Well past 400 nationwide markets, AT&T keeps expanding its LTE network

It's that time of the week where AT&T announces the grouping of markets that have recently received new or improved LTE service. This time around we have eleven new markets and two improved ones, in which folks using LTE-capable handsets should see faster, more reliable speeds:

New markets:


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Looks like BigBlue will catch BigRED within a year wrt LTE coverage???

MG386 says:

Go phone+nexus5=success

TLB69 says:

I'm impressed

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rdybala says:

Finally, LTE data while I'm losing my money at L'Auberge Du Lac.

Statusnone says:

Holy hell Vero Beach finally gets LTE... I don't go down there anymore, but when I was an Area Manager travelling down there sucked terribly for data and call reception. Hopefully it's improved with the LTE.

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When will Palm Springs California get LTE with att? Verizon has LTE in our area, not att. :(

jeddo45 says:

Hey Sprint, you listening?

There is dirt, then 60 feet of crap, then there's iOS...

That would be Natchez, MS.

Fuck if sprint doesn't get its act together it looks like in 2 years i will be switching to big blue. god help me and my wallet.