Not a single piece of the app left untouched, bringing the it up to modern design standards

Users of the Audible for Android app are in for a treat tonight with a complete interface design overhaul update pushing out through the Play Store. Previously a very functional but also clearly dated app, Audible has completely moved into the modern design era with a new interface that relies on tabs, proper use of the action bar and smooth interface movement all around. The app keeps a familiar grey, black and orange color scheme, but improves every bit of functionality, adds in a few new features and improves stability.

It seems as though not a single piece of the app was left untouched, and we have to hand it to Audible for making the necessary improvements to bring the app up to par with modern standards. You can grab a download or update of the latest version from the Play Store link at the top of this post.


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Audible receives major interface overhaul in latest update


Don't normally comment but this has to be the most used app on my phone and as RaiderWill said this was well overdue but take my hat off to them its very good update.

My biggest gripe with the old version was how frustrating it was to try and move the slider, most of the time it didn't recognize me touching it and then when it did trying to move it to a specific point was near impossible. This is now a million times better in the new app.

Even if it was overdue still good job Audible!

We use it all of the time, too. The improvement I'd still like to see is incorporation of playlists. Our family has hundreds of audible titles, and it's not always easy to find what you're looking for.

Wow I've had that update for about a month know. That this was something I missed.

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I use this app daily. I have a "Lite Membership" (no credits but I get all the sale prices which can be awesome). The update makes this app more user friendly. New splash screens are kind of weird though.

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I'm getting "We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server." when clicking the Get it on Google Play button.

app was updated a while a go and then due to issue with your icon being removed from home screen they released and new patch (which removed it again?) yesterday. I use this app a lot (3hr commute) and new version is great.

I really like how it now opens a new "chapter" for each book. It's much easier going back a bit with the slider in a one hour segment than a 46 hour one.

While the new skin is an upgrade, it's still lacking compared to the iOS version of Audible. The iOS version has a much better UI, slicker visuals, and full-screen book art. Why can't they just use the same design language for Android.

Sadly now the app on tablet looks off, The UI is too spaced out, The cover art is tiny, in the centre of the screen.