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If you've been looking to get into the Android-based e-reader game but haven't been to crazy about the price, you're starting to run out of excuses. The Barnes & Noble Nook line just got a refresh, with a Wifi-only version going for $150, and the 3G/Wifi original down to $199. Same e-ink reader display coupled with a bottom color panel, same book library. And a much lower price.

And on top of that, there's a software update for you current Nook owners. You can snag version 1.4 now at, or wait for it to be pushed out to your device. [Barnes & Noble]


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Barnes & Noble Nook gets Wifi-only version, lowers 3G price


3g is used only to buy books.
The web browser works on wick only, although that may change

So unless you buy books while traveling, wifi only model is a great deal.

As for cool hacks, there are hacks, but most of them are fairly unreliable.

The library area on the nook flattens the folder structure and that is one of the biggest complaints on the nook. I think Nook devs have been working at adding things rather than fixing nook software. They had a browser long before B&N released theirs.

But I've been seeing mixed reviews as to stability.

The $50 GC offer has been pulled. I bought a 3G nook back on the 11th and I am getting mixed messages from the 800 number and my local store. That free gift card actually was a paid gift card and they already discounted the nook by $50. I am ready to return EVERYTHING and say the hell with this. I wanted to return the nook and get two wifi models for $40 more or just get my $59 adjustment. I love this device but if their sales tactics are sketchy, then I say no thank you! Oh, and also the 800 number said the WiFi was in stores but my local store does not have them and also said that this is pre-order only for August. The website says nothing to that effect. BEWARE!!!!!!

My local store is looking into this and I hope to post a resolution comment later today.

Awesome. Now that I saw this I did some research. Nook seems to be getting some great reviews and $150 is a good price (imo) for an ereader.

I just purchased this :D

The new software update seems to fix a VERY few minor annoyances, and probably adds support for free ATT Wifi and nooks with no 3G radio.

And that is about it. No major improvements.

I've had one since March, and I use it almost daily...simply awesome device. STRONGLY recommend installing Calibre on your PC, integrates directly with the nook (via USB), and Calibre has free auto-downloads of newspapers and many magazines, such as WIRED. I don't think I've ever even used the 3G connection, although it's nice to know it's there. Having the non-3G version for a cheaper price is a steal.

Bought the wifi/3g yesterday at BB which included the gift card. They still have signs out with the promo

I bought the WiFi only version on their website the day it was released (which is the only place you can get it, not the store) and received it today. So far, it's fantastic - nothing sketchy about B&N tactics with me...