends. On the older BlackBerrys your PIN wasn't associated with a BlackBerry ID. If it was, then you can probably restore your contact list. If not, then you will probably need to start over. It's just an educated guess.

It still won't work at this moment. I have a blackberry ID however I'm still stuck at the "setting up BBM" screen.

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You will need to create a BBID if you don't have one. If you already have one, all you have to do is log in to in on the new device. It will be just like switching BBs.

And just like with switching BBs, your old BB's BBM will deactivate.

At first your Blackberry ID that would generate a PIN... and then that PIN for adding contacts in future...

I cannot think of a more worthless a app than bbm for android.
Guess while u cant use it u will just continue using whatsapp...

If only they made it simple that it works with the email address you register for blackberry app world, same as for play store and app store.

Last minute try at saving a sinking ship.
Enjoy the hype

Each device will have a unique PIN. So your Android device's PIN will be different from your old BB PIN. But you **can** use the same BBID.

The only reason I can think of is people who have plans that don't include unlimited texts. That's what I've been reading mostly.

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This an honest question or are you just being grumpy?

A lot of people (in the corporate world) still use BlackBerry. If someone wanted to message those people, but preferred to use their Android based phone instead, this would be useful.

Some people have grandfathered unlimited data plans that, unfortunately, have limited SMS messages, so must use a data plan based messaging app. Yes, there's lots of choices, but if most of your contacts are accessible using BBM, then this would be handy.

Is this app/service for everyone. No. Is any app/service? No. But choice is a _wonderful_ thing.

Your assuming everyone is you I'm guessing.

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It was a legitimate question for someone who has never used the service. Don't be a douche.

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How are you able to judge legitimacy of a question from five words, all of which were used to form the question? :P

You do realize, the question you just asked can apply to both you and BB_Bmore, right?

I love semantics!!

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Why wouldn't anyone use What's App or any other similar app? Lots of different reasons. For me I hate the limitations of texting on Android (size limits, group chat not working all the time, emoji and international use). If BBM ends up being a better app than What's App or any of the others then why not want it?

For people with friends who are stuck with blackberry's

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For people with friends who are stuck with blackberry's

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Because texting costs and has these virtual boundries which are for some reason tied to physical country borders. Basically international texting is expensive...

And people buying smart phones without texting and sometimes even voice plans is becoming popular. Think pre-paid data...

While I feel like *some* folks will want/use this, I tend to agree this app is a day late and a dollar short.

If this had come out a few years ago, a lot of folks would have been all over it, but frankly, I don't see what this could offer that Google Hangouts cannot in terms of SMS alternatives.

For me, it's not always as much about what features are offered, as it is how many folks have access to it. It's not really convenient if I have to tell all of my friends/family, "Hey go download this app"...when most of their responses would be, "why don't you just text me, jerk?". A few years ago, when I still knew a lot of people using BBM on their BlackBerries, this would have been great, but now most people I know have left the BB platform a long time ago and have adapted to other services.

The problem lies in those 'other' services. Most of which are not as feature rich as BBM, and you need 2 sometimes 3 apps to do what can be done in one app.

And the there's the ultimate question, if 50+% of your contact are using BBM, will you still hold this opinion of it?

Personally, I don't have a negative opinion of BBM. When I had a BlackBerry, I never had the opportunity to use it, because none of my friends used it, even the ones with BlackBerrys.

If it works good, then great! If I can get some people to use it, then I'll give it a go.

But, many of us will agree: BBM should have come a LOT sooner.

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BBM does a lot more then just texting (Though the first Android & iOS versions will be very basic)

BBM does:
file transfers
voice notes
voice chat
video chat
screen share
BBM Channels
BBM Money
Scoreloop Game integration

Not sure if the bottom 2 will come to Android, but the rest will arrive by the end of the year, or early next year.

Because it's the best real time messaging app out there. It's FREE, well designed, and small. Compared to WhatsApp which charges after a year, insists on having your phone number, and is clogged with an awful UI. BBM is the best out there. Only people that have never used it say things like "Why would anyone want this".

As an Android user, I can`t wait for BBM messenger. Why? Because I hate Whatsapp. Why? Because I hate the fact that it is based on phone numbers and I end up not giving my phone number to people I don`t want to chat with. BBM has always been the best there is in messaging. iPhone`s kik sucks big time too. And the other chats out there are the worst too like WeChat. All in all, if you value your security and privacy, BBM has always been the way to go.

Why are we even talking about this app. At this point in the game I know only one person (a customer at work) that has a Blackberry. ONLY ONE. There's no way that BBM can top Hangouts as far as number of users and compatibility.

At this point I can see a lot more use for BBM than what hangouts is offering. Yes BBM is late to the game. That doesn't mean it's useless far from it. I'd have a better chance of getting people who do work to use this. Hangouts has all the promise but currently doesn't deliver. If they ever get Google Voice and SMS working on hangouts then it will be useful. I hope it comes in kitkat. Otherwise it is just one more missed opportunity by Google.

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This has NOTHING to do with using BlackBerrys. This is about a cross platform IM app. In regards to your last statement, you've obviously not used BBM in many years.

It's already been said in the original press release from the CEO of RIM that BBM will be FREE!

If I were everyone out there wanting this leak, don't bother.
RIM normally, actually ALWAYS released things on a Tuesday. Being that Sept 21st is the last day of summer and it's a Thursday. There's a REALLY good chance that tomorrow, Tuesday Sept 17th is going to be the big day. As long as RIM actually releases on time. And everything points to them being on schedule.

Ha ha sorry! Either way, being the 21st is a Saturday it should be released the Tuesday before the 21st. Which is still tomorrow ;)

I've downloaded it but it freezes on "setting up bbm" not long to wait now. I know loads of people who are going to prefer using bbm to WhatsApp. Especially for the delivered and read notifications. WhatsApp should have incorporated that long ago.

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Coming from BB I absolutely love my HTC One but I must say there isn't a messaging app that even comes close to BB messenger. Skeptics will see that when they try it, IF it's not a watered down version

AGREED! I love my S4 and the Android OS. But you are right there is nothing that compares to BBM. And like I have said before. Anyone that questions that has obviously never used BBM.

Not really... im a z10 user, and I definitely wont switch platform only cause bbm is going to be available on android and ios. bb10 keeps getting better with updates, I haven't use bbm much since mostly everybody on my contact list has drop bb, and started using whatsapp. ive use line, kik, Skype so far whatsapp is the best and still lacks some good feat, once bbm releases all there features whatsapp wont get close to bbm. not everybody likes to give there phone number.. plus bbm voice,(free call over wifi no matter in what country you are..) screen sharing, bbm video, channels.. 2 things whatsapp has that I want bbm to have is emojis and the push to talk.

Not just over wifi. You can do voice & video over your mobile network too......unless your carrier is AT&T which blocks it

I'm with you on this. Sure, BBM wasn't necessarily keeping people on the platform, but it will be one less reason anyone would would a BB phone. And if they're not monetizing it, what good does it do?

That is actually true, RIM going cross platform is going to kill them. A lot of people only stayed with Blackberry for BBM.

I've never owned a Blackberry n never used BBM but I always heard it was like the best messaging client around (I guess because of its security right??) so anyways I probably won't need it, but it'll be cool to be able to finally check it out. And like someone on here mentioned about choices...I agree,the more the better for us all.

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Forgive my ignorance, but does anyone know if BBM can take over the duties of my stock text message app on my Note 2?

Samsung's built-in one is not good. I type in someone's name to send and the search doesn't bring up the most obvious match (I type in "mom" who is the contact name for my Mom, but it brings people up with "mom" in their email address, and not the contact name at all). The stock texting app is completely unable to thread MMS, multi-recipient replies together too. Very frustrating and Handcent and Go SMS Pro are very inconsistent too. Love, Love, Love Whatsapp but I don't know why it takes so much convincing for my friends and family to NOT pay for texting.

Alas BBM is an SMS replacement, not an SMS client so it won't help your problem of your family insisting on texting.

When I had a blackberry I used BBM but not a whole lot because most of my friends didn't use blackberries. Now most of them still don't and now neither do I so yeah thanks but no thanks.

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I guess the most important question that this leak leaves is: who gives a crap about BBM nowadays?

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It hasn't even been released yet, and there is already a minimum of 14 fake BBM apps in Google Play. I know, I know, fake BBM apps will never be able to compete in quantity to the fart apps, but still, so yes, there is obviously a demand, even if it's outside your all encompassing social cirlce

who give a crap about BBM nowadays? erm.... alot of people bbm isnt as buggy as crappy whats app it takes me n some of my friends 5 mins be4 a message gose thrue euughh! cmon BBM :D so yeah thats the people who give a crap noawadays :) :D

Cant wait to see how many 10's of thousands of people that will use this, way too late to the game BB

Could someone help me understand why we need BBM on android? It's a serious question...

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BlackBerry is trying to demonstrate value to those thinking about buying the company, so BlackBerry cares a lot about BBM. They would really like a mad rush of folks to go head first into the app give them something to possibly spin off in necessary. They also need something to reverse the stream of negativity surrounding the company and the sales of their new platform, which analysts say isn't living up to the hopes of the BOD.

Then it gets interesting because spun off, BBM is just another Dev and most Devs concentrate on the platforms where the money is and that's iOS and Android. In this scenario it would be possible down the road to picture BBM having features on iOS or Android that are not on BB10. Wouldn't that be something?