The Automatic app for Android has only been available in Google Play for a few weeks, even so, has still been a beta release for the most part. Today, Automatic for Android officially hits version 1.0 and adds two new awesome features in the process — Crash Alert and Do Not Disturb.

Do Not Disturb is an Android exclusive and won't be found on the iOS version. The DnD feature allows you to silence your phone completely when driving, preventing it from distracting you while you're on the road. It even goes so far as to send a text message if anyone calls you, letting them know that you're driving. When you're stopped, you still have full access to the phone as well.

The second big feature — Crash Alert — has been available on the iOS version for a while, but now it's in full swing on Android as well. The feature is still in beta, but when enabled, it will automatically alert the authorities and loved ones should you be in a crash.

Helping people drive safer is a big part of our mission. Crash Alert, now available for both iOS and Android, can detect serious crashes and notify local authorities with your location, even if you can't. An Automatic agent will even stay on the line with you until help arrives and contact your loved ones to let them know what's happened.

Automatic for Android is totally free, though you'll need to purchase and Automatic Link to be able to use it at all, and that will set you back $99.

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Automatic for Android hits 1.0 - Adds Crash Alert and Do Not Disturb


Anybody use the whole shebang? I'm anyways on the road and it intrigues me. Sounds like a more useful thing than Onstar, especially for folks without that option.

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I use Torque with my $25 bluetooth OBDII adapter I picked up on Amazon. I also tried out Dash for a few days, but went back to Torque.

Open Automatic up to the rest of the OBDII adapters, and I'll try it out!

Hey its another mention of the $99 nanny.

If you want to do car diagnostics and data logging, download torque and buy a bluetooth OBDII off amazon for less than $20.

If you want to spend $99 on a nanny to remind you to drive better, buy this. The only up side to this is the crash alert. The overpriced, proprietary OBDII reader kills the justification of this otherwise useful app. You can do almost as much with free apps and a standard reader that can be found on sale for less than $10.

As long as the link is connected to the OBD port and the app is running, the crash notification is sent to the Automatic response center, where real humans manage the confirmation and call emergency services.

I've been alpha and beta testing the automatic for Android since it became available back in Dec. While there are several functions that I'd rather not have to use (crash alert, engine trouble), I did have the opportunity to use the engine diagnostic recently when the engine light came in on my 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Track. Within a couple of minutes I knew what the code was, potential causes, etc.

The drive score function is a challenge as I find myself going for a perfect score day by day.

The Automatic development and support teams are great.