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A quick heads up for those of you on the soak-test plan for AT&T's Moto X — look for your Android 4.4.2 update any time now. According to the folks behind the test, your update should start pushing this afternoon. (If not sooner.)

And if history repeats itself, it's entirely possible that we'll see the full release just behind this soak test, so be on the lookout — and keep it tuned to our Moto X forums!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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AT&T's Moto X Android 4.4.2 soak test starts today


Finally.... Get this phone out the way and bring out the soak test for Droid maxx.

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Anyone have any idea whether ATT will allow isis onto this phone? Google wallet is blocked at the vending machines here (reject virtual Mastercard debit cards)

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I can't wait. Ever since the last update and not able to get pushed email from corporate server this stunk! I had to manually refresh to see email, stepping back 20 years it seems.

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