Xperia TL Jelly Bean

Following in the footsteps of its international cousin, the Sony Xperia T, AT&T's Xperia TL is now being updated to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. In addition to the underlying OS update and all the performance and feature improvements it brings, TL owners will get a new and improved camera app with "Superior Auto" mode, a redesigned home screen launcher and a new lock screen setup. (All features from Sony's latest handset, the Xperia Z.)

Based on our recent hands-on time with Jelly Bean on the Xperia T, we'd say TL owners will want to grab this update as soon as possible. There are no reports of the new firmware heading out over-the-air just yet, but it is available as a manual update through Sony's PC Companion app.

Any Xperia TL owners out there? Hit the comments and let us know how you get on with this latest update.

Source: XDA

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matoznet says:

Well done.

gregmcph says:

No TX yet. sigh.
Patience. Patience.

Jaxland101 says:

WOOT! going to update it after lunch. cant wait for all that jellybean goodness :)

Jaxland101 says:

:( it wont let me update. saying its unavailable right now for my TL. oh poop

jmchatton says:

I can't believe AT&T right now. This device gets Jelly Bean before the One X? This is absolutely disgraceful.

psychofox13 says:

You're just, dare I say, jelly.

Casin Joe says:

A little late coming, but worth it. I love my TL. Great phone, even better with 4.1.2.

Casin Joe says:

@jaxland.....did you use Sony Companion?

Jaxland101 says:

yes and i also tried to use sony update service

checked today still no go

It keeps saying that I have the latest software !..... But I don't have JellyBean .... my TL is longing for JellyBean ... Help ?...

Jaxland101 says:

im in the same boat

checked using sony companion and sony update service and both keep coming back that i have the latest software

I guess I'm going to [have to] wait a few days since it just came out last night... :/ IDK .. it just doesn't make since if other people have it.. Probably based on location.....?

kidjbg says:

Same here! I assume that it is a slow rollout, with certain regions getting it first..... Expect it out totally within a week.

okier09 says:

I cant seem to be able to update the phone through Pc Companion, Sony Bridge and Sony Updater. It keeps showing the phone is up to date. I tried to installing jelly bean 2 days ago through PC Companion when it crashed and now I can't seem to get the update anymore, please help. I'm from Chicago and the update was available and its not anymore now.

Sony website now showing Latest available software: 7.0.B.1.152 Release date: 2012-11-02. Here's the link: Hope what ever was wrong is fixed soon. :-(

joe bebe says:

Sya tdk dpt mengaktirkn android dan tdk dpt download game

bigbillSD says:

I just checked and nothing there to download via pc companion. Bummer...

cjmay2013 says:

Yup. Still nothing here either...

Just got the OTA for my TL!

Mine just updated on its own. It informed me of latest update I hit yes to accept.

Yulia Pa says:

I got the 4.1.2 update over pc companionship. My phone freezes a lot. And to shut it down it doesn't properly boot back up without holding the volume down button and power button. It ran great at first pretty fast. New camera settings. Google stuff.. But I'd rather not have updated it.. Should fix the freezes and glitches