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AT&T is rebranding its U-Verse Live TV service today to a much less confusing "Mobile TV" name, and including several improvements to the app at the same time. Branding aside, video quality on Mobile TV will now improve when you're watching on LTE, which seems like a natural progression. The package will also now be a flat $9.99 per month charge regardless of platform, and customers can bill the service straight to their monthly AT&T phone bill rather than a separate account.

Mobile TV will also start offering three add-on packages -- Urban Zone, Playground TV and Paquete en español móvil -- for and additional $4.99 each. The rest of the improvements can be found immediately in its Android app, which can be found at the Play Store link above.

Source: AT&T


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AT&T U-Verse Live TV changes names, improves video quality over LTE


Im not speaking for anyone else but, At&t will not interest me anymore until they push out the Jellybean update for the HTC One X. Lol

Thanks for changing the name AT&T, U-Verse Live TV, made no sense at all.

Still, I can't find anything about the real cost of this thing. It says you have to have a compatible data plan.

Does it count against your data?
Does the 9.99 get you unlimited streaming TV? If so, how come we can't get unlimited data for the same amount?

The fine print says you still need wifi for the on-demand portion.
"Download and watch capability available for select content, select devices and requires Wi-Fi connection. Enhanced picture quality requires compatible device and AT&T 4G LTE availability. "

I'm a U-verse customer (TV and internet) I use a WiFi tablet (Asus TF700) but i can't even download this app. It tells me my "carrier" is not supported? I'd really like to be able to watch channels on my Tablet over my U-verse connection. Heck, I'd even pay more, but it's not even possible?