Some interesting photos of the Android stand at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona have appeared via tweets from BBC Click. The Click team apparently managed to sneak backstage and grab some shots of the stand itself and an invading army of Android mascots, some of which were still in the process of being assembled.

We'll be at MWC 2011 all week, so stay tuned for continual coverage of the bevy of new Android phones and tablets that are sure to emerge. Join us after the jump for more backstage photos. [BBCClick on Twitter]

Assembling the Androids

Some sort of slide?

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btgrave says:

Giant Androids sliding down the tubage????? Damn I wish I was there!

droidgurl11 says:

That is Awesome! Androids Unite

This is like a commercial... lol it should...

slbailey1 says:

Android in a suit! Android means business! Android can do business!

corneliusm says:

Hmm.. Android in a business suit... could this mean that Android is getting a native Google office app finally?

Motosurf says:

All of them are just R2D2 with legs, old technology~ and Mr. Lucas will but a midgets in them

hoosiercub says:

If you put a Hitler mustache on the business suit Andy... I'm just saying lol

2late2die says:

Is it me or is that android in a suit also wearing a yamaka :)

Alex Dobie says:

I thought that at first, but I think it's meant to be hair

hoosiercub says:

Like I said.. hitler mustache. lol

pDoG says:

Haha! I just ordered my smaller android collectible from ebay actually.

icebike says:

Wonder how much you would have to bid on one of these after the show is over?

I want one.

AC should bribe someone to get one and hold a contest or give away.

dabaum says:

I think they're showing Android is for everyone with all of the different ones they have in the background.

mswashu says:

'Salaryman Lloyd' is now my new wallpaper!

Those look a lot like Android coolers: