Barnes & Noble event

Barnes & Noble's whipping up some breakfast on Nov. 7, and it looks like we've got some new hardware in store, too. At the very least, we're promised a "very special announcement." The odds are on seeing a new Nook Color -- and this just a week before the uber-hyped Amazon Kindle Fire starts shipping. Will what we get be able to extinguish the Kind Fire's, erm, fire? We'll find out next week.

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akhi216 says:

Nook Color 2

linh.nguyen says:

Competition is good. Hopefully just as easy to root and get ROMs. I'm a bit worried the Fire will come locked down.

DWR_31 says:

Can anyone say, SDCARD slot?

Queueyou says:

The old one has an sd slot...

JoeUserTX says:

10 inch Nook.